Saturday, January 24th, 2009

Lash Addiction is a brand all about giving you the lashes you’ve always wanted, whether they’re the ultra dramatic or just filling in sparsely lashed areas. They have over twenty different styles of eyelashes, and they’re available in drugstores nationwide for a whoppin’ $6 a pop. When you can’t afford the ever-luxe shu uemura fancy schmancy lashes, think about checking out Lash Addiction next time you’re perusing the makeup aisles at your favorite Drugstore.

Now, if only it came with a personal false lash assistant, because I completely suck at applying false lashes. I’ve tried tweezers to hold, eyelash holding devices, cutting lashes into halves, thirds… nothing seems to work out very well for me! If I had more time to waste (like an hour), I’d definitely practice more, but I simply can’t spend an hour struggling to get them on these days!

Here are some photos of other lash styles…

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26 thoughts on “Lash Addiction for Affordable False Eyelashes

  1. Thank you for this post! I was beginning to get tired of the drug store lashes with the same styles.

    Btw, for those who don’t have blonde lashes that want to change up your glue. Try DUO Dark Tone, it doesn’t leave the white residue after drying even though it states “clear”.

  2. Thanks for the heads up, it’ll be a nice reprieve from MAC lashes and other ones. I usually get these inexpensive lashes from a store called Hot Coco’s, it’s a wig and hair store and they’re all just $5 for any length or fullness but I think I’m going to look into these.

  3. Kella

    I’ll take them off your hands!! lol You should devote some time to trying them sometime.. I think you would feel it was really worth it, even if you only wear them once in a while. It changes your whole look, for the better (if done properly). I have smaller eyes like you & I think it takes more skill to apply on us.. but like I said, it’s worth it. Have you tried single lashes? They’re fantastic.

    • Kella, I swear, if I had an hour to spare, I would be so less stressed. I have too many things I should be doing that there’s no way I could justify spending an hour attempting to put on lashes :/

  4. Kella

    Oh & I LOVE all those lashes. Lovelovelove.

  5. tatiana

    I am so horrible when it comes to apply falsies. I usually have my friend do it for me and she can pop those babies in less than 5 minutes! I barely use mine but I love collecting them! I’m weird but I do practice putting them on at night time, when I have no where to go…

  6. Tanya

    Thank goodness I am not the only lash retard in the world…I have practiced for hours on end and still cannot get them on :( I have a gf who could put them on in the car (LOL not the driver) in less than two min with no mirror!! No, matter what I do or try I just cant seem to get them on….so lame because I LOVE the look of falsies.

  7. Shanel

    Where can you buy these lashes in HAWAII?!

  8. Allison

    Oh I loooove these! MAC’s never really work for me, they’re all a little severe/stiff/too intense, and Ardell’s are too subtle, but these look juuuust right. The website isn’t working for me, though, it loads but the links don’t do anything :(

    • I hope these work out for you, Allison, if you can track them down. I went to the site, too, and has the same issue :/ But they are supposed to be at major drugstores.

  9. I love the lashes as well but the site doesn’t work for me either. :(

  10. HoneyBrown1976

    I like these! But, I;m still scared to use them, lol!

  11. cloudburst

    These look really nice – I wonder if they sell them up here in Canada? I love the first pair – very Shu Uemura. I always flex & wiggle the band on mine to soften them up when I use them.

  12. Sasha

    I haven’t seen these at any major drugstores in my area yet, but I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out!

    I have a hellofa time applying false lashes too, but I’m determined to keep working on it.. but it can be quite time-consuming when you don’t have the hang of it.

  13. Betty Welch

    please tell me how to remove the false eyelashes?