Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Look:  MAC Venomous Villains – Maleficent

I used all of the mineralize eyeshadows wet, and these photos were taken at least a half hour after applying (do you know how terrible I am at applying lashes?!), so the color stayed quite vibrant well after they dried.  I went for a greasepaint stick as a base, as I felt like it might be a little tacky and keep fall out to a minimum (true!).  Half lashes look so wonky so close-up – because you can see clearly where the lash ends and the natural lash begins, but at a normal viewing distance, I think they worked really well.  More drama but not the heaviness of a full lash!

And yeah, I paired bold eyes with bold lips.  Don’t you think that’s what Maleficent would have done?

You will need the following…

For eyes, start by applying French Quarter greasepaint stick as your eyeshadow base all over the eye area with the 249.  Spritz the 239 brush with a little water, and then pick up the emerald green side of She Who Dares and apply to the inner third of the lid.  Repeat but apply the blackened purple side of My Dark Magic to the outer two-thirds of the lid.  With the 272, lightly spritz with water, and then apply the violet-blue side of My Dark Magic into the crease, gently blending upwards.  Blend Trench eyeshadow with the crease shade and highlight the brow bone.  Line the upper lash line with Nocturnal liquid liner and lower lash line with Graffiti liner.  Apply Hello Kitty Lashes on the outer half of each eye.  Finish by sweeping Inimitable Intense mascara on lashes.

For cheeks, apply Briar Rose Beauty powder on the apples of the cheeks and sweep upwards towards the temple with the 116.

For lips, apply Violetta lipstick first, and then layer Revenge is Sweet lipglass for a complementing lip.

Check out more photos!

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410 thoughts on “Look: MAC Venomous Villains – Maleficent

  1. Sari

    I love it ! I just wish you had kept the lips really purple since I ‘m excited to finally get Violetta 😛

  2. Valerie Brower

    This combo looks awesome!!! I think I’ll go back to pre order the Violetta and Revenge is Sweet. The mineralize eyeshadow duo was the first I pre ordered then I kept going back for more lol. Your absolutely gorgeous and I can’t wait to try this look out. Did u do a video tutorial on this?

  3. Ru

    Great party look. I could see this being a hit for halloween or new years!

  4. baby in a corner

    I absolutely love this look! Rock it Christine!

  5. OMG you look STUNNING. I was really “meh” about the shadows when I saw the swatches but this look is amazing on you!

  6. Nadine

    Wow, super gorgeous! Love it!

  7. Lowie

    Oh man!! absolutely stunning. BABE ALERT! but I really really love this look!

  8. Janice

    Everything looks awesome! And that lip is gorgeous :]
    I might have to try this for a party this weekend…

  9. Cindy

    Wow, this looks amazing !!!!

  10. ~Megan~

    wow, this is seriously beautiful. i LOVE it!

  11. Rachel

    I love the green on the lower lash line :) The colors are sooo pretty!

  12. Ashley D.

    Oh wow I love this look! Dark/grunge looks are my favourite.

  13. Rebecca

    Ooohhhh…pretty! The eyes look gorgeous! I’m still not that good at applying eye shadows, but I’m working on it. :)

  14. Desiree

    This look is beautiful!!

  15. mochamishmash

    Just gorgeous!!

  16. LadyDarling

    You look hot, stunning, gorgeous, etc!!!! This would be a great clubbing look. Plus your hair looks so beautiful i love how you’ve styled it. FLAWLESS

  17. Frances

    I love this look!!!!

  18. Sara

    so incredibly gorgeous! still don’t know how your able to make your looks so blended without losing pigmentation?! i’m amazed!

  19. Cleo

    you look absolutely STUNNING in these pictures, I love it!

    Did you notice the difference in Violetta in this collection vs. Violetta permanent? I noticed a slight difference when I swatched it from this collection at the store, and the MAC girl that was helping me did too — so we swatched them side by side and they are different! The Violetta in this collection is much pinker and glossier! I actually think it’s prettier! I’d love to hear your opinion!

