Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Both Nordstrom.com and MACCosmetics.com has Kitty Kouture up for your purchasing pleasure :)

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31 thoughts on “Kitty Kouture Available for Purchase!

  1. yeah.. $90 for a compact?? aren’t we in a recession?

  2. “Exclusively for the Hello Kitty Kouture collection: a polished silver Sheer Mystery Powder compact featuring Hello Kitty outlined in white Swarovski crystals with a pink crystal bow”

    You’re paying for the compact, not the makeup.

  3. Eww! Totally not loving what they did with HK’s nose! Couldn’t they have just left out all the white crystals around the pink one?

  4. Sheila

    Apparently its refillable, so I guess that makes it slightly better. I think I’m going to get it with this year’s tax return money, haha

    • jenn

      but they don’t sell refills, only the one refill it comes with andno other powders fit in the compact

      • Sheila

        It refills with the MAC Pro Blush apparently, not the actual powder. And for the price you are basically paying for the compact, not the actual powder. I’m a huge HK nut, so the compact is a must-have.

  5. christina morales

    What is the powder supposed to do exactly?

  6. Cece

    I was gonna cave in and buy it but…I really think i’ll just save up for the much better collections that are coming out over the next two weeks. I dont need another setting powder anyway! YAY ME 😀

  7. Christy

    Bought both dazzleglasses and compact online! =)

  8. Kayc

    I think I’ll pass on the Kouture.. I have bills to pay and I’m not willing to spend $110 CAD on a compact and $33.50 CAD on a dazzleglass lol

  9. Ashley

    Where did you see it’s refillable? I keep looking for refills to justify buying this–and I can’t find it anywhere!

  10. Liz

    I wanted both of the dazzleglasses, but I changed my mind. I’ll just wait for Double Dazzle :)

  11. victoria

    if it’s the same size compact as the last one,monogram i think, it’s refillable for the same small size powder that it comes with. unlike the stylistics compact, the pan is the same size as blot powders and studiofix powders.i’m totally passing hk couture anyway. the powder is soft and finely milled but i don’t like the smell. for some reason, i sense a scent from select sheer powders and some blushes,mystery powders has the same scent i dislike. and it’s just a powder, not worth paying $90.

  12. Jennifer

    According to a live chat on Mac Canada, threre are no refills but it can hold the Mac Pro blush refills.

  13. You say tomato, I say hell to the no I’m too poor to even look at this.

  14. Liana

    Does anyone have swatches from any of the powders? Im buying it online and i dont know what colour to get. the pale ivory looks like it has no colour to it?

    I phoned mac and they do come with a refil and you can put a macpro blush in it.

  15. Tekoa

    I’m tempted to get the compact but dang, I can’t spend $110 right now. I’ll have to make do with a Dazzleglass.

  16. Deirdre

    I got mine 2 weeks ago, and there is a refill inside when you get it. Yes it’s pricey and you can’t use your Pro Card on this, but she’s so cute.

  17. michelle

    As much as I want something from this collection I am straight up broke. And for the price of one Dazzleglass, I’d rather get 2 Lipglasses from the Hello Kitty (non Kouture) Collection.

    For $90, I’d rather go to a concert. 😉

  18. __KiTTY

    The regular HK compact w/ her face engraved on it is way cuter than this Kouture one !

  19. ashley

    Ok–but I don’t have a pro card. How would I buy the refillable blush to fit into there? I don’t want it to go to waste when the powder runs out.

    • Sasha

      You don’t need a Pro card to purchase the Pro products. You can go to any freestanding MAC Pro store, or you can phone in your purchase via the MAC Pro website. =)

  20. Sasha

    Originally I was super excited about the Kitty Kouture, but I can’t get over the price. I don’t care how many Swarovski crystals they stuck on it.

    (My birthday is in a few days though…)

  21. Gabby

    I just order the compact can’t wait to get it! But I wonder how big it is? Does anybody know? Thanx

  22. niknik

    $110 CAD on a compact? No thanks :(
    I love Hello Kitty… but not this much!

  23. meechi204

    i seriously thought of getting the compact at 110$ CAD, but i realize i could buy so much more with that money. but i still really want it but the price tag is what bothers me.