Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Items of Intrigue, Vol. 002

These five products made me look twice this week–I’d love to hear any thoughts from you if you’ve tried any of them!

  • Dior Mitzah Panther Eyeshadow ($90.00) is sure topping the charts on pricey collector items for beauty enthusiasts. You won’t see me succumbing to it at that price (I’ve not generally into animal prints!), but inevitably, I am intrigued by it and how it actually works in real life.
  • NARS Concealer ($22.00) has relaunched (which we posted about a week or two ago), though I’ve never tried any NARS concealer (at least, not that I can remember).
  • Jo Malone Wild Bluebell ($110.00) is the latest scent for Jo Malone, and the name sounds so pretty. I’m curious to see what it smells like!
  • Kate Somerville True Lash Eye Makeup Remover ($35.00) makes me go, “Huh?” I’d like to know how anything that’s used to remove your makeup (e.g. applied and removed within a rather short time frame) is going to produce any long term results. If you use it to remove makeup, how much of it remains? The product stumps me!
  • Trish McEvoy Power of Tools ($245.00) is a full-sized brush set featuring numerous Trish McEnvoy brushes. I’m guessing it’s new in time for the holidays! I have no experience with her brushes, so I wanted to see if any of you lovely readers did! Not that I’m seriously considering purchasing it; I just don’t think I’d kick out that much change for a brush set. I’m more inclined to purchase a couple of brushes in shapes/sizes/styles I’d for sure use or would complement the brushes I already own!

What new (or old!) products have caught your eye recently?

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27 thoughts on “Items of Intrigue, Vol. 002

  1. John

    Yeah the Dior palette looks beautiful! But it’s definitely a collector’s item as the design doesn’t make application very easy and after seeing swatches on another beauty blog, the shades certainly aren’t the most pigmented ones around. But still, the design is fantastic.

    As for the NARS concealer, I remember reading that you don’t even bother with concealer, Christine. Still, I guess you can be “intrigued” nonetheless. xP

    Now of course, you know me, I have to make a few comments about the Kate Somerville product. You knew that this was coming. Muahaha <<<>> :]. Teehee.

    • John

      Yep just like I thought, the entire post was not shown. Here it is.

      Yeah the Dior palette looks beautiful! But it’s definitely a collector’s item as the design doesn’t make application very easy and after seeing swatches on another beauty blog, the shades certainly aren’t the most pigmented ones around. But still, the design is fantastic.

      As for the NARS concealer, I remember reading that you don’t even bother with concealer, Christine. Still, I guess you can be “intrigued” nonetheless. xP

      Now of course, you know me, I have to make a few comments about the Kate Somerville product. You knew that this was coming. Muahaha. That’s my evil laugh in case you didn’t know. xD

      At first glance, the ingredient list looks more like one for a well-formulated toner rather than one for an eye makeup remover. However, on closer inspection, there are some mild detergents squeezed into there like isohexadecane and polysorbate 20. Other than those two ingredients, none of the other ones function much as a detergent. However, Vaseline (or petroleum) is a well-known makeup remover and that’s definiteyl not a detergent (it’s an emollient), so the other emollient ingredients could potential function the same way. So I can’t tell if this product will actually remove long-lasting and waterproof mascara/products like Kate Somerville claims; you’ll have to try that yourself.

      Now as I was saying, this product can definitely be mistaken for a well-formulated toner because it contains silicones (caprylyl methicone), emollients (glycerin, evening primose oil, avocado oil), and a variety of excellent water-binding agents (sodium PCA, urea, sodium hyaluronate, and many others). On top of that, it contains good anti-inflammatories (aloe and chamomile extracts) as well as a few well-chosen antioxidants (green tea and rose hip oil). There is a tiny amount of eyebright extract and fragrance, which of course are known irritants, but they are in such small amounts that they should not have too large of an effect on the skin, not to mention, there are so many fantastic ingredients present. Anyways, I was quite honestly shocked when I saw this ingredient list, because I expected something more along the lines of Somerville’s wildly popular, but poorly formulated ExfoliKate. Depending on how well this sits and soaks into the skin, I’d say that this product would be better positioned as a toner, because God knows that Kate needs a good toner in her line, because this one could be it, albeit an expensive option, but nonetheless a good one. You don’t need to spend this much ($35 for 1.7 ounces) for a good toner.