  20. Jennifer


    I wasn’t going to get either of these as I know I won’t use them enough (and I already have colored shadows going to waste in my collection), but these are gorgeous.

    Christine I like how you mixed them… I know the purple one would look best for my green eyes, but I love the blue/green one! I have NC20 skintone and medium brown hair and dark brows…What to do what to do… I have less blue and green shadow than purple, so maybe that would be best?

    On the bright side SO EXCITED! I FINALLY was able to PURCHASE Urban Decay’s NAKED PALETTE through wait list. It has been shipped today…I know it is just eyeshadow, but I feel like doing a happy dance!

  21. GORGEOUS!!! Something about the shape of the eyeshadow looks different than your usual layout, but maybe it’s the lashes. In any case, it makes it AWESOME!

    And the lips, I dunno, I don’t think their too much! They’re bold, but they’re bright! If you took the pic into Photoshop and took out the color, it would look as if you didn’t do a bold lip, you know what I mean? Because the contrast isn’t too much! I love it!

  22. Michelle Thao

    love it! had to give up the lipglass but plan to order it since the mac store isn’t doing it but mac counter @ nordstorm is taking pre-sale orders!

  23. Kathy

    Gee, thanks a lot! I’m now lemming the mineralized eyeshadow duos in this collection. lol!

    Anyway, this is a beautiful look on you! I especially love the use of the Nocturnal and Graffiti eyeliners!

  24. Jelyn Evans

    Wow! I’m definitely looking forward to this collection! ..
    Maleficent’s section is my /favorite/ of this whole entire collection ^^
    This is such a spectacular look that truly fits the character :)

    This is the first comment I’ve ever posted on your site Christine, but I really have to say Thank you for all the future swatches of these Mac collections ^^ – They help me to decipher what to pick and choose that would really suit me :)

    Thank you for your wonderful work! ^^

  25. Grace

    you look gorgeous! I love this look, very dramatic, but still pretty.

  26. civa

    yay!~ thanks for doing this look Christine, cause I LOVE that green! Can’t wait to get She Who Dares.<3
    I'm starting to worry that I can't find a green this dark if I ever finish that part of the shadow one day…lol

  27. Holy moly! If that’s not a gorgeous lip combo, I don’t know what is!

  28. Kristen

    Wow, this look is phenomenal. I love the bold lip paired with a bold eye. You did an amazing job balancing two bold looks in one! I had doubt about the violetta lipstick before, but paired with this gloss, I no longer do.

  29. Tiffany S. Dhein-Guptar

    this is too cute! is there a tutorial vid for this??? =)

  30. Helen

    WOW! Now this is cool! Nice work :)

  31. Annie

    Ahh! This is one of my favorite looks so far this year. You always have magnificent makeup, but I love, love, love this! I think I’m going to buy all of the eye products to recreate it! (I’d do the lips too, but bold lips just do NOT work on me. Haha.)

  32. Ginnia

    Pretty funky! I love the lips in particular. So pretty!

  33. Christine, I absolutely love this look. Your eyes look amazing -I love everything about it! And I love the bright lip -I can’t believe how amazing that combo is. Grrrr you made me want both Violetta and Sweet Revenge now. =O I told myself I wouldn’t get anymore from the collection since I want to do some major brush hauling this week.

    Umm.. I’m sort of inbetween the 222 and 224 for blending -which would you recommend? I have small to medium eyes. And would you recommend something other than the 168 (is there anything better?) for contouring? Thanks!

  34. Cayla

    This SOOOO looks like something Maleficent would wear, especially for a night out w/ her minions lol
    Looks amazing, love! You wear a variety of colors very nicely =)

  35. Eileen

    You look drop-dead gorgeous!! That metallic silver liner …. a stroke of genius. Can’t wait to try this look myself!

