Thursday, July 8th, 2010

Just Playing:  MAC In the Groove & Togetherness

I wanted to do something quick using the new In the Groove products for something for lip swatches (which I didn’t end up using, LOL), and this is what I ended up with.

You will need the following…

For eyes, start by applying Smudgeproof as your eyeshadow base all over the eye area with the 249. Using the 239, apply Togetherness (lilac) eyeshadow on the inner third of the lid and pull upwards along the inner crease. Lightly blend Fresh & Easy (pink) eyeshadow on the middle of the lid with the 239.   On the outer lid, apply Togetherness (gray) eyeshadow with the 239 and blend into the crease.  Next, apply Togetherness (violet) eyeshadow into the crease with the 226.   Lightly blend Togetherness (lilac) eyeshadow on the inner tearduct and above the crease with the 239.  Blend Brule eyeshadow with the crease shade and highlight the brow bone. Bring everything together by applying #11L eyeliner on the lower lash line. Finish by sweeping lashes with Haute & Naughty Lash mascara.

For cheeks, apply a swirl of Band of Roses blush on the apples of the cheeks and sweep upwards towards the temple with the 116, then lightly pat By Candlelight mineralize skinfinish on the cheekbones.

For lips, apply I Like It Like That lipstick first, and then layer On the Scene cremesheen glass for a complementing lip.

Check out more photos!

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105 thoughts on “Just Playing: MAC In the Groove & Togetherness

  1. Laia

    The only thing I don’t dig of this look is the lipstick. It’s too light and cold imo… I’d switch it for a coral or a ‘barely-there’ color. For the rest, chapeau! :)

  2. Andrea

    This is so soft and pretty!!!

  3. Kelly

    You applied the trio ‘dry’ over the NARS base?

  4. Jihae

    I like it like that! LOL
    I’m gonna get that lipstick. This is the date! So excited!

    Thanks, Christine.

  5. Jennifer

    This looks great on you! Very nice

  6. LuvJ

    Lovely, lovely, lovely! After reading your post, video, swatches and overview of every In The Groove product late last night, I was thinking to myself — poor Christine, her face must be raw from removing makeup and putting a new layer on with every swatch.. not to mention for every time you put a new lip product on! My skin and lips would’ve been so raw and chapped!! BUT we do thank you for it 😉

  7. Lisa

    This is pretty whether you were just playing or not good combo. I hope you do more, I am still confused on what to get. But I have some ideas.

  8. Kai

    I really like this look, because it’s sort of soft and almost angelic!
    I’m hoping to pick up the togetherness duo!

  9. Rosa Napoleon

    You look fabulous. I wonder if that pink would show up on my dark skin. I think I might use NYX Milk Jumbo pencil as a base when I try this look out.

  10. Hilana

    I love love love the eyes. Stunning. I think it would suit me too!!!!

  11. Marissa

    I love the cheeks in this look! That highlighter/blush combo really makes the look. Gorgeous! :)

  12. This look is so pretty Christine, your just gorjuz in these shades

  13. Steph


  14. AshleyMelissa

    Woohoo… Just bought stereo rose and jazzed! Haven’t tried on either and I’m an NC42 so I hope it looks good!!! Lol

  15. Ashleigh

    This looks gorgeous on you! I’m going to have to give it a try. So pretty 😀

  16. This whole look suits you so well! You look really pretty ;)The blush looks amazing on you!

  17. rachel

    really really lovely!

  18. Elyse


    I just started collecting MAC products. I am always fascinated by their limited edition collections. However since I am a beginner collector (and user) do you think I should lay off the LE products and work on using the permanent collection? Just need a personal opinion! thankyou :)

    • Hey Elyse,

      It’s really up to you – it’s really what *you* like! I’d say maybe a mix, but I don’t think it matters if it’s just you using them!

  19. I love the cheeks…but MSFs don;t work so well for me…Love the colors and sheen!

  20. looks beautiful gladly MAC finally improved their mineral e\s but still not getting them =( of & gorgeous lip combo

    • They’re very subdued, but I’d love to see them use this new formula with some brighter shades in the future. Maybe in Octoberish.

  21. eva

    hi! why dont you use a dark eyeliner on your top lash line? imho your looks are very pretty but lack definition, specially the ones with bold colors. great to see how the shadows look.thanks

  22. Shannon

    Looks terrific! How do you get the shadow/liner to not smudge or fade from your lower lash line? I use TFSI and it just doesn’t seem to work well for me…so I don’t bother lining my lower lashes or mascara either.

