Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

Temptalia Asks You

What was the last product you purchased because of a promotional image? Did it work out?
Temptalia's AnswerDior’s spring quint from Nordstrom… no, it did not!

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34 thoughts on “What was the last product you purchased because of a promotional image?

  1. Dior’s Golden Flower quint from the winter collection. I absolutely love it. It’s perfect for everyday wear. I love a good sheer palette, and that’s exactly what this is. Consequently, I am positive that this palette would be a major disappointment to many.
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  2. Bite Beauty Cashmere Lip Cream…the promo picture and the model were so gorgeous, I had to have it! I love it too, so at least it was a success.

  3. Nikki

    I never buy products based on promotional ads because I always assume the photographs are enhanced and do not truly represent the products. I buy based on swatches and reviews of the actual products.

  4. xamyx

    None that I can recall… 99.999% of the time, the *one* product that catches my eye is not actually *in* the collection, and isn’t listed anywhere. Besides, most current models just don’t stand out anymore, so I don’t really even pay much attention to promos, unless she has a similar coloring to me.

  5. Aida

    Guerlain meteorites bubble blush 02 Cherry and rouge automatique 144 Insolence and I love them!

  6. Laura

    Bobbi Brown’s Neon Pink lipstick and Cosmic Pink lipgloss from the Neons and Nudes collection. They both worked out well and I really do love them both! The lipstick isn’t quite as flattering as I’d like, but I think that’s because my lips are so pigmented so I’m still trying to figure out what would be a perfect base for it.

  7. C

    Probably Bobbi Brown’s Old Hollywood palette. It was sheer and not in an intentional way – just really poorly pigmented eyeshadows with chunks of glitter that fell out horribly..

  8. Hmm… I don’t respond much to promo images! Well, unless it’s to criticise them, or wish I could get a print for my wall cos it’s pretty! Oddly, I don’t really connect them with the product.

    Maybe Dior’s gloss in Diablotine? I think the model was wearing it in their Spring 2013 poster? Then again, it was recommended to me and then the promo image was pointed out, so maybe that’s backwards! I hadn’t noticed before that :- P
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  9. Chanel Quadrille from spring 2014 collection. I had to have it and yep it is troubled monkey and not easy to work with so I pat the shadows on wet base.. little to no blending necessary as it just kinda happens in all that powderiness LOL. Still, I totally love it and I adore the plummy/mauvey and peachy shadows.

  10. Larissa

    The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush. I’ll be finding out soon enough if it worked out, but I’m hoping it will.

  11. KaseyCannuck

    MAC and OCC promo images definitely get my attention, but I don’t purchase until I see reviews or I can see or swatch in person. I purchased Stereo Rose MSF from the Apres Chic collection, and I don’t reach for it as much as I thought I would due to the shimmer.
    Future purchases may include some Clinique blushes or Hourglass Ambient Lighting blushes. The Hourglass promo makes me want every color! Fantastic promoting there!!

  12. kurohana

    i dont know how promotional it is but annaleeandjesse, hey claire from youtube always have amazing looking hair and all they say is that they use wen so i bought wen and i love it best thing ive done for my hair

  13. Hmmm… Dior lipstick in Grege. And yes, it was worth it!

  14. Aileen

    Victoria’s Secret lip gloss in Love Affair that I bought from the semi-annual sale. I remember seeing it on an old ad with Adriana Lima.

  15. L’Oreal Blushing Sequin Colour Caresse Lipstick. The model on the ad just looked so fresh and youthful! Unfortunately, I hated the product.

  16. Clara

    Lipstick: Flat out fabulous, mac

  17. 4 of the 6 Rose blush from Anna Sui in Beautylish. Did it work out? Not sure, because they’re too dang pretty to swatch. I know I can’t tolerate the smell… they are heavily perfumed with rose, which reminds me of the rose water used to wash your hands at a Moroccan dinner. It also reminds me of an Avon perfume used commonly for little girl perfume when I was a child (late 70’s/early 80’s). The last odd memory this triggers is a friend who asked me to back away from her after I had left a Moroccan restaurant because she couldn’t tolerate that rose smell on my hands. As she explained, when she was married to her 2nd husband and living in Iraq, his father died, and apparently it is customary to douse a body in rose water at a funeral. The smell was almost a PTSD sort of trigger for her, and she was emotionally brought back to that feeling of sorrow from losing her beloved father-in-law and attending this funeral that had hurt her so much. Now, the smell makes ME think of funerals! Every time I open these 4 blush, the smell hits me in the face like a big rosy right hook and I feel nauseous. I get it, they blush have pressed roses in them and are called “rose” haha yeah, whatever. It didn’t need to reek like this. :(

    They’re still the prettiest things I’ve ever seen! I would buy the last 2 + a backup for each one if I could afford it because they’re so pretty, I want a full set to just look at and a full set to demolish in-use. :)

  18. angela

    Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush. Yesterday. Expecting the shipment next week–we’ll see…

  19. Donna

    The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Luminous Flush. Just ordered it today. I ordered it because of a wonderful promotional blog (yours) and then the notification it was available on Sephora for VIB’s. Thank you! Can’t wait to see how great it looks.

  20. Yes, it was the Loreal Magic BB Cream in medium, if you can get pass the color granules, which I do , because I smooth it out on my hand. It covered my roscea in the middle of my face just enough, and didn’t get greasy throughout the day! They always create moisturizing products for people with roscea, but what about us people with roscea that have oily skin?

  21. Alia

    Dior’s winter palettes from Nordstrom – Golden Flower and Golden Snow i think were the names…horrible…I should have waited for Christine to review them! She was spot on also about the Chanel Eclosion palette that was terribly powdery and unimpressive! I did search the world over for Guerlain Wulong powder because of your review Christine and am delighted! Now i need a backup!!!!

  22. A Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Palette – unfortunately, it did not work for me :( It was one of those products that swatched nice but was difficult to apply.

  23. I ordered 3 Hourglass Ambient Blushes today thanks to you and Sephora (lol)! I bought Radiant Magenta, Diffused Heat (vibrant poppy) and Mood Exposure (soft plum). I got such a rush when I saw them on your blog earlier. I ordered them immediately and it felt like Christmas all over again. Thanks Christine for the notice. I hope these beauties compliment my NC50 cheeks.

  24. Kat

    I can’t recall, but I know that if I am swayed by an image, it’s an image of the product, not a model. I think the Naked3 hype influenced me though, and yes, that totally worked out!

  25. Jan

    It seems as though the promos for every-other-MAC release were designed entirely for me. They mesmerize me to the point that I have to shake my head and take a step back.

    But for the Temperatures Rising Collection, I wasn’t shrewd enough. I was wowed by the bronze packaging and the ad. I do like one of the lip colors I purchased. But the eye shadow quad was almost useless. Hard lesson to learn. But I now know what works and doesn’t work for me from MAC, so hopefully, I won’t keep relearning the lesson.

  26. I’ve never bought a product that’s pictured on a model come to think of it, HOWEVER the amount of times I’ve bought a product because it’s been recommended on a blog or I’ve seen a product or a beautiful swatch on the internet is mad x
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  27. Trudy

    VG Rhianna – can’t wait to get it! Gorgeous! Comes in the mail tomorrow!

  28. charlotte

    So funny, last year i bought the Dior summer eye shadow palette because the adds were so amazingly gorgeous, and i’ve never used it since:/ just not my colors…