Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

Lippmann Ruby Red Slippers Nail Lacquer

Lippmann Collection Ruby Red Slippers Nail Lacquer ($35.00 for 3 0.5 oz. lacquers) is part of Lippmann’s “Celebrate” Nail Lacquer Set, which features three shades of nail lacquers (two new and limited to the set–at least for now).

Ruby Red Slippers is, quite possibly, one of the most beautiful nail lacquers I’ve ever seen. It’s absolutely stunning. It’s a burgundy-black jelly base with two sizes of red glitter–small glitter particles mixed with larger, hexagon-shaped glitter. The combination of the two glitter sizes is unique and fun, but just the dark base with the rich ruby red glitter is gorgeous.  I know in the photos the red seems a little fiery, but when I look at my nails in natural lighting, I see more of a scarlet, ruby red.

The formula stays on with minimal tip wear when I used it with Zoya’s Color Lock System (base, top, and fast drying coats). It’s easy to apply, and the glitter doesn’t seem to drag much, so you do get a nice look. As with most glitters, you won’t necessarily get a 100% uniform look, but it doesn’t bother me. I used just two medium-thick coats to get a good, solid look with plenty of sparkle.

I know some dislike the clean-up rituals associated with glitter polishes, but I didn’t find it too time consuming or difficult.  My technique is to take a cotton pad soaked in remover and let it sit on my nail for about 2-3 seconds (just press the pad against the nail), then move to another nail, repeat… and then go back and remove the polish.

Bottom Line: LOVE THIS. The kit is $35, and you do get this plus two other polishes (and let me say, Super Star is divine–will review it separately), so I absolutely think the value on these is fantastic, considering Lippmann lacquers usually retail for $16 a pop.

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  • Product: 30/30
  • Value: 9/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

Recommendation: If you love glittery nails, I think these are tops. They’re great shades for fall and winter, but Ruby Red Slippers just blows my mind!

Availability: Nordstrom

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42 thoughts on “Lippmann Collection Ruby Red Slippers Nail Lacquer Photos, Swatches

  1. LuvJ

    LOVE! I actually tried looking for this trio in-store to no avail. They have another set but it didn’t *spark* my interest as much as these shades..

  2. Zee

    A dupe for this is Fortune Teller by China Glaze

  3. shontay

    Whoa! I need RRS now!

  4. that colour is absolutely beautiful! i love the way it glitters,

  5. I’m not usually a big nail polish person, but that is stunning!

  6. Rachael

    So unique, love it!

  7. Rae

    Oh my goodness! That is INCREDIBLY gorgeous.

    And thus, this year’s Christmas wishlist is started 😛

  8. LOVE IT! I like the different sizes in the glitter!

  9. ZOMG!!! I will visit Nordstrom soon :)

  10. I think it can be used for a special occasion, but I don’t like glittery nail polishes and the color is not on my taste.

  11. renea

    this is my favorite of the whole set! so hot!

  12. Patty

    I think I just died. I must have this.

  13. Macaddict

    OOOOoohhhhhh!!!!! b(and then speechless) :-)

  14. amy

    So beautiful and I love the bling bling red!

  15. I am not a fan of polish, but I might make an exception here. How stunning is that??

    I bet it’s a bear to remove though, right?

  16. this is what the style black polishes SHOULD be like!

  17. Lovely! I hope I can find this.

  18. Lorna

    i like it and i keep on eyeing the set. however, i am not overly fond of chunky glitter in nail polish because it is so hard to get out. i hope i get to see this in store.

  19. Marianna

    Are you really not going to mention the disaster that is Funky Chunky?

    • rose

      i just ordered this on (backordered til 11.30 grr) based on the 2/3 we saw…i was wondering why the black one wasn’t reviewed or photo’d. what’s wrong with it?

      • Marianna

        It’s really ugly. It’s a semi sheer black base with big black glitter. After 2 coats it just looks like lumpy black polish, as if you don’t know how to apply polish. It’s not any better if you try to wear it sheer.
        You can find pics of it on several nail blogs, pretty sure has em.
        The other 2 polishes are gorgeous and probably make up for it :)

        • rose

          thanks! i took your advice and blog-searched it. and you’re right…ick. but, i do agree that the other two make up for it! :-)

      • I didn’t try it, that’s why :) It just didn’t grab me like the other two did, and I thought both were great colors that deserved their own posts!

    • I haven’t tried it, so I couldn’t tell you! I just got excited about Ruby Red Slippers!

  20. Kristine

    That is STUNNING! I just saw their Happy Birthday polish in Karens blog as well, and realized I really need to get into this brand!

  21. Ribbons

    I loooove that, its so perfect for opening Christmas presents, haha!! I guess Ill have to find a dupe in England somewhere.

    My mum bought me a similar one for Christmas when I was about 12 (10 years or so ago) and it was a clear base with silver and purple glitter just like that (the hexagons were little hearts tho), I doubt Ill be able to find that brand again but I know it was cheap so might try Claires. Or just find a good red glitter to go over black.

  22. LOVE IT!!! I love it and want it! :)

  23. LOVE! Its a stunning color.

  24. Wilcoa

    So beautiful and perfect for the holiday!

  25. Rosie

    Wow, that is so pretty.

  26. Marina

    Saint William H. Macy :O its gorgeous! but… but… this brand isnt available in my country :(

  27. Ummmm so where can I buy this? Are these available online? Im in love!

  28. Paloma

    Christine, do you know of a decent dupe for this? I am not paying that much for polish :/