Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Look:  Neutral Eyes + Vampy Lip

And the third look I did to test out MAC’s new Pro Longwear eyeshadows! :)  I don’t know what’s going on this week, but I’m already exhausted!  Can you believe it’s already Wednesday?

You will need the following…

For eyes, start by laying down your eyeshadow primer all over the lid and until the brow.  Apply Carefree eyeshadow on the lower two-thirds of the lid with the 239.  In the crease, gently brush Legendary Black eyeshadow with the 222 and diffuse above the crease.  Apply Make Your Mark eyeshadow in the outer corner and lid to add warmth with the 239.  Use Black Black eyeliner on the lower lash lin, then soften with Carefree eyeshadow.  Finish lashes with Film Noir mascara.

For face, apply Matchmaster all over face with the 193.  Add color to the cheeks by gently dusting Natural blush near apples and blended out towards temples with the 116.  Lightly dust on illuminator with the 165 or 188 on cheek bones.  Set with Les Violettes with the 134.

For lips, apply Soulfully Rich onto lips.

Check out more photos!

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101 thoughts on “Look:  Neutral Eyes + Vampy Lip

  1. AmyD

    gorgeous all around, you look luminous and the lipcreme suits you so well. incidentally, i am super-duper impressed with the mascara! i think i’ll pick up a sample of it next time i’m at sephora!

  2. Becca

    I love this look but I was thinking of using MAC’s Plum bright. should i darken the eyeshadow since the lipstick is brighter?

  3. This look is so stunning! Have you done a pinup look?

  4. nice look, i like it . xoxo

  5. Rhubinii Rajendran

    Christine, u look exceptionally beautiful in this one.

  6. katelyn

    How are you liking the Matchmaster foundation Christine?

  7. Nicole

    I am also exhausted, because of work, but I love your look. Very nice and restrained.

  8. baragon11

    Beautiful! :)

  9. Ooh, I like this! You should do more looks like this now that fall is here. :)

  10. Krista


  11. Astrid

    AbsoFuckinglutely GREAT!!! I love nude eyes with burgundy red lips!!! Its so stunning!

  12. Sharon

    Absolutely beautiful!

  13. Natasha

    You’re always beautiful but I love you most with a Vampy lip, so gorgeous.

  14. Ana G.

    Wow, love it! Christine, how come you’ve never reviewed Guerlain Les Violettes Mineral Powder and Lingerie de peau?

  15. Ashley Sarah

    I love this look, the Carefree looks amazing.

  16. Hiromi

    if there was a love button, i’d hit it harder than…*insert inappropriate joke*

    but yes, you look gorgeous!

  17. Sexy Sadie

    Love this look, tomorrow I will try something similar.

  18. Veronica

    Hah, I actually just wore almost this exact look the other day. You look beautiful!

  19. Tania

    Open (and honest) letter to Temptalia: All your looks are the same. We get the neutral/no eyeliner thing. You have boxes and boxes and boxes of high-end makeup and brushes: use them! Your just missing the mark here, and I think that was apparent with you uploading looks on your YouTube. You should have more opportunities for your readers to submit their looks rather than just once or twice a year; it would showcase people who have skills and have a love for makeup (AND your website) rather than beat a dead horse with your typical looks.

    • I can’t wear upper lash liner, which is why I don’t wear eyeliner on the upper lash line! So sorry – it causes my eyes to swell up – I mean, I do try it sometimes and just suffer not being able to see the next day but I’ve come to the point where it’s not worth it. Thanks for your suggestions!

    • Christine’s looks are the same because she has her own techniques. She’s doing her makeup in a way that flatters HER face. If you want different looks and techniques, try Lisa Eldridge’s Youtube Channel.

      • Carla

        I agree with Chris25.
        Christine does her makeup in a way that flatters her own uniquely beautiful features.
        For example, she stated that she *can’t* wear liner on her upper lids, because she’ll have a reaction.
        Even putting that factor aside, I think she’s one of the relatively few who can pull off the liner-on-bottom-only thing. Her eyes are large, dark, and beautifully shaped, with a thick lashline. She also has lovely bone structure, and a wide, pretty smile.
        In short, she’s blessed with a great “canvas” on which to show off products.
        That’s the main reason I come here; to see and read about new products, and get an idea of how they perform “on.” I have my own techniques, adapted for my own face.

  20. marisa

    you look gorgeous, as always. thank you so much for posting such detail. i love trying out your looks on my own and hope that one day, they’ll look as good!

  21. Mia

    Your eyecolor is GORGEOUS. Really pretty with this look. Your iris has a really interesting design to it too.

  22. Beautiful! Also, your eyebrows are perfect. GAH.

  23. whitepepper

    This is a perfect look for autumn!

  24. nice neutral luk..will try out sumtime..

  25. Okay this is so weird but I did my eye shadow exactly like this, this morning haha! #scary

  26. comosedice

    this is a gorgeous look. can we see more of the lip color and of the finished whole face? it’s a bit hard to see at the tilted angle.

  27. adriana

    This really is an absolutely gorgeous look for you.

  28. cloudburst

    Great look for fall nights.

  29. LH

    Beautiful as always I tend to not use neutrals lol but this I am gonna try soon I think

  30. Diana B

    You look stunning Christine

  31. Shana

    Christine, this is a beautiful look on you! I don’t have these colors, but I’m going to try and recreate this look in the morning for work.

  32. Lauren

    I love me some vibrant eyes with a neutral lip, but the opposite tends to do just perfectly as well. Thanks for the inspiration! This look would do well for work!

  33. AAJ83

    dayem..loving the glow!!! oooh…what did u think of the new matchmaster foundation?? i didn’t see a complete review on it yet….or hmm..i might have missed it?? :(
    and u should put more full face pics….one isn’t enough! 😉

  34. Tanya

    Hi christine!!!! can i create the same look with the naked palette!!! if so can u please suggest what colours to use…I don’t have the eyeshadows u mentioned here….also U r awesome…seriously!!!

  35. I don’t own any MAC pro longwears but that shade looks gorgeous on you so I think I need to check them out soon, especially that shade! Very nice!!

  36. Love this look for fall!

  37. Wow seriously that looks amazing on you. Not like you dont usually look amazing but this is really stunning.

  38. Sarah

    this is stunning!! :)

  39. Joan

    You look stunning in the dark lipstick…sooo pretty!

  40. amanda

    absolutely gorgeous. TBH, i think you’re so stunning all the time but this look is sheer perfection.. just wow.. i can’t even pretend that im nonchalant.. this is YOU. this should be your signature look.. im super jealous!

    ps i never mentioned before and have never seen anybody address it although im sure they have, but i must give you props to you for taking pictures with the lids both closed, fully open, and HALF CLOSED-i need that, and you are thus far the only person ive seen smart enough to realize it..

    but mostly.. AY CARUMBA WOMAN. this suits you to a T!!

  41. Jacqueline

    It’s really pretty, but there’s something about this look that makes you seem washed out.

  42. Carla

    I think this is a very pretty, polished look, especially beautiful for the fall season.

  43. I love that slightly smokey eyed look – very classy. And the lipstick isn’t too vampy either. You look amazing!