Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

Eyes are pretty much non-existent, but I think it’s pretty clear it’s ALL about the lips!

You will need the following…

  • Eyes: Raven kohl power (black-purple), Plushlash mascara (black)
  • Cheeks: Blooming blush (soft pink)
  • Lips: Bing mattene (dark purple/black), Jampacked lipglass (dark purple)
  • Brushes: 266 (firm, angled brush), 249 (flat, firm brush), 239 (fluffy shadow brush), 129 (dense blush brush)
  • Substitutes: Raven = Foxy; Bing = Cyber; Jampacked = Desire

Directions: Define brows using a coordinating powder shadow applied with the 266 brush. Line lower lash line with Ravek kohl power and apply Plushlash mascara on lashes. Sweep apples of cheeks with Blooming blush using the 129. Apply Bing mattene to lips, and then top with Jampacked lipglass for color and shine.

See more photos and close-ups…

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86 thoughts on “Look – Full Blown Fall Vampy Lip

  1. dee

    Maybe it’s the blush? I can see why you don’t like the bing combo but it’s killing me because 1. I bought bing and jampacked and 2. you always look good in everything and this really isn’t up to par. It’s almost like the lips are giving a purple cast to everything else.

    • Whenever I wear a dark lip color, it makes my face look very pale, almost corpse-like (which is why I don’t like it on me).

      What blush would you recommend instead? A cool blush would increase the paleness and the intensity of the lips (but not in a good way, since I am so naturally warm-toned). Blooming is slightly warm, and just barely pink, so it seemed like a “natural” kind of color (that’s why I picked it). I would love your advice on something better!

      • Joli

        What about adding an all over bronzer to the face? Then a tiny bit of added warmth to the cheeks.

      • I reckon the other blush from the collection would’ve looked better than Blooming.. just to give you a bit more colour. I’ve been having the same problem with this collection. I was given the Chock-ful mattene and have to wear it everyday until I sell all of them and it makes me look VERY pale so I’ve been wearing Plum du Bois :)

        • Thanks for the tip, Stacey! Plum du Bois went on REALLY dirty looking on me – like a muddy mauve, so I don’t know. Everybody is saying different, but when I played with it… it didn’t work for me, lol.

  2. KyaLyn

    I think its the blush, everything else looks great. Maybe try something peachy? or closer to your skin tone but darker.

  3. pquanda

    Wow – Love this look on you, Christine. I think maybe a cat-eye would be a way to make it even sexier, but I think it looks great as is! Kudos on pullin’ it off!!

  4. zoila

    I totally love this! It reminds me of a Fall 2008 makeup look that I would see on the runway.
    I love your eyebrows! They’re fierce :) Maybe a thick eyeliner wing for the eye, and a peachier blush would fix the corpse-like problem. i don’t know.., but i love it! haha

  5. Rowan

    I think it looks amazing – really original :)

  6. Sash

    So damn spicy!
    I love it!

  7. Courtney

    I am so mad at you right now.

    I have no money to be throwing at makeup right now, so I haven’t even been to MAC in months and here you are, looking ultra-fab in stuff from the first collection I’ve wanted 90% of in a year and I CAN’T HAVE ANY OF IT. :-(

    Ahem. On that note, I love this. I agree that the blush is possibly throwing the look off a bit. Maybe a light touch of something like…is it Ambering Rose? I think that’s the one. Something a little purple-y to match the lips but still warm enough for your skintone to keep you from heading into zombie territory.

  8. First, you look freaking fantastic. I know you’re not confident with this particular look, but from my point of view, the big lip is hot!

    Second, the blush is great. It looks understated and natural, which is what you’re going for.

    Maybe, instead of changing out the blush, change up the eye a little. Instead of lining the lower lash line, just add a little liner to the outside corner, then follow with black mascara. In my experience, lining the entire lower lid, and the waterline, shrinks the eye and makes it seem smaller, like you’re squinting or peering at the world. Line the outside edges of the top for a more open, big look. It might help you begin to feel more confident with your powerful lip, since you won’t have the strict black eye competing as hard.

