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I’m right there with you, Christine. The most I get into lash growth products would be stuff like the Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara. Pretty much everything else kind of freaks me out, lol, which is probably a bit silly considering all the other stupid shit I do.

Mine is eyelash related as well…I could never bring myself to “perm” my eyelashes. Having grown up around salon and knowing how potent perm solutions are and how many fumes come out of it, the idea of having it within millimeters of my eyeball just screams “BAD IDEA!” to me.

Hot pink/fuschia/orange/magenta/neon lipstick or blush. I’ve tried them, and I’m just not a fan. I’m not saying they don’t look great on some, and others can still pull them off, but I just hate them on myself.

The high end beauty miracles or new holy grails that had snake venom, snail, etc. Umm. Eww and gross. I don’t care if it is a rare African orchid snail or whatever…no thank you.

Also, this is really weird but I have a strange but true story. When I was younger one of my mom’s friend asked for my urine and menses blood (girls menstral blood) because supposedly a virgin’s urine/blood is suppose to be an important ingredient for making ??? I don’t know what the heck but she claims it would make her beautiful. She was/is obsessed with superficial beauty. Well, anyways, after I said NO FREAKING WAY!!! Because I knew she was into some Asian Voo Doo crap. I stayed away from her…until I was no longer a virgin.

Umm wow that is bizarre!! The composition of your blood and urine don’t change once you are no longer a virgin anyway! Too weird.

I just don’t consider faux tanners a “beauty” product. They *never* look natural, and 99 times out of 100, they look orange. I’m all about alt-beauty, but I do draw the line at looking like an Oompa Loompa…

I second on that one. I absolutely am terrified of eyelash curlers… maybe I’m just a dope but I ripped out a significant amount of eyelashes the only time I used one, and ever since then… I will not touch the things.

I am pretty sure I did it right. Maybe I was pressing too hard or what not, but when I released, a ton of my eyelashes went onto the sponge thing. I was super sad.

I will just stick with my Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara that works decent to curl my eyelashes.

I would try false eyelashes, but I don’t have the patience and I’m afraid my eyelashes would get pulled out with the fake lashes as well.

Needless to say I have a sorry excuse for natural lashes now…

I don’t understand them either! They don’t seem to make any sort of difference on me. Maybe it’s because I’m super fair?

I won’t use maybelline dream matte mousse foundation 🙁 I wish I loved it, but I can’t. It makes me look clown even. I thought it was fault of the shade but no !

Anything with a chemical peel! My skin is too sensitive for it, I tried a type of chemical peel/exfoliation lotion once that was supposed to be very light but it still caused my skin to sting like a burn and go red it was so scary, never doing it again!

Yes, those lash growing products worry me too – the fact that they can cause discolouration of your eyes that is permanent. False lashes are another – I just think they always look “false” and not in an especially attractive way (my DD has had those lash extension type things done at a salon – the ones that last for several weeks – and those looked really nice and totally natural). Oh – hair extensions…do they count too? They seem to do more harm than good to the condition of the hair and an inordinate # of people with hair extensions seem to end up on Judge Judy!

I’d have to vote with you and say NO to eyelash growers. I was reading a brochure about it one day and it says if you accidently get the liquid on you in other places..hair could start growing there! NO Thank You!!!

I’m sort of afraid of heated eyelash curlers. But one product I know I will never use would be a self tanner. I’m constantly trying to keep my pale skin by loading up on sunblock.

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