Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Temptalia Asks You

Is there a part of your makeup routine that always perks you up? Like applying lipstick? Blending out blush?

Temptalia's AnswerMy favorite part is applying mascara, because I feel like you never really know how a look will turn out until you add mascara!

Thanks to Ebka for today’s question!

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59 thoughts on “Is there a part of your makeup routine that always perks you up

  1. Meiya

    Putting on gel eyeliner, and applying individual lashes. I like fine detail work.

  2. Olivia

    Mascara by far! Even though I love blush, my skin naturally has a little bit of a flush to it, and I don’t wake up in the morning with long, thick, and dark eyelashes.

  3. I totally agree, I don’t look alive and done until mascara is on.

  4. Alisa

    Applying my Blush, bronzer and highlight..I always find it relaxing to work on this part of my makeup.

  5. Chyla

    Anything eye-related (applying eyeshadow, eyeliner, etc.) because it perks me up in two ways: being creative with different colors & it “wakes” my face up 😉

  6. Aleeya

    I love filling in my eyebrows and using a highlighter. I just love how eyebrows frame the face and when they are done just right it can make anyone look so fabulous and sexy. I get so excited by talking about it lol.

  7. flyavsted

    Applying Clarins Beauty Flash balm, beacause it does wonders for my skin!! My pores nearly dissapears and it feels slightly lifting. Love it! <3 My favorite product

  8. I love putting blush on :3

  9. To me, nothing finishes a look like eyeliner. Once that’s done, I’m gold.

  10. Janet

    I have to say hightlighting. Cheekbones and down my nose with Mary Lou Manizer.

  11. Christina M.

    eyelash curler, that just makes everything pop.

  12. Naj

    I love applying blush! The feeling of soft bristles on my cheeks and the addition of colour makes me happy.

  13. Cate


  14. Tigress

    Mascara! It completes any look.

  15. Denise

    I totally agree with you Christine. Even a messed-up eye makeup doesn’t look so bad with eyeliner – it’s fanszinating how something so small can change a look so much!

  16. Putting on a gorgeous lip colour perks me up. It’s easy to do (sometimes all you need to do!) and can change the whole look. It can make such a strong impression!

  17. CatherineM

    Thought I consider my concealer to be my most important beauty product, I love putting on my bronzer and Mascara the most. I love how they instantly make you look awake and fresh.

  18. Ana

    Ey bella!!! I´m a bit sad because this beautiful web has too many advertising… and spanish advertising with no ralation with makeup everytime I click a new page…
    please stop the torture!!! (and Youtube is getting insufferable too :(
    about the post.. always mascara and corrector, and blush!!!

  19. Carrie Ann

    I love putting on eye shadow and blush. :)

  20. Gala

    for me, lipstick finishes the look,and even if I’m home sick and want to cheer myself – i’ll play with lipstick, but I do enjoy every bit of the makeup, espcecially eyeliner, mascara and blush!

  21. So agree with you there! Mascara completes the look …. whatever that look may be!

  22. John

    Definitely when I contour. I look so much better after I’ve contoured up.

  23. Mie is always inner corner highlight =) It brings so much life to the eyes I feel I donät need anything else sometimes =)

  24. EH

    I love applying and blending my blush. It brings the whole look together.

  25. Although I have most fun doing colourful eye make up, I find applying lipstick very satisfying because it brings the whole look together. It’s usually the last thing I do and it makes the look complete.

  26. Putting on eyeshadow and mascara. I think that the eyeshadow brightens up my face and makes me looks prepared and the mascara makes me look more awake.

  27. condesa

    I love lipstuff. My face looks so bare without any color on the lips! after liner lippie sand gloss I am another woman!

  28. Mariella

    It’s got to be either lipstick or blush. I’m quite pale and it’s not til I put a bit of colour on my lips or my cheeks that my face really comes alive.

  29. Marisel

    anything having to do with my eyes. I have small eyes & I love anything that makes my eyes appear more awake and vibrant

  30. emily

    contouring my eyes!! i look totally alive with it after

  31. Natalie

    Christine I totally agree! I will sometimes hate a look until I try it with mascara and then it totally turns it around!