  36. Beto Kylie

    Whoa!!! I like this much more than I expected!!! And I love Maleficent and all of Sleeping Beauty for that matter, too!! That silver eyeliner really makes the eyes pop!!! It looks so great with the mineralize shadows!
    It’s a wonderful look!!!

    By the way, Christine, how similar is Show Orchid to Violetta? I’ve had an eye for Violetta for a long time, but now that I see it, I wonder if I should skip it if I have Show Orchid.

  37. Tina

    LOVE everything about this look Christine! The UD green liner is the icing on the cake, it goes together so well with the Maleficent eyeshadows :)

    Btw, out of curiosity, how long/how many minutes did it take for you to complete this look?

  38. Sylvia

    Those lashes are soooo pretty on you. You’re gorgeous @_@

  39. Ohhh Wow! This is such a pretty eyelook! Maleficient would be verry jalouse!

    xxx Ilja (beauty-polish)

  40. chrissie

    this looks STUNNING on you christine! the MES just moved from my maybe list to my must-have list lol. Do you think French Quarter greasepaint is worth getting if I already own dirty? I’m pretty fair with warm undertones.

  41. Meheen

    I really love this look on you! I think I need that lipstick/gloss combo.

  42. M

    Christine, you look so FREAKING GORGEOUS! I LOVE the eyes! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  43. I know I sound crazy because every look you make I call my favorite, but I stand by my point.
    OMG CHRISTINE. Just tell me why you’re so amazing.

  44. Ugh, you’re perfect. This looks amazing on you!

  45. Huong

    wow beautiful!!!!

  46. janet

    you look gorgeous! i really think this is one of my faves from you. so fierce! :)

  47. Tiffany

    OMG! Fierce!

  48. sofia

    wow!!like a chic moulin rouge!!!or perfect for xmas eve… i love it!!

  49. oh my gosh i LOVE this look on you! I’ve been thinking about getting Violetta and Revenge is Sweet–do you think that together, they create a color a little similar to MAC’s lipliner in Magenta (which I have)?

    I’m on the fence about getting them, since I’m not sure how unique they are, and I already want Strange Potion and Toxic Tale…

  50. Lis

    Can the 30th come any faster, damnit I am ready to break the bank.

  51. Leslie :)

    this IS FREAKIN’ gorgeous! omg!!!!! come do my makeup? LOL

  52. ellie

    You look gorgeous Christine. The lipstick combo is very nice. I wonder if should get violetta and revenge is sweet because i have show orchid already and electric fuschia lipglass. Could they be dupes?

  53. You wore Maleficent perfectly! Deliciously villainish in a very sexy way :)

  54. I absolutely love this look on you!

  55. crlsweetie912

    This look is bad to the bone! I LOVE it!

  56. Bianca

    Hi Christine, I would liek to start off by saying that you are my holy grail when it comes to beauty and swatches. Secondly I love make-up, but I tend to have a problem when it comes to seeing what would look nice on my skin. I am a NC40-NC45 when tanned. I stick to the safe colors that suit me such a peaches and corals, but I really am looking for this upcoming collection from MAC Venemous Villains. I am deeply in love with all the rich fall colors from reds, to purples, but I am not quit sure which lipstick and lipglosses would suite me. If you can reply and kinda give me a list of what your professional thought or recomendations would be I would be so much in debt and devoted blog reader as to which I already am. Oh yeah thier is no MAC what so ever or any Sephora near me. So pretty much my purchasing always is by internet.

    Thank you very much.

  57. although i wouldn’t have the guts to wear this look, i think it’s beeeeeeeeeeautiful! :)

  58. Sonia


  59. D

    so beautiful and stunning!

  60. avos


    you never fail to amaze me.

  61. That eye look is stunning! Sexy, sexy, sexy!

  62. Kristel

    This is one of those jaw-dropping looks! You look HAWT.

