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Me, Myself & My Skin

Posted by Julie

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About this Look

Just a few looks and the magic that allows the canvas of my ‘face’ to accept the artistry of make-up with a little more ease. My skin care. For all you young gals out there I can NOT stress the importance of this enough!!! Cleanse and moisturize morning and night WITHOUT FAIL. SPF WITHOUT FAIL. And take it from a mature woman, MASK! It doesnt matter if they’re budget 4 for 10 sheets or a 75 dollar creme’ mask. DO IT! As often as possible. I mask nightly since i retired. Thrice a week before that…more if I could. Eye masks too! Your skin WILL thank you when you are my age!! (almost 50!) I love my skin care routine. I actually look forward to it daily. I give myself facials and consider it all a meditative time. When it comes right down to it, our face IS the first thing seen! We all know how important first impressions are! Various looks here from summer to winter. You can tell the tone of my skin in the purple dress with the blonde streak …is summer. lol. No matter how much sun screen I use, I darken up. Its the Indian in me and Im outside 24/7. Literally. No foundation Summer through end of Fall. Winter and Spring..I use Estee’ Lauder Invisible Fluid. I’ve found it is THEE best for my mature skin, though I sometimes switch out with..get ready…ELF! Thats right! Elf! When Im not having drying issues, ELF foundations work fantastic on my skin! But when I AM having moisture retention issues, Its Estee’. Eyes range from UD to MAC to NYX. I almost never use the same colors in one pallet in one particular look. Im scattered that way. lol. I just LOVE to ‘browse’ my collection and see what jumps out at me!

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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!


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