  32. Krista

    I love putting on my eye makeup–from my paint pot down to eyeshadows, eyeliner, and mascara because that’s when you really see the transformation.

  33. Hands down (!) it is lipgloss!!! I could be bare faced but I need some color on my lips!!

  34. everything comes together when i put on my earrings. my face can be pretty but once i put on my earrings everything is SMOKING HOTT!

  35. Giorgia

    Definitely mascara…for the same reason! I love it

  36. Applying my powder foundation. An even complexion always looks good :) If the canvas isn’t smooth then the paint wont look good!

  37. Kat

    Same here! There are times when I think “this don’t look right”, but one my lashes are done, It ties the look together.

  38. Kaye

    I know it’s super basic, but filling in and shaping my eyebrows with my Benefit Instant Brow Pencil! I do it first after washing and cleansing and it totally gives my face more definition. If I’m in the right mood and get my brows right… sometimes I don’t need much more makeup. :)

  39. Brie

    Definitely blush! I feel I look like a beige ghost without some sort of cheek color. Mascara is a close second; it really completes my eye look. I won’t walk out without applying both products, even if I’m not wearing anything else!

  40. For me, it’s putting on blush! Adds instant color and depth. I feel like my face is boring without it :)

  41. heidi

    I’m all about mascara. I think it makes the most dramatic difference. I have relatively thick lashes but they are short and blonde. Without mascara I look like I have none. But just a little makes all the difference. If I could only have one product it would be mascara

  42. Mascara or lip gloss! I prefer lipsticks, but when I have that glossy finish, it just instantly perks me up!

  43. Nora

    Mascara is amazing, ITA. Especially on a pink/purple look. But I love the face powder step. It just buffs out my skin and makes it look really even and nice, and it’s the best confidence booster in my whole makeup routine. :)

  44. Lee

    Mascara and gel eye liner definitely make my look come together but my favorite part is putting on lipstick to finish everything off.

  45. Becca

    I love EVERYTHING but I always lok forwards to bronzing, blush and highlight.
    but really, I always look forwards to using my newset product, no matter what it is (like yesterday, I got the too faced naked eye palette so now I look forwards to doing my eyes)

  46. Jen

    I LOVE highlighting my cheekbones and highest point of my eyebrow. It always brightens up any day! But the most important step to my own makeup routine are lashes! I love curling my lashes, putting on mascara, finishing my look, then curling again (I have thin, asian lashes). It just opens up my eyes and makes me look awake and bright.

  47. Macara, for sure. I usually hate what I’ve done with my eyes until I’ve put mascara on. I naturally have extreeeemely long eyelashes, so I think they’re one of my best traits to accentuate.

  48. cherryglass

    Two things I love more than any other task: doing the brows and highlighting the face. Everything else is a necessity. Those two makes me feel like an “artiste”. (I’m only half joking about the last part) 😉

  49. Maureen

    I live for that little moment after I’ve put on my favorite blush (Sakura by MAC) and there is a teensy bit left on my brush, so I dab it on my nose and/or chin.

  50. meme

    eye brows most definitely.

  51. Cody

    For me, it’s definitely the brows. Once my brows are on, I feel like I’m finally awake (or look awake). Blush helps a lot too! Especially if I’m wearing a heavier foundation, I can look corpse-like until blush goes on.

  52. Leah

    Once I’ve applied my gel eyeliner and mascara.

  53. SuzyQtoo

    Gel eyeliner and mascara! I’ve gotten pretty good with the eyeliner and it just makes the whole look very sexy. Mascara finishes it off!

  54. mumtaza

    The lips. I put on my favorite gold earrings, put on the lucky lip of the day, grab my shades and I’m out.

  55. Juicy

    I agree with you on the mascara thing. I am the same way except instead of mascara, I am puttig on lashes. I have done some beautiful eyes and couldn’t tell if I really liked them until I put my lashes on.

  56. Lakitha

    I always get energized when I start to apply my eyeshadow. From the primer all the way to the highlighting shade. I love to explore my creativity.

  57. Holly

    I would have to agree that mascara is a must and pulls everything together but I think I love putting blush on! It is definitely the most relaxing part of makeup application for me :) plus it makes my pale skin look more alive!