Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Still experimenting with my camera, except I forgot to actually experiment. I got distracted (as per usual!), and I only ended up taking one set of photos, so I didn’t have much to choose from (read that as only one photo per angle, so there was nothing to choose from!).

You will need the following…

  • Eyes: Soft Ochre paint pot (neutral beige base), Melon pigment (peachy-pink), Going Bananas eyeshadow (yellow), Fab & Flashy eyeshadow (orange), Rule eyeshadow (orange), Passionate eyeshadow (dark hot pink), Coppering eyeshadow (reddish-orange), Femme-fi eyeshadow (highlighter), Blacktrack fluidline (black), Urban Decay Honey 24/7 Liner (gold), Plushlash mascara (black)
  • Cheeks: Other Worldly blush (bronzy-orange), Dior Amber Diamond Skin Shimmer (bronzy highlighter)
  • Lips: Fashionably Fuchsia lipstick (hot pink), Tartlette lipglass (coral)
  • Brushes: 266 (firm, angled brush), 226 (fluffy crease brush), 219 (pointed crease brush), 214 (smudge brush), 249 (flat, firm brush), 239 (fluffy shadow brush), 129 (dense blush brush)
  • Substitutes: Going Bananas = Bright Sunshine; Fab & Flashy = Goldmine + Rule; Femme-fi = Shroom; Other Worldly = bronzer; Fashionably Fuchsia = Girl About Town; Tartlette = Lychee Luxe

Directions: Define brows using a coordinating powder shadow applied with the 266 brush. Apply Soft Ochre paint pot all over the lid as the base with the 249. With the 239, apply Melon pigment with water-based mixing medium on the lower lid. On the inner lid, pack Going Bananas eyeshadow on using the 239. Apply Fab & Flashy eyeshadow to the middle portion of the lid. Apply Coppering eyeshadow lightly on outer portions of the lid. Darken crease with Passionate eyeshadow using the 226, then deepen with Rule eyeshadow with the 219. Sweep Femme-fi eyeshadow underneath the brow bone to highlight. Finish with Urban Decay Honey Liner on lower lash line, and Blacktrack fluidline on the upper lash line using the 209. Apply Plushlash mascara on lashes. Sweep apples of cheeks with Other Worldly blush using the 129, then highlight with Dior Amber Diamond Skin Shimmer with the 188. Apply Fashionably Fuchsia lipstick to lips, and then top with Tartlette lipglass for color and shine.

Check out more photos!

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67 thoughts on “Look – Gold, Orange, and Pinky-Red

  1. woww.. it just brings out the color of your eyes.. =D

  2. JennXOXO

    Wow, beautiful look!

  3. tremorviolet

    Oooh, this is gorgeous. And, for once, I actually have all of these colors (except Going Bananas but I have a lot of other yellows). I can’t wait to try this!

  4. Katherine

    So beautiful – you think of combinations I would never think of using! this is a great look on you!

  5. ladyfabolous231

    Love this look! very pretty

  6. The eyes are beautiful, but if i can throw in a little CC, the cheek color is a bit over powering. I would maybe try to sweep it on a little lighter. Otherwise, i think the look is beautiful.

    • SarahT

      I agree, the eye colours really bring out your eyes, but the cheeks are a tad overpowering.

    • art

      yup, i agree with you. The cheeks need a wee bit of toning down..

    • Thanks for the suggestion! One of the problems with Other Worldly blush is always looks stronger in photos because of flash. It’s so sad, because it really is STUNNING in person. It just reads so much more orange with the flash :(

  7. Vness_12

    The eyes look very nice. I would totally rock that. And I like the lip color you chose as well.

  8. cloudburst

    I love the eyes & lips – I would go a little lighter on the blush though as to not distract from the eyes. Great job!

  9. Brenda

    I know you are still experimenting with the new settings, as this is a teensy bit dark, BUT the color accuracy is SO GREAT!!!! I know i made this comment on your last look too, but I did want to re-iterate that. I really appreciate the time and effort you put into this site and looks and information for us.

  10. I love this look, amazing color combination!

  11. loki

    i reminds me of fuzzy peach candy!!