    Or, “underline” maybe, I believe the technique is called. Use dark liner on the upper lid’s waterline to create the illusion of a remarkably thick lash bash. I do this most days. It takes some practice not to put on too much so that it doesn’t blink down onto the lower waterline, but I think it adds a lot of oomph to the look while still being subtle.

    Regardless: your sculpted brows, plus the flushed cheek and the bold lip = gorgeous!

  9. Stephanie

    I like it, but the pale thing is kind of hurting it. Maybe bronzer and a plummy blush? It would warm it up. I also like that someone suggested a cat eye, I think that would really pull it all together. If you don’t mind me asking, what foundation/concealer/powder do you use, if any? And what shade?

    • I’m not pale, though – but wearing dark lip colors pretty much does that for me. I did a plum blush last time, but it was poorly received (as this look today was). So I’m just at a loss right now!

      I use Studio Fix Fluid in NC30/NC35.

  10. I happen to love this look Christine! I think everything looks fine. I am one of those people who loves purple lips and you pulled it off. :) Anything more would through the look off I think.

  11. Sana

    Hey Christine! Just saw this post and was inspired to try it out myself! Lol! You know what goes really well on the cheeks with the vampy lips? The Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Palette… the bronzeish warm one! Just a light dusting on the cheeks… you should try that.

  12. Heather

    Did you wear this out anywhere? I think it looks awesome and edgy!

  13. Angi

    Only change I’d make….. use the Plum blush from CoC, applied sheer, like with a 188 brush. I’m about the same skin tone/shade and the Plum is perfect.

    • Thanks for the suggestion! I didn’t buy that, unfortunately (looked dirty on me), any other suggestions?

      • Angi

        Maybe check out NARS Sin? I wear the same exact shade of SFF that you do and I wear both. Sin is lighter, a bit more pink but no where near as pink as Blooming. It’s a shimmery, plummy pink. The other MAC blush that I think is a close shade is Love Joy, from the Mineralize collection that came out recently. I have both the Plumdubois (or however it’s spelled) and Love Joy and they are very close. Love Joy has a bit more red I’d guess.

  14. I think it looks really good.

  15. danielle

    wow! you are so pretty! i love the lips!

  16. kat

    Wow this looks really good on you! I’ve honestly never seen Vampy lips look well… so congratulations!

  17. Terri

    Can this look be any more gorgeous??

  18. Asta

    I do like this look and don’t have a problem with the blush. Any dark lip like that is going to have that effect; I don’t know how you could fix it without looking unnatural. That’s why I hate dark lips! I’m already pale pale pale and it never works for me. I have Jampacked lipglass and that’s about as far as I can push it and still look my age (instead of ten years older).

    I think the cateye idea is probably your best bet to balance this look more, but nothing is going to make me like dark lipstick. =D

  19. pia

    I love this lip color on you, Christine. Perhaps to make it less goth, just like what Sarah, etc said, don’t line the waterline and instead just line the upper line. Or don’t line at all, but put on some subtle colors on the lid ( I was thinking knight divine applied vertically on 1/2 lid then star violet on the upper half of the lid)

    • I think for me, if I do any shadow, it’ll be too much – last time I did a really neutral look, and it was overwhelming with the dark lips. Maybe no liner, then, though it feels so incomplete to me, LOL! You know? Gotta have liner!

  20. Nell

    I love the look, I also have no issue whatsoever with the blush, it is gorgeous. I am wearing Bing today (albeit I applied the tiniest amount possible and blotted it down into almost non-existence, but now it looks great if i may say so myself) with clear, non-shiny balm over it. It goes well with Fab blush from Barbie.
    I would love to see that without liner, I think it closes up the eyes a bit. Your eyes are so striking they wouldnยดt need anything else but mascara.

  21. jesstooimpress

    the lips are to dark for me
    BUT WHOA! i have to say your eyebrows look

  22. claudine

    your lips are so beautiful
    i really like dark lip colors just not on me :)
    i wanna get the blooming blush…christine do u think its worth getting?

