Friday, December 6th, 2013

Choose or Lose

Do you like creating your own eyeshadow palettes?

  • Sometimes, but it can be overwhelming with options! (47%, 1,509 Votes)
  • Yes - I love the freedom to customize! (32%, 1,013 Votes)
  • No, I prefer when brands put them together for me! (20%, 648 Votes)
  • Other -- I'll tell you in the comments! (0%, 12 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,182

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40 thoughts on “Do you like creating your own eyeshadow palettes?

  1. Yes and no.

    It’s awesome to choose all the shades that I know I will really like, but holy crap, it can be so hard to choose!
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  2. Ellie

    One of the reasons why I love Inglot is their freedom system.

    • Inglot is a brand I would love to try, but I’m no where near a counter & wouldn’t know where to find one in Canada anyway!

      • Julie

        Hi Meghan,
        I just got my very first Inglot e/s palettes today. We don’t have a store here, either. I googled and searched my favorite bloggers (Temptalia has a great post for 10 must have colors!) and crossed my fingers with my picks. Boy am I glad I did!!! I love them! Give them a try via or their website. You won’t be disappointed!!

      • Ellie

        I have the same problem. I bought my stuff at IMATS, some traveling (last Sunday I went to Seattle and a Macy’s there carries it), and online. They’re website is pretty much crap, so what I usually do is to look up reviews and swatches online and then buy based on that. This way I can generally get away with buying pretty much everything but foundation and concealer.

      • They have one in Montreal.

  3. AbsoLUtely! If every company offered refills of ALL of their eyeshadows, I would be happy as a clam! I find that with most palettes, I have dupes of most of the shades, but then there’s a MUST-HAVE shade in there. If I could just pick only what I wanted, that would be amazing.
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  4. Yes, cause I want to have the freedom to choose the shades I want and the finish.

  5. Tinose

    Yep, although it’s less eyeshadow palettes than it is full face palettes, for me. (I depot stuff and throw them in my Unii palette.)

    I especially love it for travel, because I can have all my favorite daily basic powder products (blush, contour, brow) as well as sufficient eyeshadow to get me through most looks, but it’s also great for quick makeup in the morning. I love having a selection of neutrals that I know make a great neutral face for me first thing in the morning, as well as a few brights if I’m in the mood for that.

  6. xamyx

    I prefer pre-fab palettes for a couple of reasons; first, it’s alot cheaper, and althoigh there is “less” product, there ia still an ample amount. Second, most palettes have “exclusive” shades, and I’ve actually bought palettes for that reason alone, even if most of the other shadea are dupeable within my stash (I obviously like those like those shades, so why not?). Finally, I typically pull a look together from one palette (except brow highlight), so having several custom palettes would be a bit annoying for me, since I’d have to figure out the most conducive way to organize them, and if it’s by color, then I’d be pulling from several palettes; if it were by most used, then I would probably just neglext the other palettes, as it would be less convenient on a daily basis.

  7. alisha

    I would like making my own palettes if there were any sort of discount involved, but that’s usually not the case. With a premade palette, you usually get a bit more for your money, whereas with making your own, you’re generally paying full price for each shadow you include. At least in my experience. It really adds up.

  8. Andie

    If it ended up being the same price then I would totally want to choose shades myself. It just always ends up being more expensive to build them yourself. I like a value packed palette. Some of my favorite shades I never would have discovered without pre-made palettes.

  9. I definitely like to customize my own palettes, but it’s not something I go for all the time. Although, I do reach for my MAC palettes a lot.

  10. Llona

    Does depotting and making own palettes count? Because I actually prefer to do that – it gives me the freedom of choosing the shades, textures and brands I want. But I do not hate ready palettes either – why chose when you can have both?

  11. I love building my own palettes, because I’m quite fair and a bit ruddy I can’t jut wear anything.
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  12. Ivana

    I prefer creating my own palette to premade palettes because most of the times, I don´t need all the colors or I don´t see myself using certain shades, finishes etc.

    Also, some of the premade palettes lack quality (hello MAC LE quads!) and I don´t want to pay the full price for, let´s say, two out of four colors. So I like systems like the Urban Decay create your own palette where I can choose all the colors (pigmentation, finishes etc) I want and I hope some of the shades from the Naked 3 will be released as single eyeshadows.

  13. I’m glad Urban Decay made the Oz palettes able to pop out the shadows. I took out the ones I didn’t like and gave them away, and filled in with my favorites. It’s nicer than the customizable palettes they sell because it has a space for a travel size eye liner.

    I like being able to create my own palettes because it seems like most palettes are over half neutrals and I almost never wear neutrals. It doesn’t make sense for me to spend $50+ on a palette where I’m only going to use 4/10 shadows.

