Sunday, August 28th, 2011

These are a few items that caught my eye in the past week or so. I’m a regular (online) window shopper of all the usual suspects’ “what’s new” sections. Has anyone tried these? Would love your thoughts!

  • Laura Mercier Moisture Supreme Foundation ($42.00) seems like it would make for a good fall/winter foundation for those with drier skin. I’m curious on whether it moisturizes without feeling heavy.
  • Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge and Santal Blush ($195.00 each) are new scents from the Private Blend collection, which I’ve enjoyed several scents from. Both sound interesting enough and will definitely have to take a sniff next time I’m at Nordstrom.
  • Giorgio Armani Jacquard Face Palette ($55.00) has an interesting pattern, but I’m wondering how practical it is as an actual face palette–will that strip of color be too small to be of use? Or will it yield a barely-there rosy flush?
  • Dior Graphic Berry Le Vernis ($22.00) looks so vibrant and decadent in the bottle, and I just want to know if it comes anywhere near that in real life.
  • Bobbi Brown Hydrating Rich Cream Cleanser ($26.00) sounds just like the kind of texture I like in a cleanser–I’m all about a rich, thicker cream cleanser that doesn’t leave the skin feeling tight or stripped.

What’s caught your eye recently that you’ve been intrigued by?

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62 thoughts on “Items of Intrigue, Vol. 001

  1. I can tell you as someone with dry skin (i live in the Northeast) that the Moisture Supreme from Laura Mercier does NOT feel heavy at all! I quite like it in fact – I’m excited to test it out in the middle of winter.

  2. I tried the Dior Graphic Berry, and while the color was nice, it wasn’t nearly as bright as the press photo. Also, the formula on this one was very, very un-Dior-like. It was very thick and splotchy. It was awful to apply. At $22 a pop, I wasn’t going to fiddle with thinner or other things, so I ended up taking it back.

  3. Sally

    Ooh I love this new section! One might say I am “intrigued” by it :)

    • Good to hear! I wasn’t sure if anyone would be interested, so it’s definitely a trial run kind of post!

    • Hannah

      Same! I like this section because it’s how I usually feel browsing beauty sites… intrigued and wonder what the product is like. It’s nice to hear what products have caught Christine’s eye.

  4. Hey Christine! That nail polish looks awesome. I think I’d have to see it in real life though. I was wondering, what program do you use to do the text overlay? Thanks!

  5. Marina

    I love this new type of post, Christine! I hope this is going to be a regular Sunday post! I noticed the Laura Mercier foundation in the Sephora New section, but I hadn’t seen the others. Thanks! Some new things I’ve seen are
    Fresh Sugar Passion Lip Treatment
    Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour (Looks like a Shadestick to me….)
    Will you be reviewing these?

  6. Mariana Inbar

    I have Dior’s graphic berry.
    Not as pink, way darker. It’s a lot darker than Chanel’s Splendeur.
    But it’s lovely.

  7. Marisa

    Christine I love this new section ! Please keep doing it (:

  8. Gabby T

    I LOVE this! I hope it’s a permanent new section! Right now I am excitedly waiting for my Fresh Sugar Lip Balm in Passion to arrive from Sephora and I can’t wait to see some swatches of Deborah Lippmann’s holiday colors – specifically “Stairway to Heaven” and “I Love the Nightlife”

  9. John

    I have personally tried the new Laura Mercier foundation and it is very emollient for a foundation. However because of the emollients that it uses (mainly propylene glycol, squalane along with a mixture of argan, avocado, and sunflower oils) the texture is a bit thicker and heavier (it has a creamy, lotion-y texture) than I would like as someone with combination-oily skin. However, it is excellent for those with dry skin because it’s built more like a medium coverage tinted moisturizer, than a foundatioon, formulation-wise. The texture is still runny like a liquid foundation. Also, in case you were wondering, the color selection tend to run 1-2 shades darker than her existing foundations. For example, I’ve been matched to Vanilla Beige in both the Oil-Free and Moisturizing foundations, but I’m a Sunny Beige in this particular foundation.

    The Armani Palette is beautiful is it not? xD

    From a brief search, I can’t seem to find an ingredient list on the new Bobbi Brown Hydrating Rich Cream Cleanser so I can’t give an ingredient-based review on that. I’ll post a one as soon as I find a list.

  10. Dana

    I like this new post! Keep it up 😀

    That Dior polish looks gorgeous but I just read the other posts on it :(

    I am intrigued by the Benefit They’re Real Mascara and The Lancome Doll Lashes Mascara

  11. No, sadly, Graphic Berry doesn’t look as vibrant or magenta-toned as in the promo photo. It is more of a very dark berry with red/rose tones. Still pretty, but not spectacular! Love the Dior formula though :)

  12. definitely Giorgio Armani Jacquard Face Palette! I think it’s the most unique of out of them all!

  13. Megan

    LOVE this post topic! Keep going. :)

    I’m still intrigued with the MUFE Smoky Eyes palette, even though I’m not sure how much I’d use it. The LM Caviar Sticks are on my radar, too!

    The new Stella McCartney It Dress fragrances look gorgeous–I normally don’t care for her scents, but I do want to check these out for the beautiful bottles!

  14. Emma RZ

    I am interested in the BB cleanser as I used to use the previous Rich Cream Cleanser until it was discontinued (10 years!). I’m also desperately waiting for a decent review of the Smashbox Glambox Metallics because no one seems to have done a proper review even though it’s been out for a few weeks now. I wonder if the price has something to do with that?

