Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

Temptalia Asks You

What kind of samples do you like to receive with an order? Share!

Temptalia's AnswerI usually skip samples, because they just accumulate and I never reach for them, but of all the kinds available, the ones I like most are perfume. I like travel-sized skin care, too, but you rarely see true travel-sizes as samples!

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63 thoughts on “What kind of samples do you like to receive with an order?

  1. I like eyeshadows and perfume. For the reason you said, perfume samples are great for travel. I just wish I had a better selection to choose from!
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  2. Travel-sized skincare! I travel a lot so those things are handy.

  3. I just like samples that are actually big enough for you to USE lol. I mean you can’t really test something out if there’s not even enough of it to use it.

    • Exactly! A “single use” foil packet isn’t generally enough of the product to be able to know if you like it, if it will work well for you or if it will irritate your skin/cause breakouts or a reaction.

  4. Carrie

    Mascara, because I can easily use them up and swap ’em out at the “recommended” date to throw them away :)

    Otherwise, I generally skip them, though I have also liked some nail polish samples I’ve gotten in the past!

    • Kat

      Yes! Forgot to mention that. I love travel-sized mascaras. In fact, I usually won’t buy a mascara that doesn’t come in travel size for that reason.

      • xamyx

        Every one I’ve ever gotten, whether as a GWP/PWP, as a sample, or a “kit” has been dry and/or crusty, with the exception of Lancôme…

  5. I’ve learned to just skip the samples altogether unless it’s a skincare item I’m interested in.
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  6. I like the single use facial cleansers and face lotions, because they’re perfect for a weekend trip. If they don’t have something I really want I choose no samples.

    Urban Decay is nice because they often have great deluxe free samples. I recently got a mini eye liner, mini lipstick, and travel size setting spray from them.
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  7. Mel

    I’m very disappointed with how they are making perfume samples right now… The last ones I got (from Burberry and Gucci) were just a tiny piece of wet wipe… Miss the perfume vials, that would allow you to use the fragrance a little bit so you could be sure about liking it (or not).

    • I have a TON of perfume samples from Sephora, but they’re all in the little glass vials. I’d hate it if they came in tiny wipes or even those ones where there’s some some tiny bits of powder behind a flap.

  8. Teri

    I prefer skincare samples and the occasional makeup ones but most of the time they’re gone before I can nab them.

  9. Ky

    I like lipstick samples the most. It’s a good way to see if a color works on you and they usually last quite a while!! I’m still using up that urban decay lipstick color card from last summer or fall when their new line came out. Sephora has samples of the new dior fluid stick lippies on their site right now and it’s making me want to buy something just so i can get it!

  10. I like mascara samples a lot. Mascara is so personal it’s nice to test beforehand!
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  11. Lip stuff, mascara, primers, and fragrances I might actually like and haven’t tried yet–no florals!!
    I give haircare to my mom, ignore almost all skincare, and most powder samples are just a turnoff because of how tiny they are, just a dusting of powder stuck to a piece of paper! (The exception is an Anastasia brow powder duo sample, which I was able to swatch without completely depleting.)

  12. Lizzi

    Mascara’s cuz I get so many sample ones of them I don’t have to buy a big one. Plus it’s more hygienic. And perfume samples, cuz I don’t like to travel with a full size bottle of my perfume. I just pack 2 or 3 of those and I’m good.

  13. Kat

    Haha, I never use my samples either, but I’m a makeup packrat so I still love ’em. I will occasionally use eyeshadow primer samples actually, so I guess that’s the answer to the question.

    Christine, I have a totally unrelated question just because I recently wondered and I thought you were most likely to know: Do you know what sort of fiber is used in MAC’s synthetic brushes? Anyone else is welcome to answer too of course. Please and thank you!

    • Kat

      One peeve though, I think samples and freebies should be universal. For example, right now at Ulta, you’ll be given a deluxe sample of Too Faced Chocolate Soleil with a TF purchase of $30+ (I think it’s $30). I now have three since I happen to have bought three separate Too Faced products in the last week and a half, and they’re useless to me! I’m way too fair for bronzer. Waaay too fair.

      I don’t know, I just feel like that’s not fair since it doesn’t include everyone, but maybe I’m just bitter!

    • No idea what they call their synthetic material!

  14. I love perfume samples the most! sometimes face or eye primers are also good for travelling.
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  15. I like travel-sized make-up and skincare, but only if I’d actually use them.