  12. gio

    Wow, this look is gorgeous!

  13. Anitacska

    Gorgeous eyes and OMG that lip colour is to die for! :)

  14. margot

    I love the look and the lips are gorgeous, but I prefer when you don’t line your upper lash line. I don’t know why, your looks look better without black on top. You just make the look work without it (it is considered as a look finisher, but your looks always look finished even without !!)

    • Aw, thanks, Margot :) It’s great to hear that, because my eyes get puffy whenever I *do* line the upper lash line, but I do it every so often because so many people ask for it.

      • margot

        ^^ I get the same thing. Puffy eyes and they kinda itch. Plus I find it doesn’t suit my eyes, so I’m really happy to see that you do lovely looks without liner. So whenever people say : “you’re not wearing liner, you look isn’t finished” I always say “Yeah, but Christine doesn’t wear any either and she still looks gorgeous” and there, conversation’s over :p So you’re my life saver

  15. Jennifer

    you should wear that look to an indian wedding!

  16. Nathalie

    Your camera makes really neat pictures! What kind of camera is it?

  17. Mikki

    This look is AMAZING. For some reason it makes me hungry hahahaha!! I don’t know why lol!

  18. Kalie

    I am not a fan of the warm cheeks and cool lips. My cheeks naturally flush the color of my lips, and I think that is pretty general for most people. Therefore I try to make the colors similar.

  19. Kate

    LOVE this, Christine! It looks so summery.

  20. hi

    The combo of Passionate and Rule to make raspberry red is GORGEOUS! I wish MAC made a good satin lipstick in that color. (Satin’s my favorite, because I tend to learn towards less shiny lipsticks.)

  21. hi

    Did you use Going Bananas or Goldmine? It lists Goldmine in the instructions but Going Bananas in the products..

  22. Jessica

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  23. aaj83

    absolutely love the GLOW in the last pic!! :)

  24. Elle

    That lip color is fabulous!!! I agree with the comments about the cheeks, so no need to reiterate that.
    Just going off of what one poster said about the eyeliner, I think the issue is that you make it thicker in the middle and then it fades towards the outer corner. If you work from the outer corner inwards (you can even stop about halfway and either tightline or smudge the liner right at the roots of your lashes at the inner half), making the line thicker at that outer portion, I think it will be a much more flattering look. It’ll make the look polished, keep your eyes open, and accentuate your lovely eye shape!

  25. deadCat

    Sorry Christine. Not a fan of that look. Looks like a bad sunburn on your eyes.

  26. Jody

    I honestly think you look nice in these colors. I would look horrific if I tried this color combination.

    • Thanks, Jody!

      Aww, I’ve seen all different skin tones rock this look before. It never hurts to try, right? Always washes off!

      • Jody

        I will have to try it sometime when there’s no chance of being seen that day. :) I’ve been wanting to try some of the Mac blushes and I know Margin is a favorite of yours, do you think this and Other Worldly Blush would be flattering on fair skin also?

  27. pia

    I love the eyes! Cheeks too, once I told myself the shine was perhaps because of the flash. Gorgeous!

  28. Aleia

    I have a question, when you use a colored liner to line your lower lash line, are you only putting the liner on the lower lash line or are you also bringing it downward a little (like where your lower lashes are)? I hope I am explaining this properly. Thanks!!

    • It’s not on the water line, but just below it. So it can be a little lower :) It just depends on how precise I am that day or what I’m going for, but I do tend to go thicker rather than thinner, so it may be lower!

  29. InΓͺs Mariano

    The eyes are amazing πŸ˜€ Great job, you look so so gorgeous πŸ˜€

    Christine, i love bronzers, i’m a huge fan of Terracotta because on winter i’m white but on summer my pigmentation is super πŸ˜€ do you have or could you some makeup with guerlains terracotta or someting more tanned? =)

    • Thanks so much, Ines!! :) I’m already naturally a bit tan, so I don’t tend to use bronzers, actually, though I do have Guerlain’s Terracotta.

  30. Sonia

    What is the water based mixing medium that you use?