Saturday, August 28th, 2010

Temptalia Asks You

Is there a brand of makeup that you’ve tried but never have good luck with? Different? Share!

Temptalia's AnswerI know there has to be one, but nothing is coming to mind. ARGH!

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176 thoughts on “Is there a brand of makeup that you’ve tried but never have good luck with?

  1. Crystal

    I have horrible luck with Stila. Everything I’ve ever gotten of theirs seems to have little color payoff or is of crap quality. I know others love Stila so I’m not sure why I’ve had such bad luck with them!

    • missy

      try their liquid WATERPROOF eyeliner it will change your life.
      its soooo easy to apply a thin line and make it thicker as you need it.

    • faeriesmak

      Me too! I thought that it was just me! Their eye shadows are TERRIBLE!

  2. Madison

    smashbox! :(

  3. Q

    Benefit, probably. I know there are good products out there — they just don’t happen to be any I’ve ever tried.

    • Samantha

      Definitely have to second this one.
      Benefit gets raves, but I do not get what the fuss is about. I’ve tried many products, but I find that most of them are quite easily dupe-able… Disappointing.

    • Mamavalveeta03

      Love their long-lasting cream eyeshadows. Beautiful. Lipglosses have never impressed me.

  4. Gisele


  5. Rachael

    MAC eye shadows. Frosty, matte, metallic, they all just don’t impress me. I should just stop buying them.

  6. ELF professional shadows. They’re $1 for a reason. I think they’re great for beginners who are experimenting with shadows. I like the Studio shadows though, they’re a bit better

    • konconsc

      You kno what, I actually bought like 10 different ones (i bought the palette one, comeon, a dollar for 4 shadows.hehe^^). But i think the quality comparing to the price is actually more than what i expected. The pigmentation is very good (for anything a dollar) and most of the colors are satin finish which i love a lot!

    • Samantha

      I LOVE LOVE LOVE ELF’s Studio shadows. They’re amazing when you consider the price! I’ve never tried the shadows from the cheaper line, but I hear the quality has improved since they first launched their site.

  7. Michele

    Smashbox. I want to like this brand so much but none of the products I’ve purchased work as they promise. The eyeshadow primer creases, the eyeshadows crease, the cream blushes disappear after an hour, and the lipgloss tints only last for a half hour.

    • Mamavalveeta03

      I’m really lukewarm on this one. Love their glosses, but everthing else, with the possible exception of “Jet Set liner” (which dries out WAY too quickly for the price!),…meh…

      • Ru

        “Lukewarm” is the perfect way to describe the relationship with them. For me their face primers, gel liners, and shadows are fine, but cream liners and the drying out of the gel liner just kills me.

  8. Ashley

    Kat Von D’s line. No matter what I try it always falls short ;(

    • I have returned EVERY Kat Von D Palette because of this. Plus I don’t like cream shadows and the fact that her palettes come with 3 cream shadows turned me off

      • April

        Not all of her palettes come with 3 cream shadows, but I do have to agree, the cream e/s in my True Love palette sucks!

    • Sylvia

      Ahhhh me too. I love Kat and her eyeshadow palettes look so nice but every time I buy one I return it right after.

  9. Zara

    Me and Covergirl don’t get along!

  10. I used Almay for a long time, but eventually, my eyes started having horrible reactions to something in the shadows. I stopped wearing makeup for a long time, until I started using eyeshadows without talc in them. I don’t know if it was Almay, the talc, or the dyes used, but I’ve avoided Almay since.

  11. Lisa

    I have tried Bare Minerals, and do not like it. I try really hard to like it. I’ve repurchase it but just don’t like the finish.

    • Mamavalveeta03

      Also in agreement! Who wants to have loose eyeshadow floating around in the bottom of their bag???

    • Meredith

      I agree with you. So not impressed with Bare Minderals. Esp the eyeshadows. The fall all over your face when applying and I really don’t buy that the powder foundations cover everything. No, they do NOT.