    On another hand, I buy loose eyeshadow samples like a madman, because they take the least amount of space, which means I can have a large variety in my eyeshadow selection even while living out of my suitcases. 😛

  16. Quinctia

    Minis all the way. Urban Decay’s pretty good about offering them somewhat regularly. And Ulta often does minis as Gifts with Purchase during their howevermany Days of Beauty. Actually, I bought a Tarte palette at an actual store during that promotion period, got the Tarte GWP (a lipsurgence, and a small container of powder), and they threw a full size leave in conditioner in my bag.

    I don’t mind packets/sachets of a few types of products…primers come to mind, the occasional moisturizer. When I order stuff from Korea, I’ll often get some BB cream ones, too…which can come in handy if I wait too long to order a BB cream replacement and I’m completely out waiting for the next to ship from Korea.

    I HATE fragrance samples. Most commercial perfumes make me sick. I have to go through catalogs and magazines and rip out all the perfume sample inserts, too.

  17. I like to try skin care products, for eyes and face,
    especially those wich are too much pricy for only 15ml or 30ml.
    With some samples, in my mind i accept better the overpriced product.
    And i like to keep some of my favourite skin care products in sample form for travels.

    But i received too much perfums.
    They are travel friendly but i’m not easy with perfums,
    i dont like most of them.
    I aske sometimes a sample of my favourite perfume, also for travels.
    But most of the time it doesnt make me feel more happy to receive random perfums.



    • Also foundation samples ! It’s a nice way to try different shades at home and make my decision by seeing it under différent lights (indoor, out door, shadow, sun, night, etc…). I dont totaly trust the lights in the shops.

      But most of the time they only have 1 shade as sample. In some shops they have some sample containers and can put a little bit of product from the tester.
      When i see that the tester is a pump bottle, i feel more safe to try the product.
      If the tester is in a pot, i’ll refuse.


  18. I like perfume, and if there’s a mini lipstick in the offing (once in a blue moon?) I’m so there 😀

    However, in these parts, samples only come with GWPs unless you butter up the right MUA… 😉
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  19. I ADORE samples and have discovered so many great items via samples (so maybe it’s not such a great thing….?). I like the kinds that are more than just a foil packet. The Point Perk “samples” (do they count as “samples”) are a perfect example – they’re usable sizes with enough product in them to be able to tell if you really like the product or not. Some that come to mind that compelled me to purchase the full size are Alterna Caviar CC Cream for Hair, Bobbi Brown mascara, Philosophy Purity Made Simple, Ojon Restorative Hair Serum (the small bottle I have is still going strong and I’m keeping it to refill for travel from the full size I bought as a result of loving it so much). All of these smaller but still usable samples are perfect for travelling. So, I guess I’d say skin and hair care. I’m pretty particular about fragrance, even when travelling, so would rather purchase a small bottle or roller ball of the fragrance I like rather than something that was a “freebie”.

  20. MINI MASCARAS! I always ask for those if there are any! Also skincare samples that I actually am interested in trying, but a lot of the times those end up in my “to-give-away” bin.

  21. I really love perfume samples because they tend to broaden my horizons where perfumes are concerned. I tend to get stuck on one or two notes, and then only look for those. There have been quite a few perfume samples that have surprised me into actually purchasing the scent. I also love primer samples, they seem to be one makeup sample that actually give me a good impression on the product.

  22. StrangeOne

    Perfumes for sure. A dab here and a dab there and you smell expensive without paying a cent.

  23. KaseyCannuck

    I like the primer, TM, and foundation samples. For me it’s a good way to see how something feels and looks after a few hours, which no one can tell by a swatch on the back of a hand.

  24. Alix

    Color cosmetics. I never used the perfume ones, I have my own favorites. But I’m always up for trying new colors.

  25. I love perfume samples! I like skincare samples too when they come in travel sizes versus packets. I hate the little packets
    fancie Recently Posted: Fancie Faves

  26. Daniela

    I like samples of mascara and shampoo!

  27. I honestly like anything besides fragrance – those usually wind up in the trash for me. But I have yet to receive any samples that I have actually chosen with an order. Sephora always sends me a bunch of random ones that aren’t what I picked out haha.

  28. Perfume and skin care samples as well. :)

  29. Something you can use more then once. I agree love travel size samples as you can get a weeks trial out of them. Mini blushes and eyeshadows as well.
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  30. Cyndi c

    Unless it’s something I already use, I skip skincare samples. You never get enough in a packet to give it a good test. Foundation samples are always too dark. My faves are hand and/or body lotion and mascara.

  31. Laura

    Perfume! I hate buying perfume because everything kinda smells the same to me and I can’t even imagine finishing any perfume.

