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I think there’s a too young–I don’t think it’s appropriate for a five year old to be wearing makeup on a regular basis. I totally get playing dress-up, recitals, and the like, but it’s something that has to be monitored carefully and not over-indulged. It is very easy to get caught up in looking good with the help of makeup and lose sight of how beautiful we are naturally at any age, but when we’re young, we can be especially vulnerable.

— Christine

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yes for wearing any makeup for being to young…..and yes for wearing certain types of makeup texture when being older…..instead of highlighter, it accentuates wrinkles for example….

Yes for being too young. I remember running around a Sephora once and there was this lady testing out foundation on her little 7 year old daughter. I get it though if it’s something for performance, but if it’s for normal use, I’m a little weirded out. >>

There’s definitely ages that are too young for makeup but I think we should let parents decide that–and like Temptalia said little young girls shouldn’t be obsessing over their looks because that can lead to insecurity issues when they’re older 🙁 BUT, as with any controversy, it’s important to remember not to judge others for what they wear on their face, or how they behave/act as long as they’re not hurting anyone.
Too many people get caught up in pointing out other’s flaws that they don’t realize how hurtful they’re being, when in my opinion, the worst thing of all is to judge others when you don’t know their stories.

[email protected] well put!

I agree with some girls being too young. I think once you’re old enough though, it’s all about application. I’ve seen plenty of young girls who don’t know how to apply makeup or overdo it, but I’ve also seen older women doing the same. If done correctly, I don’t think you’re ever too old!

I was 4 or 5 the first time I put on lipstick. I knew I loved makeup at that point, BUT I was not running around wearing makeup until I got older. My mom only allowed for me to use lip balm. I started experimenting with makeup when I was probably 12 or 13, but not full face. I started wearing makeup more frequently in high school, but kept it very simple for the most part unless I was just playing around. I didn’t really get into full makeup on a regular basis until I was 18-20. I still don’t even wear full makeup all the time. I think makeup is different for everyone in terms of when and how much. I do think young girls should be young girls, which I understand for many incorporates makeup and beauty products, but I think it can go too far, too. Some of those pageant show girls really say things that disturb me, such as if you don’t wear makeup you’re plain and ugly, and one girl once grabbed her chest and exclaimed, “I LOVE BOOBIES!!!! I can’t wait til I get some!” Personally, I think anything younger than high school age wearing makeup on a regular basis is a bit much.
And no, no such thing as being too old for makeup. You may want to adjust what you wear due to a change in taste or a change in what works/doesn’t work, but don’t feel like you have to stop doing something you love or wearing something you love if it still works for YOU and makes YOU feel good.

Very young girls should not wear any makeup, except if it’s a tinted cream prescribed by a physician ( redness, other causes ). But no lipstick or bold make-up, I see that kind of things here well it’s vulgar in fact. Old women should not wear too much make-up except if they look like Iris Apfel ( or other women famous or not ) ! But elderly women who wear makeup can be very classy, so it depends I would say.

Theres no too old but there is a too young! I had to beg my mom for my 1st lipgloss when I was 15 yrs old and that too clear gloss. I think girls should be atleast 15 before experimenting or wearing makeup, lip balm is ok, coz they should concentrate more on studying than enhancing their beauty. Grooming is a different thing. N also girls should appreciate their young healthy skin n keep their makeup light rather than covering their full face with products.

I definitely think that there are ages that are “too young” for makeup. It makes me sad seeing 9, 10 and 11 year olds wearing makeup, especially on a daily basis (a complete shock when I started my student observations at a grade school a few years back). I personally feel that 13 is the absolute minimum age for young girls to start wearing makeup, but even then I think they need to be experimenting with it for the right reasons–ie., not to look ‘sexy’ or to make boys like you. One of the issues I have with younger girls wearing makeup is that they often do it because they feel inadequate without it, which paves the way for a whole host of insecurities as they grow older. I feel so sad for the little pageant girls with fake tans and false eyelashes…I know people argue that “they’re just kids, they don’t understand when they’re that young” but kids really are not given enough credit for how much they really do understand. Little five year olds go through hours of hair and nails and makeup and compete with each other to be the best in a competition that is clearly based on looks (if it wasn’t, they wouldn’t do the makeup hair and nails). At some point it’s going to click for them that you’re not good enough just on your own, without the makeup or hairdye or fake tans or whatnot, and that’s not a healthy mindset to live with.
I don’t necessarily think that there is anyone who is “too old” for makeup, but I do think that once you reach a certain age you really need to be mindful of how you’re applying your makeup and how *much* makeup you’re applying. I’ve noticed that once women reach a certain age their makeup tends to look ‘off’, simply because they’re applying the same products in the same way they did when they were 20. Aging skin and features have specific needs that we need to pay attention to as we get older. 