      • faeriesmak

        I tried the shadows and they had NO color payoff. Plus the foundations made every single line on my face magnified!

  12. Frances

    MAC in general. It’s such a pity, especially because they’re so adored by WOC but I just can’t get it to work for me.

  13. Shelley

    Eye Shadows from Tarte, Two Faced: No color pay off. POP was another brand I think, it had shadow tins with 5 shades, packaging was really cool but the color pay off was a serious joke. Fresh Mascaras never did much for me either.

    • I got my first Tarte eye shadow palette this week, I tried it for the first time today and there is NO color pay off, I’m so sad. A whole palette I won’t use =[

    • Mamavalveeta03

      I’m with you on the Tarte eyeshadows. What a disappointment. And their waterproof “Emphaseyes” clay liner just disappears on me.

    • Ru

      I forth (!) the Tarte shadows, they are dull. I recently gave some away and cringe at trying to use the pallete I got as a gift. Same thing with the weak color payoff for Too Face.

  14. Laura

    Anything drugstore. I wanna like it because its so cheap, but it never works out with my skin. I wish I wasn’t so easily sucked in lol

  15. chips

    MAC foundation and Smashbox.

  16. Elizabeth

    Smashbox. My old internship would get boatloads of products from them during LA Fashion Week and everything they make makes me break out.

  17. Melanie

    I’d have to say Benefit :( I love blush so much, but theirs are just not pigmented at all! But the packaging is just so cute *sighs* :)

    • faeriesmak

      I have had great luck with the Dallas one and I like Dandelion. But the other ones need more pigmentation!

  18. Aside from Lash Blast mascara, Cover Girl’s really disappointing. Benefit has great packaging and I own lots of their products, but I rarely use them – other brands tend to do what they’re doing better than they do!

  19. Nicole

    Laura mercier

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t have luck with Laura Mercier. I thought I was committing blasphemy lol!

    • Arantzazu

      May I ask why? I’ve always heard it’s such a good brand… I’ve never tried it as I can’t find it in my country, but I’m interested in all opinions about it =)

  20. NARS. I just bought some shadows and a cream shadow. I’ve never seen such bad creasing on my lids, EVER. Do you like NARS Christine? Have you been able to make it work for you??

  21. Kim

    e.l.f. in general. I was really disappointed when I got what I ordered a year ago. :(

    I would hav rather saved my money to buy a better drugstore brand or even spending my money at Sephora or MAC.

  22. Smashbox and Tarina Tarantino. Then there’s a couple other brands that have only 1 or 2 products I like, such as Benefit and Laura Gellar.

  23. Leila

    NYC we get a few products here in south africa and the gloss was horrible whilst the powder was beyond chalky never again

  24. ashley

    I’ve had bad luck with Fresh, Tarina Tarantino, Neutrogena, Almay, Clinique, Mary Kay, hmmm let think if there are others…

  25. konconsc

    Yes. Its Lancome mascara. Well, I tried other stuff from Lancome and most of them are pretty good. It’s just everyone says their mascara(s) are very good but I just never have any luck with them. I tried:
    – Hypnose
    – Lextreme
    – Definicils (i might have spelled it wrong)
    I was okay impressed by Virtuose precious cells (its an Japan + asian country only edition). It is much better than the other ones but it still doesnt whole the curls. ><

  26. Definitely Smashbox for me. In concept, packaging, colors.. everything appeals to me enough to purchase, but in use, it feels lackluster (doesn’t do much). I want so much to like it! :(

  27. Jazz

    Mac eyeshadow, Bare escentuals foundation

    • Rebecca

      I kinda feel the same way about Bare Escentuals foundation powder! It never makes my skin look as good as it should. And I really really want to like it more! :(

  28. pharaoh_ducky

    Physician’s Formula. I don’t know how people like their products, but whenever I bought them, they were always ridiculously overpriced and substandard products.

