Saturday, March 7th, 2009

Saint Germain Lipstick topped with Tartlette Lipglass

I know how many of you were skeptical (if not “totally over it”) about Saint Germain lipstick (releasing with Sugarsweet). I am here to tell you it’s workable, and beyond workable, it makes for the prettiest pink lip combination. Something about the combination reminds me of pink lemonade and summertime, but you know I’ll rock it even though it’s spring. Besides, it’s a warm day with the sun shining… it works :)

Tartlette lipglass was a limited edition lipglass, but it’s very similar to Lychee Luxe lipglass (permanent) and Pink Grapefruit lipglass (limited, but more recent) works in its place, too. If you have none of the both, for color reference, Tartlette is a orangey-coral shimmery shade with decent pigmentation but not super opaque.

So, I might not be able to wear Saint Germain all by its lonesome self, it definitely has lots of possibilities when paired with lipgloss. (And let’s face it, I rarely wear lipstick by itself–it’s all about layering!)

What do you think? Will you give Saint Germain a look-see?

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55 thoughts on “Lip Lust: Saint Germain + Tartlette

  1. Jenna

    it looks much better now, gorgeous!

  2. Andrea

    love it! I really want to get this lipstick!

  3. Tamara

    it does look better with lipgloss, i may give it a try at the mac store, but I doubt I’ll end up buying it

  4. cloudburst

    I’ll try it in the store – but I think it will look pretty bad on me!

  5. Macaddict

    That kind of pink is totally up my alley and I want it so bad!!!! I din’t get it the 1st time it was released but always regretted it. I will wear it on its own and/or with pink, white or blue l/g.

  6. MACmademoiselle

    Naw I won’t get it, but it looks beautiful on you. I’m just not a light pink person. I will get Lollipop Loving though :)

  7. I LOVE the colour but it wouldn’t suit my skin tone :( x

  8. lala

    same goes with the “lavender whip”..I have to work it with other colors .. to make it work :)

  9. kat

    i hate this type color on me (ie melrose mood)… yeck. i look like a clown! literally. not cute!

  10. pretty! I love pink lips <3

  11. HijabiApprentice

    Full lips + brown skin = hell no to Saint Germain & Lavender Whip!

  12. Anitacska

    I still don’t like it.

  13. Faiza

    That’s looking much better now.

  14. Rachael

    Still not a fan, but that’s just me!

  15. aradhana

    i thought it looked better on its own…
    unconventional, but interesting…

    • I think it looks pretty on its own, but because it is so cool toned, it doesn’t suit me (individually) so well that I do have to dress it up with other glosses!

  16. evo

    it looks better but i doubt i’d get it…

    • I definitely wouldn’t say it’s a must-have by any means, but if you’re addicted like me, you’ll want it and then you’ll at least want to find a couple of ways to wear it!

  17. Lizzclare

    love your big juicy lips lol, swatched it today at the store but im pale and it looked very light on me

  18. Christy

    That looks pretty! I did the same when I got Saint Germain. Layer layer layer and the results can be fabulous!

  19. Kristine

    I feel like I’m the only one who’s excited for this lipstick. I’m a sucker for bold lippies. Lately i’ve been wearing lavender whip a lot. I love it so much I bought a backup of it.

    • I like it just because it IS different from stuff I own, and it’s not as if I only buy lipsticks I use all the time — because I certainly don’t and with so many… it’s not possible to use all of them all the time. So it works for me, too :)

  20. Esmei

    i <3 it i’m so buying!

  21. Catherine

    Hey Christine!
    When you do some lip swatches, could you put a full face picture ? I prefer that because I think it gives us a better idea of the colour…

  22. Cosine

    Hey dear, can I ask how similar is this to melrose mood? Because I’ve got melrose and even though I love it, I can’t seem to work it…

  23. pia

    The model of the collection is wearing the lipstick. She’s dark and has full lips but she definitely can pull the color off. This is the kind of color that looks a tad off at first but could grow on ya.

  24. I think Saint Germain looks gorgeous! I really love pink lipsticks!

  25. Liz

    hard to tell, because it’s on your lips, but it looks a LITTLE like bunny pink. if it is even remotely in the same ballpark, it is a must do for me. i have been looking for the dupe of that ever since it was originally released. I am at the end of a tube and only have one back up.

  26. The first time i saw pictures of you wearing this lipstick color, i was soo excited to get it. I also wrote it on my agenda, calendar, etc. Today i went to check it out, disappointment.. =[ It makes me look sick. If only it can look as good as u wearing it.. *sad*

  27. Stefani

    that is so pretty….awesome & subtle baby pink color