I think people should start wearing makeup regularly only when they can afford and responsible to the cost and spent themseleves.
parents should supply their children basic for life until they are independent and i don’t think makeup is part of it. of course if your parents are fine with it, go for it.

My mom didn’t let me really experiment with makeup until I was in middle school and even then it was just like a hint of blush and some lip gloss. But I wasn’t all that interested in it due to being in band and not being allowed to wear makeup (couldn’t wear any kind of lip due to playing clarinet) and all. I do think there’s a “too young” – I remember wearing stage makeup for dance performances when I was seven, and I think that’s acceptable, but for daily use I would think anything younger than like 11 or 12 is too young, and even then it shouldn’t be much. Girls need to know makeup doesn’t make them beautiful, it just makes them different, you know?
I guess my take on it is that if you want to wear makeup, you should be able to buy it yourself, either with an allowance or money from a job. But I don’t think there’s such a thing as being “too old” for makeup; why should we suddenly have a cut-off limit? If I’m 90 and want to wear lipstick, who’s to say I can’t, if it makes me happy? 

I think there is such a thing as too young like babies, little girls (hello Toddlers in Tiaras!) etc.  Teens, well, maybe something light unless there’s bad acne to cover.  While I like make up and have fun with it, I think you need to give your face a break at any age.  All that brushing, wiping, lining, cleaning, etc. does do some wear & tear on your skin, especially as there are chemicals in all the things we use more or less. 

I’m unsure how I feel about cosmetics and kids.  On one hand, images of preschoolers and young elementary school children wearing full faces of makeup truly disturb me, even in “appropriate” settings like dance recitals or school plays where I understand the legitimate need for the heavy makeup.  Maybe it’s all of the exposure to old photos of JonBenet Ramsey from 20 years ago, but it’s hard not to look at young girls in heavy makeup and not think of grossly inappropriate sexualization of children.
But on the other, I don’t really have a problem with girls wearing *some* makeup even before they hit their pre-teen years.  I was obsessed with cosmetics from a very young age (I started breaking into my mom’s stash when I was 2!) and I always asked my mom for makeup play sets as a kid and often got them and I’m sure I wore some of it to school on occasion.  I definitely remember bringing it with me to recess.  I don’t think I’d consider it inappropriate to let a younger girl wear items like tinted lip balm or lipgloss around, even on a daily basis, so long as it was something she wanted for herself.  For some reason, that just feels more innocent and less age inappropriate than mascara, eye liner or foundation. 
I think I was in the 7th or 8th grade when I started wearing makeup every day.  I started out slow, just with lipstick and translucent powder at first and moved on to a full face around 16-17.  My mom never had any rules about my makeup use and let me go at my own pace.  She managed to indulge my love of cosmetics without pushing me toward it too young.

agree with you, 5 is just..too much lol. but i hate those annoying people that won’t allow girls over 11-12 wear make-up. black lined eyes and lipstick and stuff was forbidden in my middle school(a bummer cause i think black lined eyes look the best on me…). i still wore foundation, a lil blush and concealer tho(bad skin and dark circles…that’s why i started in the first place, so i NEEDED it…) and mascara

In my opinion there is a too young. I always cringe inwardly when I see 10 to 12-year old girls wear full face makeup to school. Not only does it look very unflattering in most cases (little girls do have a tendency to go overboard with blue eyeshadow,  pink lipgloss AND to dark foundation ) I also think that they want to grow up too fast. There is a time in life to be a child and one to be grown up, and I’m not a fan of them rushing through that.
I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup to school until I turned 16, and while I hated my mom for not allowing it earlier then, not thinking back I’m more than grateful, since there are no disturbing pictures of me wearing above described little girl makeup. I was simply old enough to know better what suits me and the occasion and did not make the mistakes my friends did (it also helped that my mon bought me some really nice high quality makeup for my sixteenth birthday).

