Friday, July 29th, 2011

Lancome Doll Lashes Mascara

This eye-opening new mascara, which was seven years in the making, delivers this doll-lash effect in two ways. First, the cone shaped, triple patented I-conic brush provides an extremely smooth application and defines even the hard-to-reach corner and lower lashes. The bristles offer ultimate separation, making it easy to layer without any clumping. The glide-on formula is enriched with nylon powders that meticulously sculpt and curl each lash for a voluminous, jet-black finish. A combination of hard and soft waxes volumize and curl while shaping polymers lengthen. The result? An instant wide-eye look!

availability: Exclusively at Dillard’s now, nationally in September 2011

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45 thoughts on “Lancome Doll Lashes Mascara Launches

  1. I tried this last week at a Lancome counter. It gave my long lashes a lot of volume. Liked it a lot!

  2. Laura

    hi christine! i’m italian, and i’ve already seen this mascara in my city! i’m not a big fan of lancome’s mascara, have u tried this one?

  3. ANNE

    Keep on seeing this in department stores in the UK, but mascara is just not something you can have loads of on the go! Can’t wait to hear what others think of this though.

  4. Sarah S.

    I have this already, hehe. The packaging is sooo pretty! The cone shape of the wand does make it easier to get lower and inner corner lashes, but I still need to play around with this mascara a bit. So far, I have only used it this morning and I found it to be lengthening and darkening, but it didn’t bulk up and thicken my lashes as I’d hoped… I need to try it with many more coats to see if I can build up the volume, still, but I did find this separates/defines nicely and I’m glad I got it.

  5. Linda

    their promo image scares me… those models looks fake and lifeless

  6. Carolina

    Somebody went overboard on the photoshopping skills (or lack of thereof). Terrible promotion shot.

  7. Maya

    That photo is beyond creepy lol!

  8. Dee

    All the makeup companies use photoshop and usually use false lashes in mascara ads(I believe the UK is working on or has banned this. I care less about the ads and more about the product does anyone have some real input?

    • Maureen

      Yes. I would also like to hear complaints about the -product-, not about the models.

    • Red

      Well, it’s hared to focus on the product when the women who are supposed to be wearing it in the ad look so fake.

  9. Jamie

    Lancome is really bad about photoshopping, one of their ads just got banned in the UK for too much photoshopping, but I can’t wait to see if this is amazing or a complete dud.

  10. claudia

    Wow, the promo shot is scary ! Not really a big fan of lancome’s mascaras, they are just ok to me.

  11. Naz

    Wow. Someone in the photoshop department was really heavy handed. No one’s eyes are THAT white, nor is anyone’s face THAT flat. Why do they approve this advertising? I’d rather see a close up of the mascara.

  12. I love the other Hypnose mascaras, it’s the name that does it for me on this.

  13. yvette

    That ad campaign is HORRENDOUS! How did they make Daria look ugly?

    • Roo

      They’ve been practicing making Daria and their other models look like wax aliens. They might as well use mannequins in their adds because nothing in that picture is real. I’m still interested in the mascara though…Lancome has a good record with mascaras.

  14. Roshaane

    Guys…i know the pic is horrible but i got this mascara in paris 2 weeks ago and its amazingggggg..!!!
    Best mascara i have ever tried…I have naturally long and full lashes but still the depth this mascara adds to my eyes is stunning…it really does what it says…and its not at all clumpy..and seperates each lash beautifully!

  15. Sophie

    models are so photoshopped, it’s horrible..

  16. Sanne

    Wow, this is a really ugly visual!! Come on, they look dead! I even don’t wanna try, i love my Smoky Lash mascara from MUFE for ever and ever!!

  17. Joyce

    horrible photoshop, the girl on the left looks like a dragboy. And why would anyone wanna look like a doll? the promo picture itself shows how freaky that is!

  18. Rosalie Williams

    I tried this mascara and I took it back. There was nothing about it that I liked. Did absolutely nothing for my eyelashes. Lancome’s Hynose mascara is Great, but thumbs down on this one. The brush is cute.

  19. Sedasa

    The ad’s definitely got that “uncanny valley” thing going on. Creepy!

  20. Oh, the poor model in the middle (she’s the only one I don’t recognize…). Her eyes look so strange in this shot.
    It’s also well creepy that they all have the same makeup.

  21. Vicky

    How can you try on mascara? I think its not hygenic.

  22. Adelita

    Firstly, when you advertise a mascara, don’t use false lashes, you’re not fooling anybody. You want to make us to believe that you’re selling a great stuff. I’m getting sick with this thing, not only Lancôme, but many cosmetic companies using false lashes to promote their mascaras, I mean, what the hell? If you don’t have a faith in your own product, then how do we, as customers, believe in you??? Using false lashes in mascara’s ad just makes you look insecure with your own product.

    Secondly, I think it’s the eye makeup that makes this ad looks creepy, especially on Daria Werbowy, this look doesn’t compliment her at all.

    But…, despite those flaw, it’s just an ad. I personally curious with the product itself, especially w/ the brush/wand. Lancôme’s mascaras usually perform really well (but not a HG status for me, I won’t spend an extra money for every 3 months while all of my Japanese brand mascaras did the job w/ cheaper price tag).

  23. ak

    I love that Mod 60s pic for their ads. It’s very 60s early Vidal Sassoon (Peggy Moffatt).

  24. mumtaza

    Those models all look terrible to me. I hate those wigs! Sorry I usually never say anything negative but this is asking too much.

  25. Red

    Lancome, piece of advise;

    When advertising a new product, it helps if your models aren’t photoshopped so much that they look like lifeless plastic. Seeing lashes on REAL HUMAN BEINGS would not only get the point across much better, but people would be less CREEPED OUT! Thus driving off people who would have otherwised purchased your product.

    You don’t want to do that in THIS economy, do you? You WANT people to feel comfortable buying products from you not just because of your name. But because the models you use look like human beings you can relate to and NOT freaky toys that would give little children nightmares.

  26. Sabrina

    There’s something kind of Stepford-wives esque about that promo pic…

  27. Farah

    The promo image is so distractingly bad that it makes me not even want to consider buying the product!!

  28. Lancome is FAMOUS for their mascaras specifically, and anyone that has ever tried them knows that. Obviously they made up the models to look more like dolls…hence the name of the product “DOLL LASHES” come on people! Its totally part of the selling point. Get over the photoshop and try the product…you most likely wont be dissapointed.

  29. Brooke

    Can you do a review of this? Please? (:

  30. Jennifer

    I too was scared by these ads, but i purchased this today after running out of Haute and Naughty by MAC and Smokey Lash by MUFE. I tried it in the store and the formula was great if you like dramatic lashes. Love the wand as well. I would recommend trying if you love the drama!! :)