  14. Ao

    I like to customize my own palette, but I hate all the empty palettes out there like z palette and uni because they are so uglyyy

  15. Mari Na

    Definitely doing it on my own because 99% of the time I only like one colour out of a whole palette lol

  16. Veronica

    Yep. Most high end palettes lean too warm for my complexion – particularly neutrals – so after awhile I just decided to depot my singles and some of my cheaper palettes to make my own. I actually need to get around to making another one, as the one I have right now is getting too full. :)

  17. I definitely prefer making my own! When it comes to eyeshadow I already have my favorite blending tones and highlights. That’s 2-3 colors in a most palettes already of no use to me.

  18. Astrogherkin

    I chose “overwhelming” because I am not really an eyeshadow person, so it’s better for me to pick up a couple of neutral palettes and that’s it – even though I only use a few shades from my favourites (MUA Heaven and Earth and Undressed). Or singles like Maybelline colour tattoos in On and On Bronze and Pink Gold. But I am so attracted to the Inglot colours and quality that I might try to put together a 10 pan palette. But Inglot just has so many colours that I know I’ll be overwhelmed – I already am, watching youtube videos with Inglot recommendations. Honestly if they put names on their shades, it would be a lot easier to remember them. One of the things I’m worried about is being so attracted to the beautiful, bold colours and filling my palette with them and then never use them. The other thing I’m worried about is that I don’t want to keep doing this over and over again so there’s that pressure of creating the perfect palette and not missing out the best shades that I might hear about later. I had quite a hard time filling in a 4-pan blush palette from Inglot but I think I did a good job! (There was one that was in the tester and really beautiful but unavailable, but I love them ones I have!)

  19. I have a few custom palettes, but it feels like a waste to me because I end up picking the premade palettes over the ones I chose by myself.

  20. Julie

    Just last night I spent well over an hour online putting together a 5 and 10 piece Inglot palette on Beautylish. It was great that I could choose what I wanted, but holy cow was it overwhelming!! Bonus: I ordered it last night and it arrived today! (It came from San Fran and I only live 4 hours away in Nevada, though)

  21. I love creating my own palettes for all the obvious reasons. Some say its cheaper to have a pre made palette. Actually, it’s the opposite. If you only use a portion of each company created palette that you’ve purchased, you’re spent much more money on wasted product. In trying to determine the taste of the masses, and get their money, companies attempt to creat these generically complimentary palettes. If you’re on the opposite ends of the color spectrum, (Fair and Dark makeup lovers unite!), these pre made palettes are usually a fail.

    • xamyx

      Actually, it depends on the palette. First of all, unless one just biys a palette because it’s the “one to buy” at the moment, it may be true. I have all but 2 of the Kat von D 8-pan palettes, because they were too pale for my taste, so I passed. Second, even if I don’t use every shade, it still often runs cheaper per shadow. With my Naked & Naked 2, there only about 8 shades in each I use regularly, and at $50/palette, that makes each shade around $5.50, which is considerably less than $20 each. I also view the shades I don’t care for to be an invitation to experiment with something I wouldn’t have otherwise tried on its own, like Cleopatra in the KvD Ladybird palette, or blues & greens, which have been included in many other palettes I bought years ago.

  22. Linda

    I <3 Inglot. I am addicted! I own 160 shades.

  23. Leslie

    I would love to make my own, however, I haven’t found a cost effective means of doing so. I’m going to try the makeup geek shadows for my next purchase, but would love an even more affordable option. I want about a dozen “core” shadows.

  24. Yes! I actually want to depot all of my singles and put them in a Z palette one day. I have a palette full of La Femme blushes and it’s so convenient!
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  25. kellly

    Not only do I create my own pallettes, I create my own colors, too. I like loose powder shadows and always mix up something I want using those. I did, however, covet the Naked 3 pallette because those rose gold colors are just so damned awesome and unique! I finally ordered one this morning on Sephora at 4:30 am!

  26. I absolutely love it. I have ones I put together from different brands and they coordinate perfectly to my taste. But at the same time I feel companies do a great job with a lot of their palettes. They also make them more cost effective. I honestly have more pre-made palettes than ones I put together for that reason. Not to mention, it’s really difficult for me to narrow it down. Inglot practically kills me with the near endless amount of choices.

  27. Courtney K

    They’re fun, but take some experimentation. I just made my first at Inglot and I’m really happy with the colors I chose because I can wear each alone, or apply them together.

  28. Joyce Galugbo

    I prefer to make my own palette. Pre made palette tend to really bad for women of colour/dark skin ladies like myself. I have 3x 15 mac palettes and I use 2 of the palette everyday. All the colours fit my skin tone perfectly any time of year.

  29. Yes, I have total creative freedom and they’re usually a better cost value! But sometimes other people pick out colors I would have never thought to and I end up loving them.