Friday, December 7th, 2012

Choose or Lose

Is lip liner essential?

  • Only for some colors. (48%, 2,007 Votes)
  • Nah! (30%, 1,254 Votes)
  • Only for special occasions. (13%, 525 Votes)
  • Absolutely! (8%, 332 Votes)
  • Other -- I'll tell you in the comments! (1%, 24 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,142

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40 thoughts on “Is lip liner essential?

  1. fireinthehead - Bunny

    I don’t use liner most of the time unless it’s red lipstick and then it’s going to at least be a clear liner because red likes to migrate a bit on me.

  2. Zainab

    I finally caved and bought a neutral lipliner, I was sick of colours feathering on me, or gloss disappearing. I now use it a lot, and plan to buy a range of liner colours, because it makes lipsticks and glosses look so much better on me.

  3. Arianna

    i’d say only for people who need to correct the natural shape, for more mature clients that need that lil bit more definition or for certain looks: vintage, etc.. for a modern application lipliner is actually a no-no for me as a mua :)

  4. Nicoco Chanel

    For me, not yet! I don’t think I’ve had a problem with any colour bleeding yet.

  5. I use a clear lipliner but that abbout it unless I’m doing a darker shade. So I have a bugandy & brown for lipstick then a waterproof red and hot pink to use on my own if want lip colour to last all day.

  6. Terri

    bold lips yep.

    MLBB – nah

  7. mightyclassy07

    I only wear it to further define or change the lipstick color slightly. But that’s just me!

  8. Lee

    I never used to wear lip liner until I started developing those fine lines that bright and dark colored lipsticks love to migrate to. Now I always wear clear lipliner on the outside of my lipline to prevent bleeding.

  9. Dominique

    I don’t use lip liner very often even when I wear bold and red lipsticks. I purchased a lip primer today, I will try it asap but I don’t think a lip liner is necessary, it depends on the shape of the lips and most of all of the pigments in the lipstick + the lipstick texture.

  10. Alley Cat

    I need it for red lipsticks — I can’t even make a straight line or follow the contours of my lips (which is also a huge problem when putting on eyeliner).

  11. Jennifer

    I don’t wear bold lip colors so I’ve never had a bleeding problem. But I’m sure it’s necessary with a red lip! I don’t own one though.

  12. Patty

    For me, it depends on the color. Lipstick and liner. My favorite liner is MAC Vino and I wear it every day at work with a pail gloss over it. But I have other lipsticks that I just wear without liner at all.

  13. Kami

    For me personally I would say no. I rarely wear bold lip colors and even then I sheer them out a bit. If I want more precise application I just use a brush and then add the color right from the tube and sheer it out a bit with my fingers.

  14. xamyx

    For most, I don’t feel it’s essential, except maybe under a lipstick to prolong color (especially a bold one, also to allow more “even” fading). However, for myself, it is absolutely a necessity; I have a significant amount of upper lipline that completely lacks pigment, causing my lip to either appear very thin (with sheer lipstick or gloss), or it looks as if I applied lipstick outside of the lipline. I use lipliner to even out the pigmentation, no matter what lipstick I use, but if I’m wearing a natural looking gloss, I usually skip it. This is probably why I usually just wear lip balm…

  15. Joni

    It’s really useful for pale or nude colors. My lips are very pigmented and very bright, so a nude lip liner helps tone it down.

  16. Marian Humin

    For me, age 58, lipliner is absolutely essential. When you age, the outline of your lips disappear and lipstick travels into fine lines that surround your lips.

  17. Cat G

    I really don’t know. I don’t own any and never have used them, so maybe I’m missing out on something necessary but I think my lips look great without.

  18. Cindy

    If I’m wearing lipstick, I’m wearing lip liner. So yeah, it’s essential! Need that definition!

  19. I wear a lot of bold colors but I wear lip primer instead to prevent bleeding, so I don’t think it’s that necessary.

  20. VickyM

    Absolutely! I can´t live without lip liner, it´s literally one of the two most important parts of my makeup, the second one being lipstick. Without lip liner I feel like I look unpolished, terrible, I use it on a daily basis.