    • Thanks a lot, Shannon! :)

      Hmm, I’ve never had a problem with it, TBH. Do you use MUFE/UD liners? Those are primarily the ones I use.

  23. Love this. How do you like the NARS eyeshadow base? I got a sample of it from Sephora today.

  24. Ryan

    Do you think the chillin glass would look good over this lipstick? I was thinking that its sheer enough and they are both cool toned.

  25. Brooke

    GAH! Now I’m mad I didn’t pick this one up too!

  26. hellochristina

    I’m so glad you are the same skin tone as me (and pry alot of other people!) It’s so easy for me to follow this blog, this look is so pretty on you!

  27. Barbara

    I really like this look! And you look beautiful, as always! :)

  28. Jody

    It’s because of you that my colored eyeliner collection is growing so much!!
    I just had to order Deviant with my Naked palette from UD (love, btw!!!!!!)
    Now I may have to order this MUFE liner to go with Togetherness.
    It is so much more fun to wear such bright colors. I personally love just the lower lash line. I think your eyes look so incredibly open, and I have started only bottom lining.

  29. amy

    I am loving the lilac lips, it makes me want to bring out Fashion Mews again.

  30. Maya

    Well, I Had no intentions to buy it… but now I Must!
    What do you think, it will look good on green eyes?

  31. hey christine – so I went to go swatch the Together eyeshadow trio (along with everything else I got) and I loved your swatches but I was really disappointed with its pigmentation. It was a brand new display too, I was wondering how you got your swatches to go on so heavily? I know half of them are done wet, but I couldn’t match the same pigment level as your dry swatches. I really love the trio I just don’t know if its worth it.
    Also I’m really considering going back for Band of Roses blush – wanna convince me its worth it? lol Thanks!

  32. I absolutely love this look, especially the lips! This is a bit unrelated, but a friend said she saw you at Valley Fair today! SO jealous. :)

  33. Dollymix8

    Love it! Look really pretty!

  34. Sara


  35. Tamara

    this look is unbelievable wonderful!
    you’re such a beauty!

  36. Evelyn

    i like the lips!
    this should be named together in the groove or in the groove together :p

  37. Sass

    Lovely Christine! And also lovely on NC50s as well. Don’t sleep on this one women of color. :)

  38. Iolanthe

    Hmmm…beautiful colours, and beautifully applied as always :) Not entirely sure about the combination, though – is it just me, or is the stark coolness of both the eyes and the lip colour a little too much?

  39. Sharon M

    Very pretty look, and you are SUCH an enabler — this just makes me want to get Togetherness even more because those shades would get a lot of use from me. 😛

  40. ria

    love the looook esp the lips combo.

  41. Kimberly

    Beautiful look Christine.. I was wondering if I like it like that and Band of roses are must haves for a NC42.. I already own Dollymix and Desert Rose.

  42. Lizz M.

    I’m really liking this combo on you! And seeing this totally confirms me getting Togetherness!

  43. Mel

    This is definitely my favorite look that you’ve done, Christine. You look so beautiful in blue-pink lipsticks!

    And I definitely need to commend you on all of your hard work. I’m basically obsessed with your blog, and you have always had a great positive voice behind the makeup community, even since the good ol’ LJ days (hey, I still go on there!). You handle the madness of each collection so wonderfully, and I just want to give you a HUGE thank you for helping us beauty addicts with everything. :)

  44. PJ

    gorgeous! i got the by candlelight and it is pretty. i sometimes wonder if it looks too much like the shell pearl beauty powder?

    this may be a dumb question, but what is your process for wetting the brush? do you dip it in water or spray something on the brush???

    • Thanks, PJ!

      Kind of, but they have a different finish – I’d also say By Candlelight is a bit pinker.

      I just spray my brush with a little water or dribble water on the back of my hand, then dampen the brush – then pick up product.

  45. Cynthia

    What is the benefit of mineralized/baked eye shadows and blushes over powder eye shadows and blushes? I’ve never used any of the mineralize products, and was wondering if it was worth it since they seem like they would break a lot easier.

  46. angel

    Video please christine? This is so beautiful..

    So unfortunate I can’t get the products u used for this video..
    My country’s mac store doesn’t have the priviledge to receive limited collection..
    How I wish I live in the states..

  47. coco

    wow i ahh every time i look at this look is their a video

  48. Nice soft Feminie look for daytime