Sunday, March 1st, 2009

Remember how there was one Le Metier de Beaute gloss that slipped away (aka out of stock)? I ordered it off of Neiman Marcus Online last week (they had free shipping!), and it arrived yesterday. I thought I’d share it, because I love, love, LOVE IT!

The color is Papaya Creme ($36), and it’s this beautiful, shimmering shade of coppery-peachy-gold. The color itself is stunning (at least to me!), but the magic lies in the gloss’ pigmentation and wearing power. It goes on so much like it swatches, and in a gloss, this doesn’t happen nearly enough (Hello Kitty glosses, I’m talkin’ to you!). These glosses also wear for hours without touchups required, too!

See a skin swatch and product image of Papaya Creme…

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85 thoughts on “Lip Lust: Le Metier de Beaute Papaya Creme

  1. Wow! So pretty, I’ll have to check em out!

  2. That was the best. I love luxury lipglosses, just ordered an 26-buck Rock&Republic one. Good color btw.

  3. Lingping

    That is so gorgeous! Are these in any way like the Lanc

  4. Faiza

    Would you say these l/g are better than MAC’s lipglasses?

  5. Oh man. I need this and Framboise Creme.

  6. amy

    Wow how sophisticated is that gloss! Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for posting!

  7. Zsofi

    wow,also very sexy!!!!
    looks so great… i have a similar colored lipgloss,but this is better :-)

  8. Jan

    Beautiful, somehow this reminds me of Expensive pink e/s, pink/bronze colour. Although I’m at a loss what kind of blush/ eye combination would pair up perfectly with this. I am not good with colours!

  9. Alexzandra

    I’m so glad that you photographed this. I saw an image of this the other day on MUA, and fell in love, but had yet to see it on anyone. Now I know it would be $36 well spent :)

  10. casey

    whoa I love this color!

  11. Anitacska

    This is gorgeous! I can see why you liked it so much. :) Wish it was available in the UK too…

  12. Sash

    I love it! Do you have anything under it (lipstick)? If not, it’s really GREAT!

  13. Sally

    I love that color and the name! Papaya Creme just sounds delish and the gloss looks delicious too =D Nice summer color

  14. Rachael

    Gorgeous! Looks a lot like our beloved $50 lipgloss no?

  15. cloudburst

    Yes that is beautiful!

  16. muffingrl

    ooh pretty. reminds me of poco pink MAC lip laquer.

  17. Michelle

    This is GORGEOUS, but I don’t think I could stomach spending over $30 on a lip gloss

  18. Lil

    So can I assume that you can get this at Neiman Marcus? I’ve never been inside one but this might be the reason for me to go in for the first time!!!

    • Only some Neiman Marcus’ carry them, I think. In fact, I’m not even sure of that :( I know Bergdorf’s in NYC had an actual counter, and I know you can buy it online at both Bergdorf’s and Neiman’s, just not for sure in-store!

  19. kat

    hey this is gorgeous! can you use it in a full face?

  20. wow this colour is gorgeous :)

  21. Angie

    wow! its looks icky in the bottle but after application it looks super nice! too bad its pricey!

  22. iliang

    its gorgeous but I cannot shell out that much for a gloss..

  23. Krys

    I just saw this and fell in love! The free shipping thing was still going on so I just purchased it. But that price is crazy so I just had to knock off a couple of glosses on my upcomming mac list. =(

  24. Lil

    Can somebody help me with this? I can’t seem to find out how much is in that tube of lipgloss? Either grams or ounces will help. Online doesn’t give up that info. Thanks soooo much in advance!!!

  25. yarid

    Wow, $30.00 is the most Im willing to pay for a lip gloss but I just had to get online and order this, I love it…..thank you!!!!

  26. vicky!

    that’s so gorgeous! do you know of a MAC dupe?

  27. Jenna

    I want it :(

    But I don’t think that brand exists in my country :(

  28. Jennifer

    I love this but $36 for a lipgloss?? That’s hard for me to swallow. Don’t know if it’s worth it… But it is absolutely beautiful!

  29. that color is gorgeous on you!

  30. Stephanie

    what mac or nars lip color is this similar to?

  31. Mikki

    I can stare at your lips like forever because they are so perfect

  32. Jennifer

    I finally broke down and bought this Christine! I tried not to because of the price but I keep coming back to it. I ordered it from NM too. I hope it looks as good on me as it does on you! :)

  33. Milky

    i love this color!!!!!!
    i got the apricot creme but feels a bit pale.
    Have u ever try the clear brilliant lip gloss? how is that one? i’m kind into that since i like sheer briliance more than lip creme.

    • I think that one does run a bit pale. Still pretty, though! Layer a bit over a deeper lipstick to make it seem less pale, too.

      I have – they’re pretty, though I prefer the cremes more (more pigmented!).

  34. ok, so gorgeous!!!! I know I’m a bit late on the band wagon for this one, but I was just looking at your favorite lip glosses and this one stopped me in my tracks! I just had to order it. $39.00 with shipping is a tough pill to swallow for a gloss, but I think it’ll be worth it! Thanks for the recommendation!

  35. Jenna

    That color is beautiful, I just ordered it! I have an obsession with this brand, probably because its so exclusive. It’s like the forbidden makeup lol. Do you have any of the Color Moisture lipstick that you can swatch? I search the web for swatches and rarely come across them or never find the right color. I have Cannes and its beautiful but not an everyday color, I’m dying to see a pink/nude everyday shade, if you have any please swatch them! The lipstick is amazing like the gloss!

  36. Polly

    Have you tried NARS Sandpiper lipgloss? I found it quite similar to this swatch, but I haven’t try this in person…

    I hope it can be a lower price dupe! :]