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Purple Eyes!

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About this Look

This is a recent look, unlike the first four I posted. I hadn’t worn colorful eye makeup for a while and I love wearing purple eyeshadow, so I decided that my best friend’s birthday was a good occasion for that! I’m trying to get back into doing my makeup in fun ways again, because I’ve been so lazy about it the last couple years for the most part. I loved this though! I wish I had some better pictures of it. Oh well.

I did this a month ago and I might have forgotten a couple things I used, because I didn’t write it down or anything. All MAC unless otherwise stated.

Bare Study paint pot
Entremauve pigment
Your Ladyship pigment
UD Grifter e/s
Violet Trance e/s (from the Pandamonium quad, all the way back from Balloonacy!)

Personal Style blush (contour)
The Perfect Cheek blush

Subculture l/l
I -think- I used Hue l/s and it just looks darker because of the gloss, but I’m not sure. I could be wrong.
Viva Glam VI Special Edition l/g (The Fergie one, I think)

Brands Used