    • kayleigh83

      I’ve got to agree with this one! I have bought a few of their bronzers over the years because I figured hey, they have a bajillion of them so they must know what they’re doing! But they either completely lacked pigment, or had too much of it in a really streaky, terracotta brick-ish kind of way. :/ Not flattering…

  29. I’d say Collistar. It’s an Italian brand, and I’ve seen some people on the web rave about it, probably because of the exotic factor LOL but here it’s widely available and frankly, what I tried looked kind of cheap.
    Oh and ELF. I had horrible customer service experience with them.

  30. monika-luiza

    probably benefit. most products were disappointing me like dr. feelgood, lemonaid, creaseless (good e/s but dries far to fast out). . . only their lipsticks and concealers work for me.

  31. Covergirl, MAC’s Foundations, Bare Minerals, Benefit products in general and Stila

  32. amelia

    too faced? pop? shu uemura? shu is sad, i think i may have to delve into the brushes/ skincare stuff to get success. i dunno why ppl are saying smashbox their heartbreaker collection stuff really impressed me- but of course, i bought them half price

  33. Yumi

    Make Up Forever and Benefit…and most drugstore brands.

  34. Annika

    Benefit for sure.

  35. Iliana

    Maybelline, except for their mascara, doesn’t really do anything for me. The lippies are too glossy and fade easily, the eyeshadows and blushes could have better payoff for their price here and the powders look unnatural. :( Im beginning to love revlon products though :)

  36. CeeBee

    Yves Saint Laurent – chalky, non-pigmented eyeshadows, lip gloss that slides right off my lips, Pop Stick blush that blends and fades away to nothing and every single lipstick I’ve tried looks flat and one dimensional – I so wanted to love the Rouge Voluptes (thought the packaging was pretty!) but they were too slippy and look like paint. Eugh!

  37. Teena Marie

    I have a pretty bad relationship with Bare Escentuals. Their makeup made me break out like crazy, and their brushes were terribly harsh on my skin!

    Kat Von D’s stuff makes me sad, from the perfume to the shadows. I want to love it, but just can’t! I’m crazy about the Saint scent, but it doesn’t last at all.. and the shadows always leave me with something left to be desired.

  38. bikerkitty

    I hate to say it because I really want to like it. But Tarte eyeshadow. It’s highly pigmented but it’s very difficult to apply evenly. It always ends up being kind of blotchy. The upside is that I’m not allergic to it. And the colors are generally great.

    I do really love the lock n’ roll line, though the rolling part also has some of the blotchy problems. Those colors are lighter so it’s not as noticable.

  39. Peggy

    CLINIQUE nothing works for me.Except some lippies…
    MAC most of products have low quality comparing to HE brands and are quite pricy!I keep bying but nothing really works for me…I have to move to other brands.

  40. I’d have to agree on BENEFIT. Every product I’ve bought from them, I’ve been disappointed. I always thought, I just didn’t know how to use the products but, after reading so many poor reviews for their line, I’ve decided not to buy from them anymore. The Realness of Concealness was the first item I ever bought. This set had 5 different products, all with strange consistencies, while Stay Don’t Stray was the last product I said I’d ever buy from them. Awful, awful awful. Everything seems to be drying and chalky, or way too milky.

    To add insult to injury, I bought one of their powders, Kitten Classic, from their website during a sale and when I received the product, it was just an empty container. They couldn’t just send me a new item because it was on sale, and also said I’d have to return the empty container to be able to get a new one…? The empty container. Wow.

    And I want to really love them because I love their catalog and design aesthetics but, I can’t continue to waste money on them. Which is a shame because people has suggested I try their Coralista blush (for my skin tone), but I refuse.

    • Samantha

      I agree with the Benefit-hate.
      I tried their High Beam because it was supposed to be so so amazing… it was a milky shimmery mess. Absolutely disgusting. It makes you look shiny and greasy. Boy do I regret buying a full size of that.
      I also tried the Realness of Concealness. The only decent thing in that compact was the eye primer which was nice. But the other little samples were HORRID!
      The lip primer looks like concealer and cakes up on your lips. The brightening eye cream is very average and the concealer for your face is atrociously dark and thick. It doesn’t last at all. What a waste of money.

