Saturday, November 15th, 2008

I think I’m sensitive to silicone-based primers, because I’ve tried two now, and I’ve broken out ALL OVER my face in small, tiny little pimples. (It makes me want to cry, they make me feel/look hideous! Actually, I probably have teared up a bit over it!) The first one I tried was Smashbox’s Photofinish Primer (which I’ve sworn I wore once or twice in Hawaii without issue), and I let my face recover… then I tried Lancome’s La Base. And we’re back to pizza face. Ugh, so gross. I wish I had a secret acne solution, but alas, I don’t–other than keeping up with my regular skincare routine and making sure to stay away from the silicone primers!

This look was from last week, pre-breakout! 😉 I was trying to do something with color, but not going over the top. I’m also trying to alternate color and basic/neutral/work-safe when I do my makeup, so I don’t just show all bright looks or all neutral looks. I’d do the latter if I had my way, LOL! Today, I’m off to spend/waste my Saturday at a simulation for my Management 101 course. I got up early so I could post this, and now I gotta get my butt into the shower and ready so I can report there on-time (hopefully!).

You will need the following…

  • Eyes: Soft Ochre paint pot (neutral beige base), Patina eyeshadow (antique gold), Shimmermoss eyeshadow (teal), Electric Eel eyeshadow (bright blue), Shroom eyeshadow (neutral highlighter), Urban Decay Electric Liner (bright blue), Plushlash mascara (black)
  • Cheeks: Enough Said blush (soft peach)
  • Lips: Bombshell lipstick (pink-coral), Lychee Luxe lipglass (coral)
  • Brushes: 266 (firm, angled brush), 249 (flat, firm brush), 239 (fluffy shadow brush), 129 (dense blush brush)
  • Substitutes: Enough Said = bronzer

Directions: Define brows using a coordinating powder shadow applied with the 266 brush. Apply Soft Ochre paint pot all over the lid as the base with the 249. On the inner lid, apply Patina eyeshadow using the 239 and bring in just over halfway on the lid. Darken the outer lid using Shimmermoss eyeshadow packed on and drag into crease using the 239. Darken crease with just a touch of Electric Eel eyeshadow using the 239. Sweep Shroom underneath the brow bone to highlight. Finish with Urban Decay Electric 24/7 Liner on lower lash line, and Plushlash mascara on lashes. Sweep apples of cheeks with Enough Said blush using the 129. Apply Bombshell lipstick to lips, and then top with Lychee Luxe lipglass for color and shine.

Check out more photos!

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42 thoughts on “Look – Antique Gold with Teal

  1. Susanne

    Awesome look! I love Teal and your cheeks color.

  2. PAOLA

    my skin is so sensitive too! i tried the bare minerals primer and it didn’t affect me at all…i love the eyeshadow…so you just proved to me that you can match you’re eyeshadow to what you’re wearing lol :)

  3. I love your blending! You seem to be able to pull off almost any colour.

    Sorry to hear about your breakout! I have the same issue with silicone based primers, which is saddening as most good primers are silicone based. Even Armani’s Face Fabric is silicone based :(

    I remember you reviewed Nars aqua gel hydrator a while back and loved it. I just bought it and realised it contains silicones too – so I’m wondering did you have any reaction to the Nars hydrator as well? I’m trying to decide if I should open it now, haha. Thanks in advance :)

    • Thanks, Blue!

      Ugh, I don’t know WHY. Aqua Gel actually cleared up my skin! I used it for several weeks straight with no issues at ALL. My skin is not normally sensitive or breakout prone when I switch up skin care… but I think maybe the primers are just SO heavily silicone-based.

  4. S.

    So pretty!

    I’m sorry about the whole primer thing :(
    I am sensitive to silicone based primers too, so I totally understand. My current primer is Laura Mercier Oil-Free, and I love it! No breakouts thus far…I even used it on my wedding day :) It’s a bit expensive, but you get 1.7 oz. instead of the standard 1 oz, so it’s actually a bit cheaper than most per ounce…

  5. I love that lip combo!

  6. Nicky

    Damn, this one is b

  7. DJ

    I think ‘ye-yo’ is the UD 24/7 white liner–Is that ‘electric’?

    love the look :)

  8. Kella

    Love the lips, super pretty.
    What skincare are you using? (What are all of the products?)
    The most important thing with the silicone based primers is to make sure you get aaaallll of it off afterwards.
    I think you would really benefit from glycolic acid product (ideally 12%, but 10% could work). It would help to smooth and resurface your skin. Let me know if you have any qs!

    • Thanks, Kella!

      It’s not the skin care, because it’s been static for awhile now (and keeping my skin pretty clear). It’s the silicone primers – I actually have the break out before it’s even time to remove!

      What would be a good product you’d recommend that has glycolic acid? Like something specific.

  9. very very beautiful. These colors suit you!

  10. Nicole

    That’s crazy, but I like it.

  11. Kirsten

    *sigh* you can pull off anything, i’m jealous
    you’re beautiful and don’t ever let anyone tell you different!

  12. danielle


  13. viv

    gorgeous!! i love how you match the colours of your eye looks and your clothes every time :)
    and i have that blush! it looks lovely on you :]

  14. Porcelain

    I love this look, it’s kind of mermaid-y!
    Although, I must say, I think I’d prefer a slightly less vivid blue for the lower liner. Or at least one with greener undertones, if that makes sense?

  15. Teal looks amazing on you, but I have to say I LOVE the color on the lips. So pretty. =D

  16. Luv this one, suit to yr dress colour

  17. Codie

    I love how you add a splash of color to the lower lash line. This teal looks amazing with the golden color on your cheeks!!!!

  18. Bettina

    the bright blue underneath is quite dramatic but you pull it off well. I did a look similar to this not that long ago. I used all that glitters and parrot and I don’t think I put a colored eyeliner on the bottom but I may have LOL

  19. Jess

    I was in search of a blue & gold look when I found this. I think it looks gorgeous on you! And the blue liner on the bottom just totally gives it the extra oomph! I’m definitely going to try something like this now. Thanks for the lovely pics and useful instructions, Christine!