      Finally, as to the “creating visibly fuller lashes” claim, surprisingly this could be true. The active ingredient, myristoyl pentapeptide-17, has been included in several patents as an alternative to the famous Latisse. However, because it is relatively new and does not have a lot (or any) independent, peer-reviewed research, only time will tell if this product is actually good for the lashes, and what side effects may exist. So that’s it, it has potential, but isn’t the gold standard that is Latisse.

      So now the question is, even if this ingredient is effective (which is unproven), how effective can it really be, being that it’s in a type of cleanser and like Christine said, only in contact with the skin for a very short period of time? Well the formulation does includes a few film-forming agents like polyquaternium-51 that will coat any surface that this product touches, which in this case, would be your lashes and your eye area. The additional layer coating your lashes may allow for product penetration. However, because of the wiping motions (with a cotton pad/round/square) that you would typically employ with these types of removers, that coat could be partially or completely wiped away before the active ingredient has done anything. Not to mention, depending on the order of your routine, if you wash off your face makeup after, the water and cleanser that you use could further dilute and/or remove this “coating. So it’s definitely a mixed bag of pros and cons in regards to this particular apsect. I’d stick with Latisse, mascara, and/or false eyelashes if you want actual results.

      If you read through all the Christine, give me a happy face. :] Teehee.

  2. I own several Trish McEvoy’s brushes….bought them in 1998 timeframe….right when they were made in the USA…Her brushes were touted to be thicker and to shed less….I still own these brushes. Once these companies start getting popular, they start to manufacture stuff overseas like China, Korea etc…then I stop purchasing. Her brushes were not cheap back then…about $30 a brush. $245 is a cheap price considering how many items you get. Her products were the “hit” items back in those days where you stack her makeup in a binder and carry it….Makeup is a fad….brands come and go….and unfortunately, I am a sucker for the latest slice of the trend….my makeup should be in a museum.

    • Hilary

      i must have had those that are made in china because mine shed.. not a lot but the occasional hair falls out.. got mine about 2-3 years ago.. and shedding is mainly on the blush,bronzer or powder brush..

      i use bronzer brush, sheer blush brush, powder brush and all the eyeshadow laydown and precision smudge
      all of them feel soft

      angled crease contour is a bit rubblish, i never use that

      is it worth spending so much on? i’m not sure since i don’t use MAC or sigma brushes so i can’t compare.. these brushes cost so much that i feel somewhat guilty not using having bought them..

  3. Sarah M

    NARS’ concealer used to be my absolute favourite. I just rediscovered the old formulation a little while back and found myself wondering why I had ever stopped using it. I also just tried the new formulation a couple of days ago and OMG! – it’s amazing! I love, love, love it.

  4. I got the Jo Malone Wild Bluebell last week. It really fades on me after a short time unlike my other Jo Malone scents. I got the small $55 bottle thank goodness. It smells really great tho, it just doesn’t last…..

  5. Amber

    I love the nars stick concealer, it’s my favorite for blemishes and redness, so I am def interested in seeing how the new one performs

  6. Mary Beth

    I have the Trish McEvoy Brush 55 Deluxe Blender, which cost me $55! (This was one of those occasion when I picked items without looking at the price tags first….) However, it is a WONDERFUL foundation brush.

  7. Dame Elizabeth

    Jo Malone Bluebell is a lovely scent – floral but sweet, not too woody. Personally I prefer Bluebell by Penhaligon’s (not sure if you get this brand outside the UK) on my skin. But the fragrance Jo Malone has created is not a copy of Penhaligon’s iconic scent, which I thought it would be…Penhaligon’s scent is essentially Bluebell in a bottle; Jo Malone is reminiscent of the scent of bluebells, but not so intense.
    I like wearing it with Sakura Cherry Blossom, which is actually quite delicate on my skin and gets a good oomph with Bluebell.

