Saturday, May 4th, 2013

LATHER Sofian Lavender Whipped Body Creme
LATHER Sofian Lavender Whipped Body Creme

LATHER Sofian Lavender Whipped Body Creme ($22.00 for 4.0 oz.) is a Bulgarian lavender-scented body cream that comes in a squat, round plastic pot.  I’ve been using this body cream for the past couple of weeks before I slip into my pajamas and go to bed, and I really love how fast it absorbs.  It has a lighter weight to it, being a whipped cream, than a heavier body butter, but it’s not loose like a lotion.  It’s an airy body butter or cream, so it spreads well and doesn’t stick.  It absorbs quickly, and it doesn’t turn sticky.  The cream hydrates my scaly, dragon skin well (I’m horrible at committing to hydrating my body parts–face, I never skip, the rest… well…) and generally, I feel like it’s been improving the texture of my skin overall, not just when I use it.

Long-time readers will know that I love lavender-scented body products.  It’s my go-to scent for when I want to (try to) relax.  I love it on my skin, on my bed sheets, and on my pillow at night.  I don’t like it to smell too medicinal, but I don’t want it to smell too sweet or perfume-y.  I still want a natural, herbaceous quality to come through.  The lavender in this body cream is perfect; soft, elegant, and natural.  There’s no sweetness from added vanilla, but it doesn’t smell medicinal at all.  It lingers on the skin but doesn’t project, so it’s something I can smell when I’m tucked away in bed, but nobody else will smell if they come near me.


water (aqua), glycerin, carthamus tinctorius (safflower) seed oil, stearic acid, lavandula angustifolia (lavender) oil, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, butyrospermum parkii (shea butter), simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil, tocopheryl acetate, phospholipids, tocopheryl acetate, retinyl palmitate, ascorbyl palmitate, cetyl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol, ceteareth-20, dimethicone, sodium polyacrylate, tetrasodium EDTA, phenoxyethanol, caprylyl glycol, ethylhexylglycerin, hexylene glycol, triethanolamine, carbomer.

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22 thoughts on “LATHER Sofian Lavender Whipped Body Creme Review & Photos

  1. Ever since I went to Lush I’ve been so obsessed with Lavender scented anything. It helps me when i’ve had a rough week. I wish you had a picture of the actual product though. I’m obsessed with anything whipped.

  2. Erica

    We’re on the same page Christine. Lavender is my favorite herb. Its my go scent after a long and/or stressful day. I don’t like it fussy: medicinal, cloyingly sweet and full of vanilla, etc. I want vanilla in my food: desserts, smoothies and my oatmeal…not my body products! This seems nice…where did you get it?

    • This was a press sample from Lather directly, but you can buy it through for sure! I saw Amazon had it but it says 2-3 weeks (though it’s prime), HSN and for online. They also have three retail stores, but I’m not sure they’re in any larger retailers.

      There are very few lavender + vanilla scents I like; there are a few, but I definitely prefer more pure lavender.

  3. daisies

    where can this be purchased?

    • Hey Daisies! seems to be the best bet for the full product range, but I did see this particular product listed on Amazon, HSN, and!

  4. Long time readers of the comment section will know that I can’t STAND the smell of lavender! LOL! 😉 Sorry… just had to. Sounds nice but yes, lavender is one of those things that I can’t stand. Lavender and patchouli (I blame my Pacific Northwest hippy upbringing for that one). Nothing will give me a headache quite as fast as either one of those smells. Always sucks because lavender is constantly marketed as a relaxing scent. Ah well… that just means more for the people who love it 😉 xx

    • What’s your “relaxing” scent then? 😉

      • I was stumped on this so I asked Jay (who loves lavender himself) what he thought my most relax-y scent would be…

        Dusty: “Jay, you how how some people like lavender to relax? What scents do you think help me relax?”

        Jay: “I don’t know. You don’t really DO scents.”

        Dusty: “No I don’t really…”

        Jay: “You don’t really relax.”

        Haha! and :( LOL

        • LOL!

          I don’t really relax too, which is why I have to douse myself in lavender. I don’t know if it’s ACTUALLY lavender that helps at all, but I love the scent and try to focus on breathing it in… and hopefully that helps the relaxation.

  5. Ola

    This seems like something that would be crazy amazing for ashy skin in the winter.

  6. Lavender can sometime be a little overpowering for me but the way you described this scent makes me think I would enjoy it too. Thanks.

  7. Jade

    I can’t NOT moisturise my entire body each day! Once I’m out of the shower my skin feels so tight and awful until I apply moisturiser. I often think “I REALLY can’t be bothered” but I always do. I get eczema though, so moisturising does help keep it at bay.

  8. Brittany

    Lather’s flagship store is about a mile from where I live and it is WONDERFUL. Their coconut body whip is divine and I use their facial wash, lotion and sunscreen. Love it! Great products. :)

  9. Denise

    I spray a lavender flowers mist by essence of Vali on my pillows at night. Really helps me to relax and fall asleep. Sometimes I use the balm under my nose, I swear it induce calmness! I never skip moisturizer after a shower or bath! Keeps my skin baby soft.

  10. That would be migraine in a box for me. I once used a lavender scented foot cream and it made me throw up within 10 minutes :/

  11. This sounds really nice and relaxing!