I completely agree with you. I think it’s a bit inappropriate to let a child wear makeup when they’re any younger than 10 or 11. I get that once you reach middle school, you start sneaking putting on your makeup in the school bathrooms (or at least I did)–but I don’t think it should be encouraged. I just think it sends kind of the wrong message on what it means to truly be beautiful. This also goes for clothing and things like cell phones, etc. I do get that some parents give their children cell phones specifically to call them and only them (to check in, after school is out, etc.), but so often I see very young girls walking around with lipstick, holding purses and wearing short shorts and tiny tank tops, gabbing away on a cell phone while walking around with their parents. It makes me kind of sad

I think yes to both. People can be too young, I dont think it’s right for little kids to be wearing proper makeup, like a full face. Things like the kiddie beauty pageants really disturb me. Children that age should not be dressing in that way or wearing that much makeup and fake tan. Its just really freaky and in my opinion pretty wrong.
I also think that people can be too old for makeup too. I’ve seen some older women who look like they still wear the same makup they did in their twenties. In my opinion bright lipstick, shimmery products and heavily lined eyes do not suit older ladies as it just draws attention to wrinkled, sagging skin. I think that maybe makeup can still be worn as you get older but you need to change your makeup to suit your skin. Otherwise it just looks silly.

Old(ish) lady speaking up here – I’ve loved make-up since I was a little girl in the 60″s.  Oh, how I wanted to make up my eyes to look like Goldie Hawn on Laugh In, or Cher on the Sonny and Cher show!  Alas, Mom knew better.  When I was finally allowed to wear make-up, the natural look was in.  So disappointing….  At any rate, I’m in my 50’s now and still wear make-up daily, but the range of colors has narrowed a bit.  I find I depend more on eye liners than eye shadows, and invest more in skin care than I do make-up proper.  And lip color is absolutely necessary!  The one thing I’ve probably held onto longer than I should is nail color – how can ANYONE resist all those pretty blues on the market today?
When I see a child wearing make-up it seems to me like they’re growing up too fast.  Youth should be a time when you’re in too much of a hurry to go play, much less apply a full face of make-up.  Believe me, time goes way too fast.
Christine, I’m probably older than your average reader, but I just love your blog especially the lip and nail color reviews!  Your descriptions are thorough and accurate…you’ve never steered me wrong!  Thank you!

I think there’s definitely an age where you’re too young to wear makeup. I think 12 and under shouldn’t be wearing makeup unless it’s some concealer or foundation to hide acne that they are insecure about. But I think they should see a dermatologist first to see if there’s anything they can do to fix it (like an acne care routine). If nothing works, then they should ask the dermatologist about which foundations would be OK for acne prone skin. 13-14 is a good age to start experimenting with things like eyeliner, lip gloss, mascara. I think 15 (depending on how mature they are) would be a good age to play with more makeup like eyeshadows, lquid eyeliner, fake eyelashes maybe. Just as long as their mother thinks they don’t look ridiculous walking out of the house, you know? 16+ is when I think a full face is fine, again depending on the teenager.
I don’t think you’re ever too old to wear makeup. Ever since I was little I remember my grandma having her classy makeups and perfumes on her bathroom counter/dresser. She’s 78 and still looks amazing wearing makeup! <3

I think 13-14 is a good age to start wearing makeup.  I don’t believe that a woman should stop wearing cosmetics at any age.  If a bit of color gives a 90 year old woman joy, then so be it.  However, I think being age appropriate is key.  A teen probably doesn’t need a full face of heavy foundation and powder (no matter how bad the zits are). And glittery eyes are not such a good idea when the crow’s feet start settling in.  Neither is black lipstick.  I love seeing older women in (moderate) makeup!  I used to have a customer (she passed away) at my store who was in her 80s and she always wore pink clothes and pink makeup. Bless her soul!  She was very cute!  She seemed to enjoy being a gal to the very end!  I plan on doing the same.

I don’t think anyone is ever too old to continue to care about their appearance, so there is no maximum age limit to makeup. Additionally, as long as a woman (or man) is not wearing makeup that is inappropriate for their environment (and that goes for *any* age), then there’s also no problem with the type of makeup worn.

However, there is being too young. What that age is, I don’t know. When I was growing up, my mom set the bar at 16, then lowered it to 14 (I was about 10 at the time). When I was 11, she saw that other girls were wearing pastel lipstick & eyeshadow, so she gave in to that. Then I entered 7th grade, and really got into the “Goth” scene, and since makeup was a big part of the aesthetic, she relented. I still wasn’t allowed to wear makeup to church, or things like that, but since most of the girls at school wore makeup, she thought it was acceptable.

I never related makeup with self-esteem in the sense that a woman can’t be pretty without it, as I always saw it as an accessory, an extension of the entire outfit no different than a piece of jewelry.

Now that I have a daughter (almost 6), who loves makeup *already*, I have to start thinking about what age will be appropriate for her, and what guidelines I will set forth. She already has a huge stash of nail polish, and she loves wearing red lipstick (around the house), but I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what her peers are doing as she gets older. She sees me go without any makeup on days where I dress down, so hopefully she’s learning that makeup isn’t what makes one “pretty”, and she can learn to enjoy it for what it really is-a simple accessory, and something fun.

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