Friday, October 3rd, 2008

Reallyyy quick look I did running out the door to school last night. I originally was just going to try Crushed Bougainvillea as a lip stain, but ah, such is life. Got a little carried away! More to show you what things look like than a real look, I’d say. (Oh, and I didn’t like how the cheeks turned out so I pretty much rubbed them away and went with no cheeks instead, LOL.)

Happy Friday!

You will need the following…

  • Eyes: Soft Ochre paint pot (soft neutral beige), Ricepaper eyeshadow (light neutral), Mineral eyeshadow (cool dark brown), Lancome High Deficils Mascara (black)
  • Cheeks: Crushed Bougainvillea CCB (raspberry), Fresh Morning CCB (pale light pink)
  • Lips: Crushed Bougainvillea CCB (raspberry), Bait lipglass (light pink)
  • Brushes: 266 (firm, angled brush), 249 (flat, firm brush), 239 (fluffy shadow brush), 129 (dense blush brush)
  • Substitutes: Mineral = Mystery; Crushed Bougainvillea = Loverush/Plumful; Bait = Flusterose

Directions: Define brows using a coordinating powder shadow applied with the 266 brush. Apply Soft Ochre paint pot all over the lid as the base with the 249. Apply Ricepaper eyeshadow all over lid and brow bone. Darken the outer lid using Mineral eyeshadow and drag into crease using the 239. Finish with Lancome High Deficils mascara on lashes. Sweep apples of cheeks with Crushed Bougainvillea using the 190 brush. Highlight cheeks with Fresh Morning CCB on cheekbones with the 188. Apply Crushed Bougainvillea CCB to lips, and then top with Bait lipglass for color and shine.

Check out more photos!

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63 thoughts on “Look – Crushed Bougainvillea Stars!

  1. pia

    I was worried that I’d be real sorry I didn’t get that ccb. But after looking at your cheek colors, I was glad I didn’t. It is such a cool color for my complexion. Although it looked so pretty in the lip combo.

    • It is cool, though it was lightened and cooled down even more with Fresh Morning. What can I say, I always get impatient and try to use everything new at once, LOL.

  2. Carina

    Wow, this looks great!

    I was going to get Mineral but am on a tight budget this month but this look has persuaded me to spend that tiny bit more lol. I love the CCBs, I bought my first one ever – Fresh Morning. I want it more for the cheeks and lips, though 😀

    • Thanks, Carina!

      Mineral is pretty, but I’m sure there are very similar colors in the perm line if you want to wait :)

      Fresh Morning seems like it’d be a nice highlighter for those with paler skin for sure!

  3. Melissa

    I really love the way the colors brighten up your face!

  4. angie

    Oh no.. I think the blush doesn’t suit you! Its too light and cool for your skintone. It looked a bit funny with the cool blush with dark brows..
    But well we all have our bad days… Mine was when I was going for a formal dinner and I overdid my blush and oh my, I looked horrible under the camera flash!

    • Sorry you didn’t like it, Angie!

      It’s lightened by Fresh Morning – I wouldn’t overlay the two again (for myself).

    • Aitana

      Oh my! I think like Angie… you allways look gorgeous… but…. sorry, this blush doesn’t suit you! Too light and white for your dark skin.. do not feel offended! Everybody has bad days!

      • I got overzealous and put everything on at once, but I took it off before I left! I thought others might want to see what it looked like, though!

  5. Angi

    Not at all fond of the color on the cheeks but it rocks on your lips. Funny how a color/shade can work in one area but fail in another. The soft eye looks great too.

  6. Sarah

    I’m totally in agreement with Angi.. The cheek color makes you look sickly pale.

  7. Nicole

    The cheeks look strange and unnatural, but I like eye and lip look.

  8. DevilishDoll

    Love the lips. I’m still wanting to see the blue Pearlglide in a look. I think it would look really with those lips. Can’t wait to get all my stuff and try a few looks.

  9. Shefali

    I actually bought Not So Shy and wore that with Crushed Bougainvillea on top to add shine and moisture. It looks totally hot that way. I haven’t tried Crushed Boug on my cheeks yet, but maybe this weekend. I’m really happy though with the Not So Shy lipstain with Crushed Boug on the lips. Major pop…

    On you Christine I think the lips look great. I passed on Fresh Morning because I thought it looked too pale on me. It made me look pasty. Maybe that’s why your cheeks look a little pale? I do think Crushed Boug by itself done lightly on you would look awesome. Love the lips!

    • Nice! I was thinking about using it that way – perhaps I’d get a better stain. But now I have to try it for sure! :)

      Yep, Fresh Morning is what paled it down. Instead of just highlighting, it really messed with the color, BUT it’s definitely a shade that paler ladies than I can rock.

  10. Tekoa

    Love the CCB on your lips. Not sold on the cheeks though. Maybe the Fresh Morning makes it look pale? I’m pondering getting Crushed myself.

  11. danielle

    love the lip combo!

  12. Carrie

    The lips are great, but I’m mostly smitten with that mascara! That’s what I’m liking these days – soft and naturalish, but enhanced.

    • LOL! I never use it. I had originally just planned to throw the CCB on my lips, and then I was like… “OK, a coat of mascara.” I happened to grab Lancome’s, and just put it on. Then I felt like I needed some cheeks… then eyes. Then it was a mess, haha.

  13. Ariele

    I agree with some of the other gals that the cheek color is not you at all. Its much too pale for your complexion… or something. It just looks off a bit. I’d like to see you with just the Crushed B ccb on the apples of your cheeks with maybe a loose beauty powder to highlight :) However, I think the lip combo is absolutely stunning!! My Ungaro goodies were delivered today & I can’t wait to get off work so I can get home & play! Mineral looks very pretty on you as well, glad I grabbed that one last minute!