    Great topic, please keep it up.

  15. Amber

    Love this new section!! I picked up the 214,226 ans Stunner blush yesterday and I am loving all 3 of them. My fav has to be the 226 tho

  16. anna_a

    This post is indeed a great idea! I wish you keep it! So, my items of intrigue are:
    1. Diorskin Nude liquid foundation
    2. Diorskin Crystal Nude powder
    3. a dark Guerlain Rouge G lipstick

    I also wanted the graphic berry n/p but after reading the comments I will have to see and try it first.

  17. I am itching to try out MUFE’s Mat Velvet+, I have a super oily T-Zone. I am trying to finish the foundations I have purchased (which I love, but I watch to switch it up a little). I may stop by Sephora to get a sample!

  18. Maria Eugênia Araújo

    Will you be reviewing MUFE Smoky palette?

  19. Roo

    That polish colour looks amazing. Now that readers have said that it doesn’t really look like that in person, does anybody have suggestions for something that actually is that colour? I couldn’t wear that shade as a sweater or a lipstick but it would look great on my nails!

    I like this post Christine:)

    • Angelcat47

      Someone posted earlier that the Chanel Splendeur n/p is what she hoped the Dior n/p would be like.

  20. Sue

    I LOVE THIS NEW SECTION OF YOUR BLOG! And…end caps. Always keeping it fresh Christine :) Which is your favorite Tom Ford scent?

  21. I have the Bobbi Brown Hydrating Rich Cream Cleanser – it’s a cleanser and moisturiser in one. Your skin doesn’t feel tight at all and skin stays soft & moisturised all day long.

    The avocado scent is just lovely and refreshing too!

  22. Colleen McLaughlin

    I tried the Laura Mercier Moisture Supreme Foundation recently. I am 48 years old with extremely dry skin. It was very hydrating, felt really light (like a moisturizer), and had good coverage (but not “full” coverage). I tried the color Sunny Beige, which was beautiful. Looks a little yellow, as does other LM foundations, but blend well without any harsh yellow tone. Very nice, will purchase after I finish my LM Smooth Creme Foundation, which while being moisturizing, is quite a bit heavier and definitely a fuller coverage.

  23. Michelle

    I love that youre doing new sections!!!! So excited!

  24. Mabel

    I super super love this post, keep it on,Christine !!!! XD

  25. Tom Ford’s cosmetic collection to be debut in the Fall 2011? Want to see if it lives up to its hype and if the cost is worth it.

  26. Royletta

    What do you suggest to ‘set’ make up for the day????

  27. Maya

    How fun for a new regular post!

    As a mascara junkie, lately I’ve found myself intrigued by new offerings or thinking about ones I haven’t tried: mostly Lancome Hypnose Drama and Benefit They’re Real! to be specific. Despite my love for YSL Faux Cils (and Chanel’s Inimitible Intense and Lancome Hypnose being quite good as well) I can’t help but want to try every mascara out there lol!

  28. Dormouse

    I purchased Giorgio Aramani Jacquard face palette online, and am due to get it this Mon. (Aug. 29). I’ll try to remember to leave another post letting you know what I think of it.

    Overall, I’m very impressed with the quality of the Armani cosmetics, though they ARE expensive.

  29. futuralon

    If you like the look of that magenta polish you might like Zoya’s Charisma. One of my favorites (since the 90s!).

  30. Clarins Extra-Comfort Cleansing Cream is very rich and moisturizing. It is an alternative if you’re not sure about Laura Mercier one. Thanks for this new section and for the whole blog itself. It helps me and increases my wish list a lot!

  31. anna_a

    Since a lot of us were intrigued 😉 by that photo of Dior Graphic Berry, I decided to check my stuff for a dupe.

    And I think I found it! It’s an old Essie called Bermuda Shorts, which could be described as a bright violet matte. I think it matches the color appearing in the PHOTO (and not the actual color) of Graphic Berry. Of course, you can put a super glossy top coat on it to get rid of the matte-ness (yep, new word). I tried it, and I think it looks beautiful. If you’re an Essie fan, you know how things are: they release a new collection and you forget all the old ones.

    How about you guys?Do you think it’s a dupe? If you have the color, you can check it, or just google it and share :-)

  32. Stacey

    I have really really dry skin (flakes, redness…the works) and the Laura Mercier Moisture Supreme may be the best foundation I have ever used. It has full but natural coverage and lasts at least 12 hours (with primer and moisturizer). It feels very lightweight. The shades run dark and it separates a lot in the bottle but otherwise it’s perfect!

  33. Angelcat47

    I also love this feature.I am intrigued by the new Sothy’s Pore Perfecter.I received a sample…it’s tinted,has great coverage but is very perfumed.Although I am not at all sensitive to scents,this is quite
    heavily scented.

  34. Ana G.

    Loving this section!!You MUST continue to do it Christine!!:-)

  35. Dormouse

    I tried the Giorgio Armani Jacquard Face Palette. I think it’s a good multi-use product. If you mix the 4 colors together, a fair to light skinned person could use it as a blush. Each color could be used on the eyes – the 3 lighter colors would make good brow highlighters. Actually, they would be good at the top of the cheekbones, too. The colors are glow-y, not glittery.