Sunday, November 7th, 2010

MAC Lip Combo
MAC Courting Lilac Lipstick + Gone Romancin’ Dazzleglass Creme

Just for Fun: MAC Courting Lilac + Gone Romancin’

I think these two worked together really well, because they complement each other without overwhelming the other.  The most surprising part about this combination is how the gold sheen from Courting Lilac still peeks through despite the more opaque Gone Romancin’ dazzleglass creme.

Have you discovered any must-try lip combos from Tartan Tale?

See one more photo…

MAC Lip Combo
MAC Courting Lilac Lipstick + Gone Romancin’ Dazzleglass Creme

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53 thoughts on “Lip Combo: MAC Courting Lilac Lipstick + Gone Romancin’ Dazzleglass Creme

  1. Rachael

    That looks awesome on you!

  2. Sara Jean

    Oh i love it!!
    Now I need t make a trip to Mac.

  3. Amrita

    Absolutely gorgeous! xD
    I would have gotten this, but I feel I’m too dark for it. (NC 40 in MAC Pro Longwear)

  4. The final color is very beautiful…

  5. Banan

    I have full fuchsia, I didn’t get a Dazzleglass Creme, but I want radiant jewels, but every time I stop by Mac to get it I change my mind, do you think this combo will work? and do you recommend I get radiant jewels? what Dazzleglass Creme would you recommend, the lipsticks I have from the collection are full fuchsia, deepest wish and cut a caper

  6. Danielle

    I am so glad you posted this! I was at the MAC counter in Macys about a week ago and the SA there was wearing this combo and she recommended it to me and I love it! It is beautiful and you wear these colors well! I am glad she told me about it. That and Cut-A-Caper. I wasn’t planning to get anything from this collection but of everything I saw, these three items were my favorites!Thanks Christine!

  7. Oh yay, you’re doing lip combos again? I love them!
    This one reminds me of the old Lavender Whip furor…

  8. Shelly

    OH NOOOOOOO I had convinced myself that I don’t need Courting Lilac in my life, but now you got to make me rethink that AND also want Gone Romancin’??? whyyyyyyyyy lol

  9. Wilcoa

    This is a really beautiful lip combo. I’ve been meaning to pick up Gone Romancin’, but just haven’t gotten around to it yet, looks like such a beautiful gloss!

  10. Great minds think alike! I was thinking about those two together since I have both Courting Lilac and Romancin’. I will try this out and it looks gorgeous on you!

  11. Nicole

    i think I need to get these now :)

  12. Carrie Ann

    That’s really pretty and not over-the-top at all. I think it would look good on various skin tones as well.

  13. Shelley

    I ordered them online and am now waiting for them to be delivered! 😉

  14. Tiffany

    glad I got both of these!

  15. Harshleen

    Wow……this combo looks gorgeous!

  16. Lulee

    what a great post christine… i hope you do more of these… you really excel at making amazing lip combos!

  17. DevilishDoll

    I would be sooo happy if this combo looked similar on me. For some reason, Courting Lilac (and most purply colors like Aristocat, Purple Rite, etc) do not look purply on me…they look like some weird dark bronze color. I’ve even tried using them under or over more pinky colored lipsticks and with light pink/purple lipglasses over them. So I’m not sure how to fix the problem on me. But I’m pretty pale and cool toned with medium pigmented lips.

  18. Isa

    wow I love it!

  19. Samantha P.

    Gah… I should have got this when I had the chance, it’s very pretty.. But, I am very happy with Cut a Caper.

  20. Leenie

    Nice color

  21. Kaho

    i love this combination! these 2 lip products were my favorites of the few things i bought from the holiday collection :)

  22. i JUST did a face the other day where i used this! :) so pretty!

  23. Marcela

    i LOOOOVE this combo! I actually wore it today with matching smokey eyes… Fresco Rose paint pot as a base, Trax all over the lid, Fig. 8 in the crease and outer corner, and Phloof as highlighter.

  24. Michelle


  25. I love the shade. It would go perfect with my skin color and not to mention that is pink and I love it. :)

  26. Dawn

    Such a pretty combination!

  27. very pretty,will have to pick up!!

  28. Salvinia

    So pretty! I’m afraid of purple lipstick, but it really suits you.

  29. i like cut a caper with gone romancin. looks really juicy.

  30. Kate

    Hey Christine…I got Courting Lilac but apparently in any light other than at MAC, it makes me look ill, almost corpse-like. I’m cool-toned, lots of pink in my cheeks with medium gold blond hair. Is it just not meant to be between me and Courting Lilac or is there something I can layer it with? (for the record, I also got Cut a Caper and it looks awesome with Dainty on the cheeks–so thank you for that!)

  31. Eli

    The colour is very pretty, but I think that a bit more shine would have been better…

  32. TheLaniGold

    looks really cute on you :)) goes really well with your skin tone ^^

  33. chatdeperse (persiancat)

    Very nice! I’ve already got Courting lilac, love it! But I didn’t take Romancin’ in the same time, I wasn’t decided because of my Nico lipglass…. But now, maybe this time….
    What do you think about the Nico lipglass instead of the Romancin’ dazzleglass, to pair with the Courting lilac lipstick ?

  34. Heather

    This is beautiful. My natural lip pigment is so dark, I have a hard time wearing colors like these… Maybe I can give it a try…. Christine – any helpful ideas for me?

    • Hmm, you could try patting on concealer or foundation on the lip, or you could use a lip liner in a more neutral tone to try to mute your natural pigmentation. Part of me wants to say try green concealer… if only because green cancels out red!

  35. Amy

    UGGH! You totally sold me on this look, so I just went on MAC’s sight to get it. Apparently, you may have sold it on everyone else, cuz Courting Lilac is all…sold…out! ARRGH!

    Patience is a vertue. I’ll keep checking. GREAT LOOK on you Christine!

  36. Yumi

    I tried Courting Lilac yesterday and it doesn’t look anything like this on me because my lip color is darker :/ It ends up looking like a deep purple which I’m not a fan of. QQ!

  37. I was trying to leave this combo alone and then I find this blog post. I’m so glad it’s sold out online. Trying to buy nothing but that bear from TT. OMG this combo is beautiful.

  38. Rachael

    Very pretty combo. I bought Gone Romancin’ Dazzleglass Creme as well and I just love it, it’s such a gorgeous color and different from any color I already have.

  39. Dominique


  40. Those were the only things I got from tartan tale & I’m so happy with them!

  41. Jennifer

    I bought these two with the intent of wearing them together, and also Full Fuchsia and Radiant Jewels for the same thing. These lilac colours are gorgeous, I think they are probably my fave lip colours EVER so far. They seem to compliment my skin tone really well. I’d never have tried them if I hadn’t seen your swatches so thanks Christine! xx

  42. Diane Kristinee

    Wow, I just picked these two up today without seeing this post. :) I’m very excited to try it. Maybe for work tomorrow. Thanks Christine, I’m even more excited about my purchase now. :)

  43. Juliana Henkelman

    I loveeeeeeddddd this combo!!! I bought that too…

  44. Lydia

    Ooo I love this!