    • Crushed Bougainvillea was a little odd on me. I think I have to do eyeshadow with it and see, but it definitely wasn’t working alone. But Fresh Morning didn’t help matters, LOL.

  14. Kella

    Oh dear….! That stuff on your cheeks looks pretty icky. What do you think you’ll use Fresh Morning ccb for in the future? I was interested in it but was very sceptical of it working at all on the skin (colour wise). I would only use it as a hilite riiight on top of the cheekbones, not as a blush.

  15. cloudburst

    Could you do a look with Fresh Morning used just as a highlighter? I’m really interested to see what it looks like. You look really nice in pink lip colours – I don’t wear alot of pinks, but since we have similar skintones, you’re making want to try more pinks!

  16. Kella

    oops, typo – skeptical

  17. Beautiful colors! I love the eye make-up, not too fond of the Cheek color- plus I think you put a wee bit much, it doesnt go w/ your Olive skin tone. But it’s still a pretty color.

  18. love the lips on this look =) mite check CB out then, try it on my lips + cheeks to see if it looks good… hmmm.. =]

  19. Jessica

    I love it!

  20. I love the neutral eyes paired with the pink lips!!! This is one of my favorite looks! 😀

  21. Lil

    I can’t believe that’s what mineral looks like. Because at first glance I thought you used a purple eyeshadow instead of brown. That’s weird. I think all of the eyeshadows were pretty good for Emanuel Ungaro except that Pink one…which is actually supposed to be more coral. Oh well, I wasn’t that impressed with the line, but I did give in and buy some things. But honestly, I’d rather make this mistake now instead of spending too much on the brush sets and lip sets. I never use lip sets, I don’t know why but to me the colors don’t seem quite the same in the compact as they are in the tube. I think I am going to hold off on the brush sets because my foundation brush (the one with the goat hair) always turns blue because of some dye in it. I hate it. I end up washing it and washing it and this blue dye keeps coming out. It’s not the same as the big brush at all. I think I’m more excited about the dazzleglasses and such. I could go on for days, but that’s what this blog is about—Makeup!

    • Really! It’s kind of like a cool-toned brown, a very DIRT color (fitting for something called “Mineral!”)

      I don’t like lip palettes either. For me it’s a sanitation thing, just because I rarely grab a lip brush. It’s just easier/faster to go from the tube, LOL. It is really weird that your brush bleeds after washing. I’ve heard this from others, and I have three or four sets and I don’t remember encountering it. So weird (and sucky).

      I love the sets for travel and as a way to get more brushes for less money, BUT if you use a brush all the time, it’s totally worth investing in a full-sized version. I started off with the sets, but I’ve ended up replacing them with full-sized ones.

  22. Lil

    Yeah, I really don’t know what the deal is with that brush, the 187SE. It’s happened to me two years in a row. So, I’ll definitely be saving there. I’m planning on like 3 mineral eyeshadows and probably most of the dazzleglasses so I’ll be spending either way. But I didn’t want to buy a house and a home you know? The eyeshadow sets are a really good buy and convenient to have six colors in the same pallet. I’ve bought quite a few face brushes so I really have no need for the sets anyways. The mini pigments on the other hand, are more my pace as well. But, thankfully, they don’t come out until later. I actually have never bought Phloof! before so it wasn’t a total waste to buy it. It’s a nice highlighter. Lip brushes are kinda hard to clean but the full size is so much nicer to use anyway.

    • What a pain :(

      The dazzleglasses are really pretty! I always forget about them, but when I use one, I’m like, “WOW! I need to use this more!” It’s so hard for me to decide whether to get an eyeshadow palette, though I always seem to fall for the warm one, LOL. I’m growing out of my must-have-every-pigment phase, and minis are definitely more up my alley now. Yep! If you use a lip brush, you pretty much have to clean it right after otherwise it gets super gunky and yuck!

  23. Rosie

    I luv the lips!!! Its gorgeous!!! Not quite sure about the cheeks tho

  24. j.a.

    I’m not really loving what those CCBs are doing to you. They really corpsing out your face IMO. I’d love to see what you do with Crushed Bougainvillea on its own as a cheek stain.

  25. iliang

    not so excited with this collection and this look confirmed that I don’t need it. agree with previous posters that the lips look great but not the cheeks…

  26. Your eyes and lips are pretty but … I personally think this cheek color makes you look corpse-y … You look way better in usual =)

  27. Ooh, thanks for doing this look! I’m glad you ended up doing more than just the lips. I need Mineral and Crushed Bougainvillea. My skin tone is lighter than yours, and I have blonde hair. I’m more excited about this collection now.

  28. Actually, I changed my mind after testing the products and picked up Pastel Emotion Lipglass instead. It’s gorgeous! Do you know what the closest dupe is? I already know I’ll be upset when it runs out.

  29. Jennifer

    Love the lips, not so keen on the cheeks:) I actually ordered the two ccb’s after seeing this look, ironically. I’m really fair with blonde hair, blue eyes, blue undertones, so if it looks too cool-toned on you I know it will work for me! I just wore it today. Fresh Morning as a highlighter and Crushed Bougainvillea on cheeks and lips with Flusterose gloss! I’m not used to the ccb’s but I liked it more than I expected!

  30. Why that is so so pretty! I initially thought that Crushed B would be too dark for my NC15 complexion, but it’s not! And it’s so easy to blend! I love it! Going to try it with Pink Poodle lipglass on top today.

  31. Jannie

    so beautiful.I love the color &your smile is so sweet