  21. Irene

    For bold, darker colors, definitely! I like to draw a shape slightly more rounded than my natural lip line, and also fill in the lips to make the color last longer. I sometimes have issues with feathering when wearing red lipstick, so it helps there too. I never use lip liner with lighter colors though, like pinks or corals.

  22. charlotte

    Never use it, but that is because of the lipstick I wear.. Maybelline 24hr lipcolor. Has to applied to clean lips, no other product. The performance is worth it.

  23. I hate lipliner. I do use it occasionally for dark red lips, but I grumble the whole time while putting it on. Sunny once posted a tip about using lipliner for nude lips to make them stand out and blend less into the canvas of your face. She’s right. It really works! Still, I hate HATE lipliner. You always get to the point during the day where you are wearing just it.. yuck!!!!

  24. AnGeLwInGz

    I haven’t worn lip liner since middle school when dark liner with pale lipstick was the rage.

  25. Susan Nevling

    II said I use lip liner only for certain colors. I should also add certain formulas also. I only have 3 lip pencils, a lite burgundy, a nude, and a clear. I use the clear most due to the versatility.

  26. Jen

    Generally, no, it’s not essential to every look. Some looks wouldn’t work with liner at all. My personal thinking on what liner is good for:

    –To prevent feathering, if you need help with that.
    –As a base for other lip products, so that as those products fade there’s a nice base of color under them.
    –It can separate your skin tone from a lipstick color that’s challenging, such as a pale nude or a bright red, so you can pull those colors off.

  27. KF

    I actually like to wear lipliner both with lipstick and by itself. It doesn’t feel too creamy or greasy like some lipsticks or glosses can, and I love the super-matte look. I also use it with some colors that can tend to bleed or fade on me.

  28. blueraccoon

    I don’t usually bother with it, really. I don’t tend to wear really bold lips, though, and none of my lipsticks bleed. The only time I’d probably bother would be if I were going to a formal event and wearing something like Guerlain Garconne. However, having said that, I’m having some trouble getting Armani lip maestro #502 to apply evenly and not go outside the lip lines, so I’m wondering if either lip liner or concealer around my lips would help that.

    • Veronica

      Urban Decay’s Ozone pencil is amazing for laying down a transparent line around the mouth. I’ve never had a red feather when I wear it. (Pixi has a cheaper version, but I don’t like the formula much.)

  29. Alison

    I think it makes sense to wear if you’re wearing a stronger colour in a lipstick, but otherwise, no – not unless you want something to wear particularly well for some reason.

  30. I don’t think it’s essential, but I would say its HELPFUL. There is nothing wrong with wearing a lipstick or a gloss without lipliner (I actually don’t like it with gloss at all unless someone has very thin lips that they really want to over draw) But lipliner can take the shape of your lips to a new level! It also helps with the longevity of your lipstick, so like I said…essential? No, but in my opinion its probably a good idea =)

  31. Veronica

    For lighter shades, I don’t generally need or use it, though I’ll sometimes use a nude lip liner if I want to extend the wear time of the shade.

    For reds and burgundies, it’s an essential. Red lipstick tends to feather on me, and I’m very pedantic about my edges being straight and even, especially if I’m doing something unique like a cupid’s bow. With fuschias, I generally use a clear one around the edges of my lips, but I don’t have too because oddly enough that don’t generally feather on me the way reds do.

  32. Yazmin

    its a necessity for me, because my cupids bow and my lips arent quite as defined as i like them to be, i always apply my lip colour, and then with a darker colour lipliner, i line my lips neatly and then blend into the colour.

    If im wearing darker colours or reds, then i apply the same shade or a similar shade of lipliner all over the lips and then apply the lip colour.


    Only for reds.

  34. Emilia

    I don’t think the application of lip liner is always necessary. If I am using a lighter color lipstick I never where it , or if I can easily touch it up then I don’t use. I only use lip liners when where darker colors such as reds , oranges, and vampy colored lipsticks.

  35. Lakitha

    I like lipliner because it helps the lipcolor lay on the lips better.

  36. Tina-Chris

    I wear lipliner anytime I wear anything on my lips. I gotta have it. Unless, of course, if I am just wearing some lip balm.

  37. Sari

    I’ve never had any lip colour (including reds, dark purples & blacks) feather or bleed on my lips so I never wear lip liner, my lipstick always stays put!