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I don’t mind if something stains my skin for a few hours post-removal, but I don’t want anything staining for 24 hours afterward, because then that interferes with what I want to wear the next day. ¬†When a lipstick stains, it’s typically a good thing, since it really enhances the longevity of the product, but it seems less valuable with other product types.

— Christine

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Agreed, if I need to scrub at the product to remove it, it’s far too pigmented. I don’t want to have to remove layers of skin just to get rid of this makeup.

I agree, lipstick is a good thing to stain you unless for some reason you don’t want the color to last very long. My most hated staining products are nail polish (I hate sanding down my nails…also I hate getting the skin on my fingers stained) and eyeshadow…specifically green or teal eyeshadow. Nobody wants their face to be stained greenish!

As for non-staining sort of too pigmented, sometimes I wish blush was a touch more sheer but buildable since the lighting in my bathroom is terrible and sometimes what looks subtle in there turns out to be way too heavy handed in the real world.

I never understand when people complain about a lip product staining, because that’s…what I want it to do, pretty much. But I can see a staining eye color or an over-pigmented blush to be a problem for some people, yeah. However, correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think staining is a problem caused by high pigmentation per se–doesn’t it have to do with the ingredients (i.e., dyes) used to get that pigmentation?

I’m a little suspicious of products that are way too pigmented. An eyeshadow that stains your skin for days, can’t be too good for you, can it?
Christine? Am I just paranoid?

I tested the teal Sephora Doe-Eyed eyeliner on my arm and it stained so bad took 3-4 DAYS to wash off completely. I tried like five different types of makeup remover on it plus scrubbed with soap and I still had a big ol’ teal line on my arm. That is too pigmented.

The same thing happened to me with the electric blue Stila sparkle liquid liner! The sparkles themselves washed off, but there was a bright blue stain on my hand for days!

With some blushes (especially indie ones), you wouldn’t know them from eyeshadow. I really prefer a more medium sort of pigmentation with blushes: it can’t be so light it won’t show up, but I don’t have to work too hard to sheer it out, either.

Sometimes. I find that sometimes, if a product is super pigmented, it becomes a bit stiff, or a touch more difficult to blend. And I have issues with something staining my skin if it’s not a lip product.

I hate it when nail polish is too pigmented and I end up having to paint it another (non-staining) color until it goes away.

probably because I just started using them, but I feel like blushes can be too pigmented. when it comes to shadows, liners & lipsticks, the more the better.

I believe there are products out there that are way too pigmented. For instance, I love how the color of Mac’s Contrast eyeshadow looks in the pan. It is a vibrant blue color in the pan. However, when I apply it, it is so pigmented that it looks almost black. Definitely not what I was expecting.

i’m incredibly pale so when it comes to certain products like cheek or lip products, i tend to go towards less pigmented items just for safety reasons to make sure there is less of a chance of me looking like a clown

I feel this way about some of the new Wet n Wild shadows. Not too many of them, but there are one or two where I think the amount of pigment in the formula is lessening the quality of the shadow.

I think a product can be pigmented to the point of being near useless. Especially with products like blushes- if I have to rub my brush on the back of my hand for 5 minutes after dabbing it the pan so I don’t look like a clown, that is just ridiculous.

As for staining, if it doesn’t say its a stain product, it better not stain, as far as I’m concerned.

Yes! A lipstick that stains for hours isn’t something I enjoy. Blushes that need a super light hand can be annoying–same with eyeshadows.

But for my black Asian lashes, yet to find a mascara pigmented black enough! xP

I suppose with some blush products, too much pigmentation can make the blush hard to apply for a natural effect. Usually, this is only a problem the first time, til I realize that I need a light hand but I could see (haven’t experienced it but could see it being a problem) a blush SO pigmented that it’s almost impossible to get a natural looking result with it. But I’ve never encountered anything so pigmented that it didn’t come off with a good makeup remover followed by regular cleansing.

this can happen with blushes ( esp. liquid or gel ones) and lippies as well. I do not like that pigments stay on too long, it’s a sign the product is not formulated 100% OK. Pigments that won’t go way get bound to skin cells and this, to be honest , makes me feel uncomfortable.

It’s completely possible. If a product has too much pigment and is hard to work on the skin it can sit on the face like a big splotch. If you know that something is highly pigmented and will act that way, either mix it with something that will make it easier to work with or add something underneath to make it easier to work with. If a shadow is going to be too hard to work with by itself, I’ll make sure to place a neutral shadow beneath it. It doesn’t effect the color much, it makes it easier to place, though.

Some e/s that Mac make ppl think may be less pigmented.,.. They are mostly my fave!!! I just have to build.. Less room for error

Yes, sometimes blushes can be too pigmented. I struggle with my Marine Life powder as it’s so crazily pigmented, it’s extremely easy to overdo when you’re as pale as I am. :S

the only thing i can think of is blush, having to applying with a really light hand is annoying. i like lancome blusher, because it’s pigmentation is a good medium.

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