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Yes. Other than the vanilla type scent Mac uses in their lipsticks, I do not like scents in lipsticks at all. Some people actually complain when lipsticks don’t have scents. I’ve never understood that. The worst ones are the really perfumey scented kind.

I agree! I hate floral scents, especially rose! I bought my first Burberry lipstick and was so disappointed with the rose scent! Also, not really a common scent, but I hate anything peach scented lol.

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i can’t stand the smell of l’oreal and covergirl lipsticks. i can handle revlon and nyx even though they smell sort of chemical/soapy, but i just hate the ‘old’ makeup smell that covergirl and l’oreal lipsticks have. very glad to have switched to mostly mac 🙂

I really can’t stand that candy taste and scent used in glosses and lipsticks, it’s really too sweet and sugary!

This isn’t as common but sometimes, the mango-melon scent (and even taste) of the YSL Rouge Volupte Shine lipsticks is a little overpowering and “Lipsmackers” for me. But a lot of my friends like it so I guess it’s just me…

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Ohh I hate it so much too! It’s way to fruity for a lipstick and tastes/smells very unnatural. It’s a shame because I really like YSL things but ewwww it grosses me out!

Definitely!! I do not like lavender and can’t stand it in many products. Coconut as well, but that isn’t as common as lavender. Definitely the stronger florals can sometimes be a bit much for me too!

Yes… LAVENDER!! It’s a distinct smell. Unfortunately. And while others may find it soothing, I absolutely hate it with a passion! Ugh, I can’t stand the smell.

Some other pretty unpleasant fragrances include eucalyptus and clove.

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I prefer my cosmetics with no scents at all when possible! I’ve had eyeshadow with baby powder scent (yuck!) and while that doesn’t bother me as much as scented lipstick it can be pretty bothersome.

Lipsticks with any taste to them at all are unusable for me. ):

I don’t mind the actual scents, as long as they aren’t derived from anything that will physically irritate my skin. I know alot of people aabhor L’Oreal, but it’s actually one of my favorites.

I don´t mind rose, fruity or floral scent in cosmetics in general, as long as the scent isn´t overwhelming or nauseating. I do love the scent Chanel lipsticks, Lancôme lipsticks, Guerlain and Mac lipsticks have, and as for Ysl I don´t adore the mango scent but I don´t dislike it either. What I can´t stand is that synthetic, strong and gag inducing scent AND taste some drugstore lip products have, from the lipsticks to the glosses, some lower end brands have such a repulsive scent and feel that lingers. Particularly I bought a little while ago a cute little lip gloss in an ice cream cup packaging. There where no testers and I bought the product for the packaging but the smell is so nauseating: a strange, sweet, synthetic scent, obviously I will never use it, but it smells so gross! Thankfully it only cost the equivalent of 2 dollars, so I will just throw the product away and fill the packaging with another gloss. But it really almost made me want to hurl!

I cannot stand the scent of rose. I love vanilla scented lip products as long as they don’t linger forever.

Estee Lauder lipsticks. Just plain yuk. MAC’s vanilla- tolerable. Dolce and Gabanna’s rose- hmmmm.
YSL Volupte-mango or whatever fruity smell- ehh, it’s ok. Tom Ford- vanilla ?- whatever.

Estee lauder lipsticks smell? I went and just smelled my sole EL lipstick and thankfully it doesn´t bother me, but the scent isn´t that strong to begin with. I don´t love it but I have no hate, thankfully.

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