Saturday, March 28th, 2009

This was my attempt to make Chanel’s summer quad work for me, and to be honest, while it came out fine in the end… it was far too much work. I also feel there wasn’t nearly enough color variation to merit keeping the quad, so I’ll be returning it on my next trip to the mall (Thursday, for Colour Ready!). I really wanted to be in love with this quad, but it just didn’t happen. :(

You will need the following…

  • Eyes: MAC Lemon Chiffon shadestick (shimmery white-gold base), Chanel Cote d’Azur Summer Quad, MAC Goldmine eyeshadow (gold), Eve Pearl Liquid Liner Pen (black), MAC Glamourpuss glitter liner (copper-gold), Plushlash mascara (black)
  • Cheeks: Chanel In Love blush (dirty pink-coral), MAC Refined mineralize skinfinish (peach-nude)
  • Lips: Chanel Monte Carlo lipstick (sheer peach-gold), Chanel Tangerine Dream gloss (coral)
  • Brushes: 266 (firm, angled brush), 226 (fluffy crease brush), 214 (smudge brush), 249 (flat, firm brush), 239 (fluffy shadow brush), 129 (dense blush brush)
  • Substitutes: Lemon Chiffon = Baselight; Chanel Quad = Motif, Amber Lights, Coppering, Antiqued; In Love = Merrily; Refined = Soft & Gentle; Monte Carlo = Sandy B; Tangerine Dream = Lychee Luxe

Directions: Define brows using a coordinating powder shadow applied with the 266 brush. Apply Soft Ochre paint pot all over the lid as the base. Apply the lightest shade of the quad on the inner third of the lid using the 239. Apply medium shade eyeshadow to the middle-to-outer lid with the 226. Darken crease with the deepest brown shadow with the 239. Sweep Shroom eyeshadow underneath the brow bone to highlight. Finish with Goldmine eyeshadow on lower lash line. Line upper lash line with Eve Pearl Liquid Liner Pen to form a cat-eye. Overlay it with MAC Glamourpuss glitter liner for shimmer. Brush Plushlash mascara on lashes. Sweep apples of cheeks with In Love blush with the 129, and highlight with Refined mineralize skinfinish using the 188. Apply Monte Carlo lipstick to lips, and then top with Tangerine Dream lipgloss for color and shine.

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80 thoughts on “Look – Chanel Cote d’Azur Summer Quad

  1. Caesara

    You look beautiful, Christine! I didn’t think an orange gloss would grab me, but I’ve seen you use Tangerine Dream in a few looks now, and I’m completely won over! My poor wallet! :)

  2. Andrea

    This is a really nice look!!! What did you mean about it being too much work?

  3. I think you look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to try this right now!!!!

  4. this look is PERFECT!!!!!! i love it!

  5. It’s a really pretty look, but I see what you mean about lack of color variation. You could create a similar look with one shadow and one highlight.

    • Thanks, Erin! Yep, pretty much. It just felt like there wasn’t enough variation within the quad to make it worth $50+. Not to mention the texture wasn’t tops like it usually is.

  6. gio

    This look is so pretty!

  7. Luv J

    I guess the quad is dupable.. it’s really a hit or miss with these Chanel quads.. the blush looks pretty and the lip combo is hot!

  8. Kella

    I love this! This definitely is one of your best, it makes you look super pretty. Great job on the liner 😉 It looks perfect. (Btw I totally didn’t realize you already knew that trick! It was just a crazy coincidence) My fav on you is this liner on top, and a light shadow on bottom, very flattering.

    • Thanks, Kella! :) I thought the liner looked better than my usual, LOL! Although I think had I left the glitter, it might have been perfect (I feel like the glitter made it look really messy!).

  9. I did a look with my quad and wasn’t impressed either, so I returned it yesterday. I completely agree with you…nothing special at all. It’ll be hard for them to live up to Beiges de Chanel again, right? :-) I really like how you put that glitter liner ontop of your winged liner though!! Very nice touch!

    • You too, Heather? Clearly this is a miss! I can’t wait to get back my $50+, LOL. I think I will try and get Rose Brazilia from Dior if it’s in stock.

      Thanks :)

      You looked GORGEOUS! in your wedding photos. I love looking at wedding photography!

      • Awww thanks! I had no idea you looked!!! :-) I’m so flattered!

        Yeah, this quad was a miss, you’re right. I knew it from the time I saw your swatches, but being stubborn and wanting it to work made me try anyway :-) Yeah, I got the Coral Riviera because you loved it so much and you’re always spot on! I checked for the Rose one too, but it was sold out at my location :-( saddies. Please post about it if you get it and like it though!