  23. claudine

    oh and i dont think you look corpse like at all
    its normal your skin tone looks a little lighter with darker lips….after all these lippies are great for fall and its cool to look a lil lighter in fall :))
    and a darker blush would have been to much so i would have chosen blooming too

  24. Forgot to mention I love the dark lips on you!!

  25. Aarti

    I’m sorry, i’m not feeling it.. :( Maybe it’s the black top you are wearing that gives the unusual vibes? i dunno. But hey, the application is flawless as usual :)

  26. Sexy Sadie

    I totally adore this.

  27. viv

    wow!! this looks great on you! i mean, very little people can pull off those dark dark lips, but you do it amazingly, Christine! :) i like how plain the eye mu is as well… gives a great balance.

  28. Gail

    Personally I think you look great. Other options for the cheeks could be MSF Natural in Dark (MAC did this in one of the Cult of Cherry looks that used Bing with Jampacked), possibly Barbie Fab, or no blush at all. I would probably go with none myself, but I’m not that big on blush to start with.

  29. Yaya

    Christine, to me it’s just perfect. I’m the kind of girl that if i wear dark lips i go light on the eyes, since the lips are so dark it’s just perfect. If you add something else in my opinion it would start looking sluty (oh my good that was kinda’ harsh!!!! sorry). Just focus on the lips. JUST PERFECT!!!!

  30. Erin/slipnslide

    Plum blush would be a good bet, I think!

  31. Zsofi

    woah Christine, You really rock this lip color :-)
    i love it!!!!!
    and as i saw You are into dark lips for this fall,it definitely looks very good with Your skin tone :-)
    love it!!!!!

  32. sidra

    Nice! but not matching with your personality specially lip colour is so bold dont mind but light colours suit on your lips

  33. Dawn

    OOHH. looks great on you. Dark lipsticks used to be my thing during my goth phase, especially purple..LOL. I might have to check Bing out. Do you use Lipliners? if so, which one did you use for this color?

  34. Hilana

    Hi Christine,

    I just love your tips and tutorials. And to top it all off, you are such a sweet and nice person too.
    I am the total opposite in colour from you (blonde, blue eyed and very light skinned) and when I tried your smokey eyed look that looks so gorgeous on you, I kind of looked too….. I don’t know.
    Any suggestions for a pale blonde on a smokey eyed look that works?


    • Hi Hilana,

      Did you try my black smoky eye or my lighter, silvery smoky eye? IMO, you can rock either. Do you think it was just not being used to seeing yourself in a smoky eye?

      You could try using color – like doing a brown smoky eye, too!

  35. Hilana


    Thank you for your reply!
    I went home yesterday and tried the lighter smokey eyes with a silver, dark grey and a wee bit of mauve in the mix too. I also left out liner in the rim of the lower eyelid and it came out really pretty. I actually would have loved to send you a pic so you could see it!

    And yes, I think you might be right about me not being used to seeing myself with darker eyes like that. I have light, bright blue eyes and I tend to keep my eye make up “clean” and light.
    I tried the brown smokey eyes on the other eye, but the browns make me look tired!
    Thanks for the advice!


  36. bunny

    Use a orange/copper/peach blusher/shadow if this is too cool a look for you or use the sculpt powder duo. Take the lips and add a copper glitter to the lip to rev and warm up the lip with still getting the dark violet color.

  37. lidia

    I love your look and I think The lips are amazing

  38. Whoa! You look gorgeous! I love the dark lip trend. I think you got the whole look right :)

  39. Lindsay

    Hi Christine, You can rock any color…I think Cantaloupe blush would really suit this look. As it is a warm nude, which would add warmth, or even a blush like Love Joy either MAC or NARS version. I love your hair and bone structure!

    • Really, Cantaloupe? Cantaloupe is REALLY orange-brown on me, so I don’t think it’d suit at all. I actually wanted to like it, but it comes out yuck on me :( Same with MAC’s Lovejoy – kind of dirty looking.