  32. Deluxe size ones of things I use, need, or am interested in trying.

  33. kurohana

    travel sized skinscare, the travel sized mascara is nice too. I don’t like perfume samples mostly because i dislike every sample I’ve ever received, plus sometimes they leak onto the other samples which irritate my skin

  34. Stacey Hansen

    Masks for face & hair are my absolute favorite followed by generous petite tubes of lip products.

  35. My personal favorites are mini mascaras. I almost like them better than regular sized ones because the shorter wands give me better application control, and there’s usually enough of the formula to gauge whether I like it.

    I don’t get too amped up over most other samples, but I never turn them down with my order. My mom comes to visit pretty frequently, and I keep all of my samples in a jar in our guest room for her to dig through. It gives her a little thrill. :)

  36. Sophia B.

    mini lipstick tubes (adorable and actually useful!)
    mini mascaras (ditto)
    perfume (if it smells nice! ;p)

  37. Lee

    I’ll only select a sample if it’s a skin care product that sounds interesting. I have a whole box of perfume samples I’ve never gotten around to using and probably never will so I don’t need any more. And things like foundation samples are never in a color I couldactually use.

  38. Nikki J

    I like lipstick and lipgloss samples because they allow me to test different colors and formulas before investing my hard earned money.

  39. I (almost) always skip samples. I’m happy with my skincare and don’t care about random crappy skincare samples. Foundation saples are always too dark, I’m never intetested on the fragrance samples I’m offered. Lipstick samples always have the wrong shades. Mascara samples can be okay except when they have those tiny wands. I do like deluxe samples of primers and eyeshadows, but those are so extremely rare!

    Ooh, and I have to share a pet peeve even though it wasn’t really a question. I HATE when some random cologne is thrown in with my order. I’m not a man, I DON’T WANT IT!

  40. I like getting perfume samples. I’ve starting collecting the paper packaging they come in. lol I have a bunch, and I throw one in my bag if I’m running somewhere. I’m still trying to find a ‘signature scent’ so it’s a good way for me to test them out.

    I don’t know why anyone would say no to free samples! Even if it’s one I don’t want, I still either give it to someone who might like it, or I’m starting to collect them and I might sell them on eBay lol

    I also like mascara samples. I keep a mini-travel one in my car for touch-ups on the go.

  41. Deborah

    I usually skip samples as well – too bad they don’t offer small samples of lipstick, etc. Now that I would go for.

  42. CKG

    Perfume, definitely, because I love perfume and it’s nice to try them out to see if you’d like to purchase a full size.

  43. Hannah

    I love getting samples, oddly enough theyre my favorite part of buying makeup online. I prefer getting skincare and hair ones the most. About once a week I’ll go through my pouch of samples and find something fun to use, even if it’s only a single-use type of thing.

  44. LU

    I like face masks, or cleansers.

  45. Mascara and foundation for sure – mascara because it lasts so long, and foundation because it is one of the only products that I feel very strongly about testing before buying.
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  46. Trudy

    Makeup samples esp lippies and mascara. Hard to come by though.

  47. I love deluxe skincare samples!

  48. Mar Cgb

    Cream (face, eyes etc.)

  49. Tamara

    Definitely fragrance so I can give it a fair trial to see how it settles on my skin and to see if I still love it after a couple of days. These samples really do influence my purchasing decisions. I also like body lotion samples so I can see whether they really moisturise and whether or not they will feel too sticky on my legs throughout the day. Bath products and shower gels are also good.

  50. Vera

    Facial cleansers and moisturizers. I always can use moisturizers on my neck and décolleté area:)

  51. issy

    I like most samples. If skincare the bigger the better. I like oils too and perfume vials off course. I like to try them one by one. However my favorite is one that I never use: a mini -micro blush by “The Balm” that I carry in my handbag “just in case” together with other minis I have received like sample mascaras and pencils

  52. I like perfume samlpes, but only if it’s enough to use more than once like the little vials, because you can take them for travelling or weekend sleepovers etc. Same goes for skin care but there I often have the problem that I can’t use them anyway because they contain silicone, so i often keep them and ad them as goodies when I sell something on ebay. I also like mini lipsticks because they actually last quite long, but I’m not a fan of lipgloss or lipstik that comes in these plastic bubbles because even though you could use them more than once you can’t close them properly after opening the foil.
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  53. Perfume and skincare!
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  54. AbigailOD

    Perfume and skincare for me, too!

  55. I would also like to have travel sized skincare or mini eye makeup kits.. :)