Friday, January 31st, 2014

Choose or Lose

Lipstick or lipgloss?

  • Lipstick (82%, 3,862 Votes)
  • Lipgloss (18%, 822 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,684

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49 thoughts on “Lipstick or lipgloss?

  1. Lipstick… Hate the goopiness of lipgloss! :)

  2. Lipstick, hands down. I always think I like gloss until I put it on and my hair gets stuck in it and then it winds up all over my face and then my lips start to peel under it. Ick!

    Shani x
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  3. It’s hard to choose because each has its place but I did choose lipstick (though Clarins’s lipgloss pretty much counts as lipstick in my books and is every bit as good as some of my lipsticks or maybe even better!)

  4. Lipstick, always! Although it’s hard finding one that doesn’t emphasize my dry lips even after I exfoliate.
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  5. Lipstick. I’m not a fan of lipglosses. Too much stickness for a usual poor color payoff.

  6. Lipstick. I hate it when there’s a little wind and I end up having hair stuck to my lipgloss.

  7. I will just say this:

    Lipstick stays longer but lipgloss is more fun 😀

    I love ’em both.

  8. A few years ago I would’ve said lipgloss without thinking about it twice but now it’s lipstick for sure. It’s funny how our tastes change over the years.
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  9. kurohana

    i hate lip gloss, hate the glitter and the stickiness of it.I prefer very neturel shades like Nars dolce vita and em’s miss moneybags but when it comes down to it I’m more of a tinted lip balm girl

  10. Jessica

    I voted for lipgloss, only because I’m more likely to reapply that on the go, so I wear it more often, even though I prefer the look and feel of a lipstick.

    • xamyx

      Exactly! I find gloss more portable, as I don’t have to worry about it melting on hot days, and I don’t need to be as precise when reapplying.

  11. StrangeOne

    Lipglosses. I like to keep my lips neutral and shimmery but shiny lipsticks don’t work for me. The shiny bits of my face get reallllly highlighted by even the slightest bit of lipstick shimmer/shine.

    Bizarrely enough my favourite drugstore lipglosses don’t do this even though they’re more glossier (Bourjois 3D).

    • kjhemeon

      I SO miss Bourjois, once it left Sephora + no one else stateside wanted to distribute it. Based on your spelling (favourite), I assume you’re Canadian or a Brit, or maybe EU. Do you ever order from Bourjois, Canada? + if so, are the products still great? Always liked that 3D gloss, and now use it sparingly, for obvious reasons. Any idea how Bourjois, Canada, is for US orders? or Lise Watier?

      • StrangeOne

        heh, good catch on the spellings but I’m in Asia so I can’t help at all although a friend in the US does order them from Asos and amazon but the shipping experience can be a bit meh.

        I currently only have some of their glosses and foundations and they’re still as good for me as the first time I tried them ten years ago.

  12. I voted lip gloss. But I just went through a maaaaajor lipstick phase! My preference shifted back to lip gloss a few weeks ago though. It’s always like that with me :-)

  13. fabiola

    Lipstick, lipgloss bleeds out on me.

  14. Hehe, both?

    To choose, though, definitely lipstick, it lasts longer, there is more variety, it tends to be more pigmented/opaque so you can do more with it. :-)
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  15. Ivana

    For me, it´s definately lipstick. I generally don´t like lipgloss, they tend to be too sticky for me, don´t have enough color payoff and tend not to be longlasting. I don´t care for reapplying my lip color often.

  16. Leigh

    Emphatically, lipstick! Gloss has such limited use and decreases wear time. I usually only use it for editorial work and very rarely IRL. And never on myself. For young teens, there are such pretty sheer lipstick options.

  17. faerieevenstar

    I went for lipgloss, because, although I’ve recently become a lipstick fiend as well, I get so annoyed when I’m out of the house and I have to keep stopping whatever I’m doing to reapply lipstick because it’s patchy and uneven or completely come off. If I slick on some gloss, I can leave it to wear off and it doesn’t look weird and can even reapply without looking in a mirror and it looks ok. I’ve invested in more high quality lipsticks and take longer to apply initially and the wearing off is less of an issue (mostly down to techniques learnt on Temptalia!)

    Off on a tangent some what, I used Twitter for the first time in forever, and it told me that Temptalia was also a fan of World of Warcraft, so I wanted to say that’s really cool if you’re a WoW geek too Christine! WOO! Horde or Alliance? :p

    • Horde 😉 I haven’t played in months, but I do pop up every so often. Usually when there is a new expansion!

      • Chloe

        I haven’t played in years, but I still get a sense of faction pride when someone is Horde :P. I don’t think I could play WoW now, I’m still bitter I had to bust my butt getting to lvl 40 to get a mount and now newcomers can get one at what, lvl 20 or something? Pooh!

