Monday, May 11th, 2009

Korres Watermelon Lightweight Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30 ($28.00 for 1 oz.) is a lightweight, tinted moisturizer. (I think the name of the product does a pretty good job of describing the product, yeah?) It’s a sheer, barely-dewy foundation that is an easy, on-the-go product. I typically use brushes/sponges to apply my foundation, but with tinted moisturizers, I tend to use my hands, as it’s the easiest method. Korres’ tinted moisturizer is incredibly thin, and it applies easily, but I find I need to apply quickly or else it dries down before I’m done.

I really liked the way the foundation makes my skin look, and I’m actually impressed that a tinted moisturizer could actually provide as much coverage as this one does. I do have post acne marks and the like, so I do have a few things I like to minimize/conceal, and Korres’ tinted moisturizer gives me a pretty even skin tone with no fuss. The product is designed to give you a medium coverage, and it definitely does so, but it feels extremely light. It feels lighter than a moisturizer, actually.

My only complaint about the tinted moisturizer is that it isn’t very moisturizing. It isn’t drying, but it doesn’t pack enough in the hydration department. I prefer to use my regular moisturizer first, let it dry, and then apply the tinted moisturizer. I have normal/combo skin, so I’m not usually super dry and rarely do I start off the day oily, so perhaps those with really oily skin would find this a great lightweight moisturizer, too.

Korres’ Watermelon Lightweight Tinted Moisturizer has the benefits of SPF30 (octinoxate, avobenzone), sheer to medium coverage, quick application, quick drying time, and it feels like you’re wearing nothing at all. It is also water-resistant with a “sweat-proof tint.” I’d say it’s pretty resistant, as it does almost feel like a tinted primer sometimes. I can’t say I’ve gone swimming in this yet, but it does wear well all day for me under regular conditions. For those concerned about ingredients, Korres doesn’t use parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, petro-chemicals, propylene glycols, ethanoomines, GMOs, or synthetic dyes.


Has anyone else tried this?

Photos of the foundation on

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72 thoughts on “Korres Watermelon Lightweight Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30 Beats Summer Heat

  1. Chloe

    I just love the way this looks on you, Christine!! Beautiful!!!! I’m impressed with the coverage considering it’s a tinted moisturizer. It definitely gives you great coverage! How would you rate this against the Laura Mercier TM? Thanks!!

    • Thanks, Chloe! It really does give me good coverage, and I didn’t think it would. I haven’t tried Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer!

  2. Nicole15

    I think Korres makes great products. I suffer from acne inflammations during those times of the month & when it flares up, I use Korres Yogurt Mask & Yogurt Cream. It is the most calming face product I’ve ever put on my face. It takes the redness out immediately & leaves my skin baby smooth. I love it. It also doesn’t clog pores or make your skin oily.

    This TM seems great & I would love to give it a go. Does it come in different shades? If so, what color have you been using for your skintone?

    • So great to hear, Nicole! I’m definitely gonna try more Korres products :)

      I use Honey Beige, I believe it is called. It’s #2, though – there are only three shades, unfortunately.

  3. Luv J

    Hi Christine! I must agree, lovely coverage and very dewy.. great for summer. May I ask which shade it is that you are wearing? Thanks for sharing another potententially must have product for me :)

  4. Aww, this looks *amazing* on you, but I’m allergic to octinoxate. Boo.

  5. Leigh

    I don’t have this particular product, but I do love Korres. I have their Thyme Honey Cream, Thyme Honey Mask (LOVE!), and Yogurt Cream. I haven’t ventured into their makeup yet

  6. Heather

    I want this even though I don’t need a tinted moisturizer.

  7. Mikki

    Hmmm, it’s a bit too shiny if you ask me!

    But you look gorgeous as always!

  8. Chelsea

    The tm looks great, but the real question is – what’s on your lips? Love it whatever it is!

  9. Wendy

    I think it looks really good! I also second Chelsea’s question, what’s on your lips?!?

  10. lisa

    I will have to buy this!

  11. lisa

    Hey christine what shade did u use?

  12. Tanya

    I loved the review and went ahead and placed an order for the lightest shade they make…I really hope its light enough :)

  13. Filipa

    what are the beautiful colors that you are wearing on your lips? they are just gorgeus 😉

  14. kelly

    I usually love Korres products but I am not a fan of this one. I tried it last summer and it made my oily/combination skin look like an oil slick within the first hour.

    • Oh no :( This is one of the few foundations I’ve tried that has kept any oiliness away for me (’cause I tend to get a bit oily towards the end of the day).

  15. liz

    i was totally going to go try it out until i just saw kelly’s response…i might still try it out and see.

    • It’s help combating my oiliness towards the end of day (normally I get it, with this I don’t), but I don’t have super oily skin all the time–just at the end of the day.

  16. Mascha

    Christine, please tell what’s on you lips, the colour is simply divine!
    I’ve been meaning to try this moisturizer for some time now, I think I’ll give it a go… so far I’ve loved all the Korres products I’ve tried.

  17. Ina

    I’ve been using that specific product for a while. I think you neglect to mention that it’s not ‘easy on the go-product’ because it’s extremely hard to apply. It has very little fluidity to it, and is virtually impossible to spread/smear on the face. I used everything I could to apply it – multiple foundation brushes, sponge and I still fill like I have to mix it with a regular moisturizer just to be able to spread it evenly on my face. It’s really not that great of the product.

