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Sassea (Thank You, Sleek!)

Posted by Ashley

About this Look

For today’s look, I went off of a look inspired by the lovely Zabrena on
Her post is based on MAC’s Aquadisiac, but I don’t have that eyeshadow nor some others she used, so I duped with what I had. Instead, I used Sleek’s Lagoon palette and some other eyeshadows I have kicking around.

Enjoy 🙂

-MAC Lucky Green on inner 1/3 of lid and lower lashline
-Sleek Sassea on outer 2/3 of lid and lower lashline
-Sleek Ariel on crease
-UD Naked to blend Ariel into crease
-MAC Mylar on browbone/blend
-Sleek Sand Dollar on inner corner of eye (top and bottom)
-Cargo black eyeliner
-MAC Extendlash mascara

-MAC Harmony blush (contour)
-MAC Springsheen blush
-MAC Mineralize light powder for highlight
-MAC N5 Studio Fix powder/foundation

-MAC Creme d’Nude
-MAC Ravishing over that