    Is there a lipstick that looks like that lip combo? And would briar rose work on my nc42 skintone? Thanks Christine!!

  63. Hope

    This is the best ‘look’ you have ever done! gorgeous

  64. inaya

    Christine. VA-VA-VOOM!

  65. Please please please do a video tutorial on this look? I gaped at it for a full minute. Absolutely stunning!

  66. DROOLS Love the colors But their so Expensive Any Dupes For those?

  67. Sophia Lee


  68. your eyecolor is soo gorgeous !!!!!!!! i am in love.. lol.. i can stare at them forever !

  69. Alison

    Awesome! Very Malificent!

  70. Daria

    gorgeous, great job! Just wondering what you use to wet the eyeshadows? Also, Does it ruin the mineralize shadow if you apply with a wet brush or do you spritz the brush after scraping the shadow?

    Thanks in advance!

  71. Michelle Pattison

    Christine I think this is the favorite look of yours for me! and it’s not just because I’m In love with the collection

  72. Shanda

    Oh wow! You’ve mademe fall in love with Violetta!

  73. christine, you are so talented! your look gorge! soo jealous:) xox

  74. alyssa

    I don’t really have experience using the mineralize eyeshadows wet. Will spritzing the brush then picking up shadow seal/mess up the shadow?

  75. Dawn

    I’m looking forward to trying this when my VV goodies arrive :)

  76. lisa

    wow this is hot i wish u did a tutorial on this look :( but veryyy niceeeeeeee i love it

  77. Jamie

    I love those colors together! I’m going to try this, thanks!

  78. Jennifer

    So I was reading how you did this awesome look and it says that you use the 272 brush is that from mac? I went to there web-site and they don’t have a 272 brush? Could I be looking in the worng place?

  79. Brittz

    I bought the shadow and recreated the look with very intense lashes and a more neutral lip – it looked AMAZING and everyone commented! Thanks for the inspiration! =)

  80. Cristina

    Wow! Great Job! Excelente! Why I didn’t buy the magic cool powder..Uch!

  81. Sash

    Oh, yes, yes! Orgasmic! I love dramatic looks!

  82. Debbie

    Words cannot describe how beautiful this look is! I am in love with it and have to find the colors or something like them asap!!!!!! Thank you for all the wonderful looks!!

  83. absolutely perfectt!!! :)

  84. Sara

    Hi Christine! First of all, I just want to compliment you on your website. It is probably one of the best if not the best beauty sites out there. I especially love your review style-very in depth and daily updates. It also helps that we have almost the exact same eyes (yours are a bit longer from corner to corner though-very pretty). My eyelids nearly disappear as well depending on the angle of my face. I can’t believe how hard it is out there to find pretty eye makeup looks that suit smaller brown eyes. I have replicated some of yours, and they turned out great. I’m just an average gal when it comes to makeup. Thanks for all of your tips. Keep up the good work!

  85. justine

    i love love love this!!!! woo!!


    I looooooooooooove this look I’m goin to try it next weekend when I go out!!! LOVE IT!

  87. Christine, this look….I can’t even put into words how amazingly beautiful I think this look is. Gorgeously colored & applied. Expertly blended. OH, I just love it. Beautiful, sweetie. I bow in the presence of greatness :-}

  88. Kezia

    I was first sucked in by the awesome eyemakeup look but then the lipstick/lipgloss combo WOW it’s absolutely stunning looking! I want Violetta bad now!!

  89. cloudburst

    The lip combination is fantastic!

  90. Camilla Kildahl

    Omg, what an amazing look! :)

  91. Cambria

    This is BOLD & BEAUTIFUL.
    very mardi gras-esque with the green & purple.
    i love it!

  92. Judi

    Do you think this look would match a silver dress?

  93. christine

    *_Beautiful_* teach me …lol

  94. mariech

    This look is amazing! So sad most of it was part of a limited collection that I didn’t buy at the time :(