    • Hi Ina,

      I’m sorry to hear that the product didn’t work out for you. I have no problems applying it! In fact, it’s totally an easy product for me to use — I’d say 30 seconds or less and I’m all done. It dries quickly, so you do have to work fast, but I squeeze a bit out on my finger, and then I apply a dab to each cheek, my forehead, and my chin. I blend and smooth it into my skin like a regular moisturizer (so I use my hands). I’m really happy with it, but I’m sorry it didn’t work well for you!

  18. Daria

    you look great! May I ask what bronzer /blush you are wearing?

  19. Dominique

    First of all, Id like to say how great that tinted moisturizer looks on you and second, thank you so much for introducing us to korres. This product looked so good I had to try it. Im a very active person and also live a healthy lifestyle, trying to do as much as I can to take care of my body. So I loved the idea that this product omits a lot of ingredients that are bad for your skin but that you would normally find in other foundations. So after trying it out I am in love! I never wore foundation everyday and this is my secret to looking my best and is my new HG. Thanks to you! :) Just thought Id let you know how much I am loving this product!

  20. AlyxVeee

    I bought this for a lighter/more natural foundation faker and was disappointed :( It was weird looking my skin (half the time it worked, other half totally wrong looking) dried fast and didn’t moisturize but seemed to keep the oil of the day in, which wasn’t cute. And it was too pink, main reason it didn’t work for me.
    I did love the coverage though! and the smell, so nice. I was sad to return this but glad it works for other people :)

    • Yeah, their shade range is pretty limited with just three :( I like Kiehl’s a lot, too, and Laura Mercier’s always get raves (but I haven’t tried it).

  21. Diane


    I agree with you: this TM dries/sets really quickly.. For me, too quickly. I also wish the had more than 3 shades! I couldn’t find a good match for my skin. Oh well!

  22. Aida

    Thanks for the review, Christine! I picked up a sample at Sephora…I am an NC30 also with MAC but when I tried to swatch Korres on me, it showed up slightly pink on me :-(

  23. SiaM

    Amazing you look gorgeous in this pics as always!!!! I was looking for a tinted moisturizer but couldn’t decide which one, so I think I will give this one a try (I really like that has spf 30) !!!

  24. Ariel

    I went out to sephora once i saw this on you and sadly, I didn’t purchase it.
    I squeezed some out onto the back of my hand, it smelled SO BAD.
    Do you think it was just the sample tube that was bad?
    Or is that scent normal?

    My hand smelled ridiculous for hours!

  25. Mello

    Your eye makeup looks incredible on you!

  26. Jennifer


    I just bought mine – it was the lightest shade – which actually is great for my skin, I find that warmer tones are better because I have imbalance skin pigmentation and this product does give great coverage, the only downside is that it does seem to dry fast so I will have to adapt to how apply the make up instead of my usually dotting round etc… ps, is it Christine in the picture ? Korres definatly gives a dewy lovely look like the above photos – also lovely eye shadow please tell where from.


    Jennifer x

  27. ee

    please help me christine!
    whats you favorite of all time makeup primer and tinted moisturizer i have normal to combinatation as well and summer is coming around the corner and i need to get some essentials;] thank you

  28. rachel

    i was wondering what the regular conditions would be for every day wear? im going to asia in the summer and it is hot. like humid, sticky hot. do you think it would stand up to that, along with major sweating that will ensue.

  29. elle

    I have tried this product and I absolutely love it!! it is true that you really need to work very fast to apply it but it is worth it!
    I have gone swimming wearing this and I was very impressed because it stayed on perfectly and provided coverage and high protection! I actually now save it just for going to the beach!

  30. Steph

    hey there!

    saw some reviews on the ole youtube about this moisturiser (i’m from australia) so i went and bought it today

    few questions: when she first put it on me for a trial it looked really nice at the start then by the time i got to my car it was oily and sticky.

    i washed it off and tried again without the primer on it and it works out a bit better but is your moisturiser left feeling not as smooth as your skin? like i know that because it has the tint on it, it’ll be a bit thicker but it feels almost .. sticky? and i’m scared of touching my face in the event that i’ll smudge or have it come out on my hand (which some has already!)

    let me know what you think or if its just me :p

    ps: you look gorgeous!

    • Steph

      pps: it also looks a tad cakey on my face .. maybe it’s because i’m not used to having anything but a clear moisturiser on my face

      i normally use clinique dramatically different gel so maybe that’s why it feels so smooth and nice on my skin.

      anyway, i’m rambling hehe

    • Hmm, did you use any moisturizer beforehand? I don’t find it moisturizing enough to skip regular moisturizer!

  31. gina

    Hi ! I was wondering is the color range is good, because I have pretty fair skin (nw15-nw20 in summer!).
    Thanks :) xxx

  32. sarah

    what shade did you use?

  33. Sigourney

    Hi Christine, I was wondering if you’ve tried the Wild Rose foundation? I would love to know what you think of it.

  34. Milly

    I have this product and actually found that I didn’t like it at all!
    I find it dries so fast on my skin that I dont get chance to blend it. My skin is on the dryer side though so maybe thats why…its also kind of sticky.
    On the plus side, this matches me perfectly! I am an NC20 and use the lightest shade.
    I think this product would suit people with oiler skin better than it would dry skin. It’s also perfect for those with a warmer undertone.

  35. wengie

    I totally adore all your reviews and posts. I think I’m going to purchase this product, I’m an NC 20/25 should I purchase #1 or #2?
    btw. I love your lipgloss!

  36. Rikki

    I know this post is from a long time ago… but wow! what r u wearing on ur eyes??? i absolutely love it!