      I also tried Benetint and Posietint. They are nice lip stains, but nothing that can’t be gotten at a cheaper price from another brand (I love the Sephora lip stains!!). So overall, this brand is pretty disappointing and I think I’ve given it a fair shot to give this poor rating.

      • Amanda

        I totally agree – I’ve had SUCH bad luck with everything Benefit I’ve tried. Their Bad Gal liner and Bad Gal lash are both absolutely atrocious, I had black pools of fallout under my eyes within an hour. Gross!

    • solorange

      if you have a single large pore on your cheeks, don’t waste your $ on benefit blush!

  41. Olga

    their foundations made be break out, mascaras’ effects are below average
    and I hate their lipsticks and lip glosses

  42. Jessie

    Za and The Body Shop. I had serious break outs after I used them.

  43. Crissy

    Benefit and for skincare- clinique!

  44. LU

    Smashbox. The shadows are just too soft, they crease so easily on me, and the primer broke me out, which is weird because no beauty product ever did that before.

  45. I know this is probably blasphemy but I’m gonna have to say Laura Mercier. Everything I have ever bought from her line I have returned to date! I also have tried and tried again the Bare Minerals foundations to no avail but I like their eyeshadows and lip products so it’s not a total loss.

  46. Chanel eyeshadows. The pigment sucks…

  47. debo

    NARS I’m sure I’m in the minority but I don’t like their blushes or lipsticks.

    • Samantha

      I agree with you there.
      Their products are so overrated in my book. The orgasm line is overhyped because of the name. There is too much glitter in that line for me to like it. Overall, I’m really not impressed with this.

      • isabel

        I agree with you both. I’ve tried to use my Orgasm blush (compact) many times: too much glitter, too little color payoff. Felt like a showgirl. I gave it to my sister-in-law, looks gorgeous on her.

  48. Jennifer

    Smashbox…their products never are what they claimed to be…horrible reaction from their primer

  49. Luisa

    Mac mat eyeshadows….!!!

    • Leslie V

      You know I second this, and I wanna add to this the velvet finishes I LOVE absolutely love electric eel in the pan but on me I hate it.

  50. Amy

    Wow..I’m so suprised at The Smashbox Comments. For me, its anything from a drugstore sans Chapstick. I’d rather wear nothing at all than let Cover Girl or Almay touch my face. More ‘higher end’ let downs would be Benifit. Their concealers especially, do nothing at all…

  51. Banjaxed

    Benefit without a doubt. I keep getting Benefit stuff as presents but everything has been crap!

  52. nicci

    Most drug store brands, Clinique – in general, Laura Mercier & Cle de Peau for foundation. MAC – I used to never have any interest and then suddenly became interested and that was very short lived. I’m back to normal & don’t have any interest…nothing from that brand seems unique to me.

  53. Hend

    MAC :( .. The only products that work for are the lipsticks and the brushes, that’s it!
    their foundations make me breakout , the blusher are too powdery and too pigmented ( I prefer high-end blushers)
    Also drugstore brands I don’t really get along with them

  54. YMaryseY

    MAC products!

  55. Marie

    Nars eyeshadows with glitter. The glitter falls all over my face and looks strange. Also, their eyeshadow looks great in the pan but has very little color on the eyes. Drives me nuts!

  56. Zenaida

    Stila eyeshadows. I love their lip and cheek products, but lately all the eye products I get from them suck majorly.

    Sally Hansen Insta-Dri. It leaves so many airbubbles!! It was actually kind of cool when I took some off and the holes were left, but no never again Insta-dri, never again.

  57. Silvia

    Illamasqua. I tried so hard to love their products, but 1st their lipsticks gave me an allergy. 2nd, their cream eyeshadows crease awfully, they’re the worst that I ever tried. 3rd, their Matte Primer don’t do anything for me. 4th, their eye pencils are not that great.