  8. Joani

    I have 7 of trish’s brushes that I purchased about 10 years ago. Blush,powder,and 5 eye makeup brushes in different sizes. They are very well made and the bristles are so soft. I never had any shedding problems and they are still in excellent condition. I wash them in brush wash about twice a month or so and use the cleaning spray in between. I would recommend her brushes to anyone. They are worth it.

  9. Stacey

    I got a sample of Wild Bluebell sent to me with my last Nordstrom order, It smells like some kind of flower (hmm maybe a bluebell?) Its a wonderful scent. I made my husband smell it and informed him that this would be the next perfume he could buy me (its my birthday on the 13th)

  10. Emily

    I just tried the new NARS concealer in Chantilly for the first time a couple days ago, and I love it. I usually use bobbi brown correcter AND concealer, but ive found that this is enough coverage on it’s own. Minus a step in my routine= new HG concealer!

  11. Marina

    I’d only seen the Nars and the Dior. The Dior seems a bit ridiculous to me, will you review it so we can see if the quality/quantity matches the price? I know you won’t purchase it, but will they send it to you? The Dior Palette is so gorgeous though- Look at that print!
    The Nars I’m looking into getting as soon I can test it out/find my color. I’ve been looking for an easy to apply, good quality concealer for both undereyes and blemishes ( I tried the UD 24/7 Conclear Pencil and though it was nice, though a bit dry for my dry skin and undereyes). I also like how they changed the Nars packaging. i would have mistaken it for a lipstick one day and had creepy nude lips. That would have been strange!
    Not so interested in the other three you showed, though the Kate Somerville looks promising in a interesting way!

  12. I was able to order the Dior Mitzah eye palette on Sephora’s website when it was still “in stock”, but then I received an email from Sephora today and they said that my order was cancelled because the item is out of stock. Why would they say it’s still in stock on their website when they’re actually out of stock. =(

  13. PJ

    I started using the true lash make up remover a couple of days ago for a few reasons: 1) I need a good eye makeup remover, since my fourteen yr old uses all of my LM remover . 2) Ive use a few other KS products and
    she produces good quality — this is one , if not the cheapest item in her line. 3) You may not have experienced it yet, but let me tell you, sometime after 40– you look in the mirror one day and say,”what or whom has taken my eyelashes?” I will try anything EXCEPT a prescription med also used for glaucoma to restore them! By the way, so far so good. I like the lotion formula. No irritation to my “naturally” blue eyes.

    • If it wasn’t a combo of makeup remover + lash improver, I could get behind it, but it just seems very counterproductive to wipe away what you’ve put on, you know? I’m a fan of Kate Somerville’s line myself, but this one leaves me a little confused :(

    • Angelcat47

      I use a lash product that works very well and is called Brow and Lash Serum with KGF by Skin Actives( costs $9.50.

  14. The Dior palette seems overhyped… It’s a great collector’s item but nothing new in terms of color. The new Nars formula is supposed to be better but I haven’t tried it yet. I have a blush brush from trish mcevoy & I love it! (it’s the sheer blush one, maybe 2b? It’s similar in shape to the nars yachiyo brush)

  15. Heather

    I received a sample of the Jo Malone bluebell perfume in my nordstrom order. It has a nice, light scent…..but it literally disappeared in 30 minutes.

  16. AS

    I just bought the Wild Bluebell cologne this weekend, and I love it! It’s a very subtle scent. It doesn’t last as long as some of the other Jo Malone fragrances, but it’s such a pretty scent. I’m looking at the other comments now, and it looks like I’m not the only one that feels this way about the staying power. I’m still glad I purchased it. It’s actually also nice layered with a really light spray of Joe Malone Orange Blossom. I love how Neiman’s gives you a gazillion Jo Malone samples if you buy something…