Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

Temptalia Asks You

Is there a certain color or product that you’re always buying? Like maybe you own 15 taupe eyeshadows? What are your weaknesses?

Temptalia's AnswerCoral and red lipsticks, green and gold eyeshadows.

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155 thoughts on “Is there a certain color or product that you’re always buying?

  1. Jen

    i buy a lot of coral everything, and a lot of gold eyeshadow.

  2. Leslie V

    blue eyeshadow, I buy it as if i were mimi from drew carey

  3. Diane

    Every neutral e/s by mac no matter the finish… Any MLBB lipstick, and all the red nail polishes… Especially the bright tomato-y colored ones! Glad I’m
    not the only sick/dedicated one!

  4. LU

    I’m always buying gold/nude/brown/bronze, anything neutral!

  5. leesie

    I buy eyeshadow more than anything else, and I’m instantly attracted to anything remotely teal or turquoise. More broadly, most single shadows I buy are somewhere on the color spectrum from blue to green. Lately I’ve been trying to collect more pinks, though.

  6. Alannah

    Plum lip colours–I can’t seem to get enough of them!

  7. Alannah

    Oh, and also any & every green eyeliner and green/blue/purple nail polishes!

  8. Teal anything! Every time I go shopping I always pick up any sort of teal or aqua or turquoise liner/shadow before realizing that I should probably fill my kit with other colors first. The same with nail polishes! Although now I’m working on building the purple in my nail polish collection. Here we go!

  9. Girlygirl70

    Exactly. I’m obsessed with Pewter eyeshadows and i have so many taupes and browns!

  10. amy

    Purple eyeshadows, hot pink lipglosses and lipsticks and peachy coral lippies as well.

  11. Mary

    Always red nailpolishes, and purplish-mauve-taupe eyeshadows, and I can’t get enough of neutral e/s like in Naked UD palette :)

  12. kat

    Pretty much anything purple. Purple eye shashadow, nail polish, pretty much anything.

  13. monica

    i’m always drawn to purple eyeshdaows and pink lipsticks.

  14. Jeng lipana

    Neutrals shade, any shade of browns I can found, I also love champange color, they are my all time fav. Yesterday,I just bought from the Balm, luscious lani and mischievous Marissa, so happy

  15. Vijaya

    Purple lipstick. Purple eyeshadow, too, but mostly purple lipstick.

    I also have more matte black eyeshadow than I can ever use, but that can be partially attributed to almost every Kat Von D palette having a ‘Lucifer’.

  16. Deb

    I had a teal eyeshadow thing when I first got into makeup, so I have about 6 different brands and multiple finishes in teal. These days, I gravitate toward blue-pink lipsticks.

  17. Arduinna4

    Anything purple!And i’m not talking only about the product but about the packaging too!

  18. Vita

    Taupe eyeshadows!

  19. Jaime

    I am CONSTANTLY buying nude lip glosses. I don’t know what it is, I’m just always looking for the perfect nude lip.

    For eyeshadows, I’m obsessed with purples and blues. OBSESSED, I tell you.

  20. jess

    I always buy red lipsticks and gloss when I don’t need any! Also hot pink gloss and foundation~can never find the perfect one. Oh and nail polish too, probably the thing I buy the most.

  21. tremorviolet

    Bright pink lippies and yellow and orange eyeshadows.

  22. cat

    Purple e/s and gold pigments. I Need to stopr

  23. Julia

    Red lipsticks. It’s been my signature look for years and there are so many variations! Always makes me feel put together.

  24. Anna

    grey and taupe eyeshadows and nude lipsticks!

  25. gg

    i have a HUGE weakness for taupe eyeshadows and matte pink lipsticks =)

  26. Gisele

    I think I’ve finally got a handle on buying mid-tone pinks which disappear on my pigmented lips! Live and learn.

  27. Jess

    palettes,nude lipsticks and purple eyeshadow. Im more obsessed with buying palettes though lol

  28. B

    i’m always buying different shades of pink lipstick! even when i try to choose another color, i always end up buying pinks!

  29. londonhermit

    Brown and purple eyeshadows. Blushes can be a weakness but now they seem to look alike on my skin.

  30. Hannah

    Taupe or brown nail polish! Obsessed!

  31. Labelle

    Eyeliners & neutral shimmery eyeshadows! I’m crazy for them :(

  32. Wendy

    Peachy pink or coral lip products. I can’t get enough of them!

  33. margo

    lilac shadows. must have 50 of them. find that a lilac is flattering to a hazel eye…..

  34. lasekou

    Chanel Glossimers. I don’t know why I’m so addicted to them. The MA’s at the Chanel counter call me their gloss diva.

  35. monika-luiza

    I’m a sucker for red, non-matte lipsticks and bordeaux/plum eyeliner

  36. Ashley D.

    I am always buying baby pink lipsticks/lip glosses, and taupe & teal eye shadows.

  37. Diana B

    Nude lipsticks or nude glosses

  38. dana

    Taupe eyeshadow
    Pinkish Beige & shimmery beige eyeshadow
    Shimmery nude and pink glosses
    Any variation of grey nailpolish (flat grey, gunmetal, dirty grey, beige-grey, brown-grey, etc., etc., etc.)

  39. Loquita

    This is easy: peach/coral lip colors, and brown eye shadows in just about any shade. It’s an illness, but I don’t want to be cured.

  40. Jamie

    Palettes! I don’t know why but for some reason I like eyeshadow palettes

  41. Amanda Enn

    neutral eyeshadows… if that counts xD

  42. Amanda

    light pink and peach and champagne eyeshadows, black mascaras, pink glosses and hot pink lipstick!

  43. I love neutral eyeshadows, bright eyeliners, mascaras and concealers.

  44. Violet

    Every possible shade of lavender and blue nail polish must be mine!

  45. kenzie.

    Neutral eyeshadows. ESPECIALLY taupes. I love taupes…..

    And sheer red glosses or lipsticks. I love them. Not too much change to my natural lip color (I’m super-pale and have really rosy cheeks and lips) but adds a bit of shine….

  46. Kat

    Bronzy-gold eyeshadows and neutral-pinky lipglosses and lipsticks.

  47. Ru

    I go through cycles of buying the same type thing, but recently it’s been green eyeshadows.

  48. Alisha in Wi

    Pink lipstick, lipgloss, and blush. I also

  49. Lena

    Purple eye products and nude and pink lippies. I’m such an addict.

  50. Ashley


  51. michelle

    I always seem to buy shimmering gold & matte white eyeshadow & any high gloss soft pink lipgloss.

  52. Indah

    Yes! I always always and always seem to never has enough of soft pink lipgloss, i try every soft pink lipgloss from any brand! Teeheee!