    I finally gave up.

  58. hababkuktwofour

    For me it’s always been Bare Essentials. The colors for darked skin tones are so minimal and I never felt that “water” effect my skin looked drier than the sahara when I would wear it. Another one is a couple of nail polish brands essie, orly and color club my nails are wide and those thin unflexible brushes make application a nightmare. It’s sad because Color Club makes great colos and a bottle is cheap compared to OPI, Orly and Essie.

  59. I’m not a big fan of Nars. Their blushes are nice, but the eyeshadows are blah. Also most drugstore brands, they just lack quality and pigmentation.

  60. Lori

    MAC! I dunno why, everyone seems to love it, but I’ve never had any luck w/ any of their products
    and tarte eyeshadow palettes: applies w/ no pigmentation and just doesn’t adhere to my lids right

  61. selva

    MAC Cosmetics in general!


    • selva

      I´m so sorry, I did not good translated before the question …I misunderstood the meaning!

      The brand of makeup that I never have good luck is CARGO cosmetics, not Mac Cosmetics!!

  62. Valerie

    I know everyone and their mom loves Benefit, but every single product I’ve bought from them has been a bust.

  63. Marie

    Urban Decay.
    It sads because my Sephora doesn’t carry this brand so I had to order the famous primer (wich costed me about the double due to shipping) and I never noticed a difference between their primer and my MAC Paint. So I prefer the paint because it hide the redness on my lids.
    Plus I also got one of their palette and some eyeshadows had glitters… no matter what I do, there is glitters everywhere everytime I attempt to use the palette, even if I don’t use the eyeshadows with glitters. :(

  64. Emily

    Not really a brand, but a specific product….Guerelain’s Meteorites…they make me break out wicked bad…and I know they’re awesome! I wish I could use them! I haven’t tried much else from the line to compare though. =(

  65. Lulee

    Tarte eyeshadows and lipglosses. Horrible! I got the treasure chest last year and the eyeshadows were so unpigmented and the lip things made my lips peel. I got another lipgloss from them that was so sticky and uneven. Yuck yuck yuck.

  66. lily

    Tarte Eyeshadows – huge fallout, bad color payoff. Also Bare Minerals. Given them a try plenty of times, always ended up giving to someone else b/c i simply don’t like the finish on them.

  67. Dana

    Tarte, Smashbox and Benefit. I like the benefit boxed blushes but everything else in their line falls short.

  68. Katie

    Smashbox and Sephora brand are both bad to me. The pigmentation is either bad, it breaks me out, or it wears off very quickly.

  69. marcia

    Hi Christina, I would have to say clinique. I tried the even better and it broke me out:(

  70. t_zwiggy

    This might be surprising to some, but for me it’s Dior. Eyeshadows in particular. I have 6 or 7 eyeshadow palettes, and the colors look so pretty in the pan, and even on my hand, but as soon as I get them on my eyes the transform into a dry, powdery, chalky mess. :(

    • Michele

      Same for me – I finally sprang for a quad and was sooo disappointed. Pretty in the pan but crap on my eyes. What a waste of $.

  71. Monique

    any liquid eyeliner from the drugstore. They never stay on and even if they are waterproof or smudge proof they fall off on me.

  72. Alexis J.

    I have never had goo luck with OPI nail polish. Even with good base and top coats, it chips one day later. After I use up what I have, I’ll never buy it again.

  73. Alyssa

    Covergirl has never worked out for me, everything from there is a waste of money (even though it’s very cheap!) because of the lack of quality and pigmentation. I’ve never had good luck with Sephora brand, Tarte, Smashbox, or Illamasqua either.

  74. Pur Minerals and Clinique: none of the products do what they claim to do from these two lines…I should stop getting suckered in by the SAs there =_=

  75. lawli

    e.l.f and bare minerals

  76. Dawn

    any loose powders–too messy!
    also, Benefit is hit or miss
    and for some reason, I’ve never been able to get excited about Smashbox

  77. JayJay

    I’ve had disappointments from all brands.. However, if there’s one brand that consistently sucks, it would have to be Sephora brand. I’ve never had luck with any of their products.

