Dia de los Muertos

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This look was created for Halloween ’13. I wanted to take a semi-realistic approach with the structure of the skull, actually using anatomical reference to get the right shapes and shading.

The one thing I had real difficulty with was getting the white base. I’m not aware of any easily accessible product that gives a smooth, bright white finish. I ended up using the standard costume cream, which was terrible! It required multiple layers to be mostly opaque, the next layer removing the pervious. Over time it dried, cracked, and flaked.

I’d really like to try this look again with different colours and embellishments — anyone have suggestions for a substitute for the white base?

  1. Danielle

    White bases are EXTREMELY hard to do :( The only real ways to get a solid base is with PAX paint (Pros-Aide + acrylic paint) which needs a special remover or alcohol activated paints which use rubbing alcohol to activate the paint/remove them and are a bit pricy. I have Mehron body paint, and even their white is hard to use for total opacity. Angie (GoldieStarling on YouTube) suggested NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk for white and it covers effectively, but it is a little tricky to cover the whole face!

    • Kaytlyn

      Thanks Danielle, I will definitely look into those options. There are so many Halloween looks I’d like to explore that require a clean white base.

      • Danielle

        You’re welcome! I’m in that same boat of looks that require a totally clean, pure white base. It’s a frustrating goal, but not totally impossible.

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