Friday, January 17th, 2014

Choose or Lose

Do you like palettes to have clear or opaque covers?

  • Opaque! (54%, 1,293 Votes)
  • Clear! (33%, 778 Votes)
  • Well, what about sheer? Not clear but not totally opaque! (11%, 258 Votes)
  • Other -- I'll tell you in the comments! (2%, 44 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,373

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27 thoughts on “Do you like palettes to have clear or opaque covers?

  1. xamyx

    I don’t really care. However, I want it to be clearly identifiable by brand, and in the case of blush & small eyeshadows, I want the name of the shade to be printed large enough to read without a microscope. I’m actually very organized, but sometimes things do get mixed up, or if I don’t wear something for a while, I may forget exactly where it is. This actually happens a lot with my NARS stash, which is quite large, but at least I can easily read the labels!

  2. Hm, opaque? I guess? I don’t know. Never really thought about that, haha.
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  3. kurohana

    clear i like being able to see what i have so i am more likely to use it

  4. Lauren

    I like palettes with big mirrors. I can’t stand it when there is no mirror (e.g., Too Faced packaging for their regular sets). I also don’t like it when the cover is removable (e.g., UD 15th Anniversary Palette). However, for eyeshadow singles, the zpalette is good because the cover is see through. But, I only have 1 zpalette, so getting confused about where different shadows are “housed” is not really an issue. I know what’s in my one and only zpalette!

    For blush (not the question, I realize), I greatly prefer packaging that matches the color of the blush so I can easily find the color I want (e.g., Tarte – they have the BEST blush packaging). If it doesn’t match, then I like clear but I really like having a mirror too.

  5. Clear would be sensible, obviously..but I just don’t like them…plus I think the clear surface won’t look all that pretty once it gets scratched up 😛 I like Inglot palettes – they aren’t completely opaque, so you can sort of get an idea about what color is where..
    Radhika Recently Posted: Today’s Makeup: Smokey Eyes and Coral Lips

  6. I prefer clear IF the shade names can be visible inside the palette. If they’re not (I’m looking at you MAC) then opaque all the way so I actually have a place to put the names somewhere!

  7. I like opaque ones as long as you can see the brand name. They look nicer.

  8. Corliss

    While clear covers are convenient they almost always look cheap. I love the look of an opaque cover although if you have as much makeup as I do and I often purchase from brands that I like I never know what color is in each palette…. hence owning almost all of the Nars duos I keep them in the boxes standing with the names showing just so I’ll know what I’m reaching for.

    • I agree with you about them looking cheap, plus they just seem more fragile to me if they have clear lids? I dunno, I dont own too many palettes anyway and when I do buy another I go for a new brand to try so no danger of mixing them!

  9. I like opaque because you can have a mirror, and you don’t have to worry about it getting scratched up and starting to look bad, or haveing flimsy clear plastic. On the other hand, it’s really nice to be able to see the colors. I don’t like packaging like NARS where everything looks exactly the same so it’s hard to find anything. I think Tarte’s blushes are really the best solution possible – you get your mirror, the whole thing’s nice and sturdy, but you still know exactly what color’s inside. Brilliant.
    Lisa Recently Posted: Quick Look: MAC “A Natural Flirt” Extra-Dimension Eyeshadow

  10. I was just thinking about that this morning… I glanced at my Sleek i-Divine vivids palette and reflecting that if I bought another Sleek palette I’ve been eyeing I wouldn’t be able to tell which is which at a glance and I’d probably have to open them to know which one I’m holding.

    On the other hand, clear covers are a mostly drug store brand concept so it seems cheap. Would a Naked palette seem as special with a clear lid?

    I’ve seen a couple palettes with mostly opaque covers that have a little window so you can see the colors, which seems like a nice compromise…

  11. I don’t care much if they’re clear or opaque (if the latter, then I like there to be a mirror) but what I do like is for them to be FLAT, which is one reason why MAC’s single shadows and blushes and quite a few other items (and those from some other companies as well) bug me…I like to be able to STACK compacts and palettes and if they’re the least bit domed, they do not stack securely or neatly.

  12. I can’t say I’ve ever really thought about it! For me it depends on what the style/theme of the palette is, I guess.
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  13. Clear for me.

    When you have lots of palettes of the same brand/size, it is very useful to be able to see the colors through the lids.

  14. Claire

    It depends on the design: if they are differently like the Naked palettes then I don’t Need a clear cover. But if they Look all the same like NARS I would prefer clear as MAC does it.
    I don’t like to have to open every compact to see which colors are inside.

  15. AYHM

    It is very nice to have a clear cover but I also like a thin and not bulky palette. I really liked the old MAC pro 15 palette because they fit so nicely within my Container Store CD racks. I am very much into how I store things as well; it is important to me. In a perfect world for me, clear cover, slim, and sized just like the old 15 and it fits the CD rack. I would gladly give up the mirror for these specs. I have yet to find a good way to store the newer clear cover 15 palettes. I would love to hear ideas for this.

  16. Kica

    I can honestly say I really don’t care.

  17. Vee

    It depends. As I am a sucker for nice packaging, if a palette has a beautiful design on the cover then opaque is good. But brands like MAC and some drugstore palettes, I like the clear covers because it really showcases the shadows. Especially since you can’t really test most drugstore eyeshadows, so it helps me to pick which ones to buy if I can really see the colors.

  18. Zainab

    Most of my palettes are pre-made ones so I can just tell what they are, my Inglot palettes have the frosted glass look Inglot packaging but I keep them in their cardboard boxes because I’m worried the magnets might come unstuck (even though that seems pretty unlikely). So I guess opaque packaging is what I prefer. If I ever decide to depot my MAC shadows I guess I’ll get something like a Z palette so that will have a clear lid.

  19. TR

    HAHA when I first read this I thought it was asking if we wanted clear COLORS. I was sitting here like “who the F would make something like that.” I had to come read the comments before it sank in…

    *hangs head in shame*

  20. I like it when individual shadows/blushes have clear lids so I’m not always turning them over to find the right color. With palettes it doesn’t really matter to me because most of the ones I’ve bought are clearly labelled on the lid, so I have an idea of what’s in it.

  21. In the case of Mac shadows, I prefer te duo simply because the singles ones with clear tops scratch and get messed up so quickly. I organise mine according to colour with colour stickers so it doesn’t bother me that I can’t see in. If I have thousands of eye shadows or blushes, I may change my mind.

  22. Opaque I suppose as clear covers tend to be a little cheap. They’re very useful for Z palettes but that’s all I can really think of lol
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  23. Clear if it is up to four shadows, and opaque if there are more than four shades in the palette. I love theBalm’s palettes, and they all have opaque covers. It would be great if the shades were shown on the cover, though.
    Renu Recently Posted: EOTD: Subtle smoky eye makeup look with Urban Decay Naked 3 palette

  24. Clear covers, like on the MUA eyeshadow palettes. They are just so much more handy because you can see the colours easily. I don’t really need any more mirrors, and I don’t care if something “looks cheap” as long as the quality of the makeup is good. (I prefer if it IS cheap!)
    Plurabelle Recently Posted: Spending less on makeup

  25. I don’t have a problem with clear tops in theory, but I have yet to find any besides MAC quads that don’t look cheap… I don’t even like the new clear topped MAC x15 palettes. I feel like yes, it’s practical, but I love the “OOOOH” moment every time I open, say, my NARS one night stand palette, or my Ariel storybook, or even my Sigma Paris palette… I just don’t get the same thrill when I can see the product from across the room.