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Brown Shadows with a Glossy Red Lip

Posted by Stephanie

About this Look

I love every shade in the naked palette and I like using brown eyeshadows in my crease and outer corner. First, I took “Naked” and blended that in my crease with a blending brush. Then, with the same brush, I took “Buck” and worked that in my crease. These two are really great on their own in the crease and they make wonderful transition shades. Then I took “Sidecar” and put that on my lid focusing it under the crease. I took “Darkhorse” and put that in my outer corner. With the left over product on my brush, I swept the brush slightly into my crease and blended all the shadows out. If you feel like the shadow got swept away from blending, add more “Sidecar”. Lastly for the eyes, I put “Virgin” in my inner corner. For the lips I just used “British Red” from L’Oreal and topped it off with my NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss in “Clear”. Hope you enjoyed!

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