        • LOL! I have actually played since vanilla WoW, though I was on the tail-end of the original launch, so I do remember the drudgery of getting to 40 for a mount. I also remember the expense. Now, it’s horrible just waiting to get it at the early level. Walking sucks!

        • faerieevenstar

          Yes I worked my bum off for my first mount, worked ages to get the gold, and I think I was nearly level 50 when I could afford it, and yeah, it’s much faster to do those lower levels now. I remember in vanilla being so jealous that my husband had a warlock so he did the questline and got a mount without all that gold etc. I also miss talent trees- there’s less choice in specialisms now. It’s different, but it’s still fun. I mainly play an Unholy Death Knight (they’re fun, you start art level 50) I just started a new priest (in kung fu panda style) and I got to level 14 in two days.. o_0 I don’t remember it going that quickly at the beginning, and I was lazing around with this character too.

          Trust me to bring WoW to Temptalia :p

      • Sorry to butt in here, but I have to say that I’m very happy that you chose the right side, Christine 😀 For the Horde!

      • faerieevenstar

        Also FOR THE HORDE! \m/ I’ve been playing since Vanilla too :p Ahh beauty geekery and game geekery all at once *in heaven*

  18. Lauren

    I like both. I also LOVE tinted balms and lip crayons.

  19. Lipstick! My lips have been suffering with all this harsh cold weather so I’m trying to wear gloss more often now. Lipstick will always have my heart though!
    fancie Recently Posted: Birthday Haul!

  20. I’m having a super dry and cracked lip everyday. But thank god now at least I found a perfect lip balm so my lip conditions are much better. I personally like something texture like YSL glossy Stain , Sheer, Moist, last really long And Pigment . Not lip stick for me…too dry ! Lip gloss somehow last not really long and color not so pigment. So not lip gloss as well. Some thing like YSL glossy stain that would be perfect!

  21. Jan

    Way to go to force us to take a position!
    Alas – I cannot.
    I use both regularly.

  22. stef b

    I can’t stand lipstick…it just looks so fake

  23. grlnxdor

    When you get older–40+, lipgloss will become one of your new best friends–trust me!

  24. I voted for lipstick, and I can see many agrees.

    I think with lipsticks it’s possible to get the best of both worlds (color, translucency, shine) while lipglosses tend to be less versatile. I’d be content getting my glossy lip fix from a glossy lipstick, and I certainly wouldn’t want to be without my reds. *winks*

  25. Lipstick! Gloss is too messy and runny and doesn’t do a thing for my pigmented lips but pulls half my hair out.
    Renu Recently Posted: EOTD: Radiant orchid smoky eye makeup look with theBalm

  26. Nikky

    Both? A year ago I would definitely have said lipgloss, and while I still like a good lipgloss (one that is fairly opaque and not too sticky), lately I’ve been getting into lipstick.

  27. I’m definitely a lipstick girl. I’m not sure if it’s just me but lipgloss almost always dries up on my lips and creates a yucky mess even if I’ve moisturised them. There are a few exceptions like the Chanel Extrait de Gloss and some liquid lipsticks but in general I’ve given up on wearing lipgloss. It’s a bit of a shame since it used to be the other way round so I have lots of lipglosses that I love the look of but no longer wear since they just don’t wear well on my lips. :/

  28. Bee

    Lipstick! I do love a lot about lip glosses – the huge variety of finishes and shades! – but they transfer so much more easily and I don’t feel safe eating with them on, so I wipe them off before I eat.
    Bee Recently Posted: Skinfood Egg White Pore Mask review

  29. Kes

    it’s usually like this: Under 21 – lipgloss over 21 – lipstick.
    In my case it was 23, but still 😛

  30. Nina

    Lipgloss! I agree with the GRLNXDOR poster that over 40, lipgloss becomes your ally! Lipstick gets in lip lines and ages…..unless it’s just the perfect shade and formulation. Glosses are more youthful looking and plumping. I say: a GOOD gloss!

  31. Ann

    I preffered lip gloss back when I was in high school but as an adult I love lipstick. Lipgloss is so messy in my opinion and it gets stuck in my hair all the time

  32. Both but usually not at the same time.

  33. LIPSTICK! I hate lipgloss with a passion, I think it has to do with my oily skin and I just hate the idea of another part of my face being glossy/overly shiny…

    Every time I wear lipgloss, I eventually wipe it off my lips without thinking, because I feel uncomfortable …
    i haven’t tried a lot lipgloss brands but I did like Estee Lauder’s and Model Co.’s glosses over my lipsticks.

    I love the lipstick finishes and the opaqueness

    I have so much lipgloss that I have received overtime that I need to use up eventually.