        • Yeah, I shouldn’t have got the quad, but argh, I really wanted it! It’ll be going back soon enough!

          I’ll definitely post about it WHEN I get it. It’s not a matter of if, it’s only WHEN!

  10. charlieee

    You look very radiant, Christine! I like the glitter liner – your eyes are like sparkling (at least to me)! =)

    I notice you’ve been using Refined MSF in your recent FOTD lately. How are you liking it?

    Thanks! :)

  11. It’s gorgeous! Christine, you’re beautiful.
    I can’t believe you can return cosmetics in the USA, in Holland you can’t!

  12. cathy

    i dont know if someone already said that,
    in my opinion this is one of your best looks!
    i LOVE it, and that makes me really take a look at the quad!

  13. Dominique

    WOW!I love the color combination.

  14. Sally

    Beautiful summery look! I like that glitter liner with the whole look too.

  15. Shame that you have to return the quad, I think this is one of your best looks! I love the lips and that glitter liner is tempting me big time… I think I must have it! Is the glitter really obvious though? I don’t want anything too flashy. 😛


    • Thanks, Renee! I just don’t feel you’ll get a whole lot of different looks out of this quad :(

      I don’t think it’s super obvious, but you can tell it is glitter, you know?

  16. Julia

    It looks great on you!

    And i feel same about Chanel`s e/s, i have to build up the colours over and over again till my arm gets tired :-) So i stick with MAC and MUD.

  17. Victoria


  18. Rachael

    This is a beautiful look so if you can easily dupe it with other colors, returning the quad sounds like a good idea.

  19. Brenda

    I am really really liking this look! It’s absolutely gorgeous!

  20. Skyler

    Sell it to me then! 😉 These are just my colours. I love the look you’ve done here–just stunning!

  21. My-Linh

    Wow, that lip combo is amazing! I have to look into it now :)

  22. Michelle

    This is beautiful! Definitely one of my favorite looks from you.
    The eyeliner really came out nicely this time around, and it gives a nice angle to your eyes. And I LOVE the glitter… it makes your eyes sparkle (plus, I just love glitter =D)
    And the lips are great as well.

  23. Pizzicata

    The glamourpuss glitter liner looks super. The glitter liners were an awesome but overlooked part of the Hello Kitty collection, imo.

  24. S.

    When do you dont look amazing. Damn for 50$$$ take that baby back! Looks like something you could still achieve with MAC e/s for less :) Maybe you should go back for a cute lil outfit. xoxox

  25. Faheema

    Hey Christine! I love this look :)
    I am deffo going to attempt it hehe
    You eye makeup is sooo gorgeous!

  26. Deb

    This look is so beautiful. I love the colors!

  27. lisa

    Loving that lip combo!

  28. LR

    returning it? I think this is probably one of your best looks! but if you don’t like it,then no point keeping it..I bought this and have worn it almost every day..I wear it over concealer as my base and the colors just pop..I am very fair,so maybe that’s why it’s so vibrant on makes my eyes really blue.

    • Thanks, LR! It’s not that this look didn’t turn out fine, it’s just that the quad is very limited and it didn’t work as well as other shadows I had. If it’s only really going to give me one or two looks, and it’ll take me 2x longer than usual, not worth keeping :(

      What combos have you come up with? I’m mostly disappointed with the color pay off.

  29. Jenna

    It looks wonderful :) Part edgy and sweet. I’m definitely loving it:D

  30. Miss QQ

    This is a gorgeous summer look!

  31. I have to agree that this really is one of your best looks, too!! 😀 It’s amazingly gorgeous. Do you think that, since the quad is dupeable and you’re returning it that you could make another tutorial copying this same look but with MAC e/s?

  32. amanda

    WOW!!!! You look SO Gorgeous!!! :)

  33. reesa

    Christine, this look is gorgeous.

  34. one word…BEAUTIFUL! sucks that it gave u trouble but the look came out greatttt!!!

  35. Sash

    You look flawless! I love the eyes!

  36. Bettina

    I’m sorry it didn’t turn out the way you hoped but all that extra work paid off because you pulled it off quite nicely and ya look great.

  37. Andrea

    lovely love the eyeliner part and the glittery lips


    hey! do u think thislook for my wedding!!
    is great i love it !!!
    thanks 4 all pictures

  39. Brenda

    As much as you didn’t like working with the palette, it’s a lovely look on you!