  78. Kirstie

    Urban Decay lip products, but I LOVE their eye products. Smashbox’s primer made me break out horribly!

  79. Ayla

    I have awful luck with Stila! There eyeshadows are okay, but I can’t stand their lip glosses. I’m also not a fan of YSL’s lip glosses either! For 30 bucks a pop they should last a lot longer!

  80. Leslie V

    maybillene and and bare minerals I was so excited for product from both of the brands and wonk wonk wonk for me :(

  81. Beth

    OPI flat out doesn’t work for me, I’ll never buy OPI again. Otherwise, if I try one product and it’s a bust, I tend to avoid the rest of their items. Such as, Laura Mercier: I tried a lipstick (came in a jar), and it went on very streaky and didn’t last, so I’ve never tried LM again.

    If I’ve tried better products from a brand, then come across some that don’t work for me, I am usually willing to try them again. (I *love* some Stila, Smashbox, Too Faced products, but hate others, but I’m totally willing to give them another try.)

  82. Rachel

    Tarte(I have only tried their eyeshadows, so be fair. They were horribly unpigmented though!), most smashbox stuff(I do like their light face primer, some illuminators and lippies), benefit(either they don’t work right or they break me out, no wins here), and clinique(everything.)

  83. Maria

    I would have said Urban Decay, but I have their Vegan palette now and the shadows are lovely and work well. But I’m still giving the mini-Zero that comes in it away – Zero creases on me in literally less than five minutes!

  84. karen

    Bare Minerals…hated the foundation and the brushes are far too scratchy for my liking. And at this point, most things drugstore except for various mascaras.

  85. There are a number of brands I haven’t tried because I haven’t seen anything I liked but Benefit is the only one I’ve tried and haven’t had much luck with.

  86. Abril

    Lancome! It just doesn’t work for me!

  87. I have to say that i’m suprised Benefit is getting hated on! Some of their products (Dr FeelGood, lemonAide, ThatGal, LipPlump, BadGal mascara) have failed miserably for me, but some are favorites I’ll use forever (Boi-ing concealer, poreFessoinal, Hello Flawless, Hoola, Sugarbomb, Coralista, creaseless cream shadows).
    Maybelliene products never work for me!

    • Cherie

      I am surprised about Benefit, too. I love their velvet eyeshadows, creaseless cream eyeshadows, boxed powders, high beam, that gal primer, and bad gal mascara.

  88. Amal

    Probably smashbox

  89. mkdallas

    Bare Minerals, Smashbox, Sephora & Stila; in each case, I think there are actually drugstore products that perform better.

  90. sophie

    coastal scents

  91. Reese

    Tarte! Everything that I’ve tried by them has been disappointing.

  92. Ashley D.

    Lancome for about everything, Clinique (everything except for their lip products and skincare), and Kat Von D.

  93. Jess

    MAC LE Quads – the colour pay off is always terrible
    Benefit – out of all the stuff only had very few things I like and use
    Too Faced – same as Benefit really…it all looks so cute but in reality the products usually suck.

  94. Johanna

    Tarte never seems to do what it is support to do.. Has anyone else had a bad experience with them?

  95. Isabelle

    Shiseido makeup :(

  96. Covergirl. By far the worst drugstore brand, on me, anyhow, worse than E.L.F. Insipid colors that are more insipid on, due to scarcity of pigment. Same goes for texture — not enough solid material in there for the makeup to stay put.
    And yeah, I know they’re not trying to be Mac, going for those who prefer the natural look, but natural should mean Your Face But Better, not Your Face But Smeary.

    • Miss Silver

      Harrrrgh, Covergirl is really frustrating. I bought their eyeshadow quad, only a few colours work for me. And the mascara; terrible stuff that! The bristles on the wand is too short, I end up smudging product on my face and clumping my lashes together! Absolute nightmare.