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Luxury–it’s definitely not something I find crucial for my lifestyle or daily routine. If I worked a job where I had to be at an office and look presentable, I could see myself trying to use it more often so I wouldn’t have to reapply my lip color during the day (or at least, not as often). Right now, I only use if I’m testing a formula, or else if I’m at a conference or all-day event.

— Christine

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It’s a necessity with any red lipstick or gloss. Red pigment feathers like crazy on my mouth, so I generally go around the edges of my mouth with Urban Decay’s Ozone and then fill it in with a red liner. Sometimes, I’ll skip the red liner, but the clear liner is definitely a must – usually I go around the edges with concealer, as well, just to sharpen the edges.

Most other shades, it’s a luxury. Fuschias, pinks, purples, oranges, etc. all tend to stay in place. I generally only wear liner if I want a very specific shape or want to alter the color.

Luxury for sure. I just got a couple but I don’t think they really think they’re necessary. I like them to fill in my lips and then use a gloss on top to make a new color sometimes.

For me it depends on the lip product. If a normal lipstick, then I won’t use a liner, but with liquid lipsticks I do find it crucial to minimize bleeding.

I always wear lip liner whenever I wear lipstick. I think it makes my lips look more polished and defined and it completes the overall look. It also helps to tone down and “ground” colors that would otherwise be super-bright.

A must for me, I have thin lips and it helps give good outline. But I only wear one the nearest shade to my lips no matter what lipstick shade I wear.

I’m lucky – or cursed. My lips looked perfectly lined all the time. The problem is that it isn’t necessarily the same color as the rest of my lips. But they are shaped in a way that lipstick can be applied to cover evenly without liner. I only need to line when trying to modify the shape for a costume party or stage event.

I very rarely wear lipliner. On a daily basis, I rarely wear anything other than coloured lip balm or lip treatment for the most part. I only wear lipstick when I go out and usually that does not include lipliner. I only reach for liner for a special night out or with vampier looks when I want the lipstick margins to have serious hold and not bleed and that sometimes all depends on the lipstick formula itself.

Clear or nude pink is a necessity, only because I don’t like lipsticks or glosses to bleed. Colored lip liner, when it matches the lipstick, looks severe and seems to make my mouth look smaller.

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Both! I don’t wear one everyday I just feel its not that necessary, but its def a necessity when I am wearing a bold lipstick like red, hot pink etc.

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Definitely a luxury. I have 2 lip liners – a deep pink (can be used for bold pink colors or blended out for lighter ones) and a clear one. That’s really all I need, very few of my lip colors bleed.

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I don’t see it as a necessity, although I tend to use it with some regularity when it comes to a red lip or anything that will bleed or feather. Usually, it’s just “lip’n’go”!

It depends on the lipstick for me. If I’m wearing a red or bold lip color then I will line my lips. And I find that some drugstore lipsticks last better with liner underneath, as a base. But if I’m wearing a neutral lip I skip the lip liner.

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I think it depends on the lasting power of your lipstick. But I find that it doesn’t help much in regard to getting it to stay on, even with a primer, so I just use lipliners for shading and making the outline even.

Creamy lipsticks and sometimes gloss has a tendency to feather on me, so I occasionally use lip pencils to avoid that happening. I mostly use them with nude lipsticks and sheer glosses, though! My lips are naturally very pigmented, so it’s difficult for sheer lipsticks or glosses to show up true to color without a little help.

Yes because i got a round face, and my lips arent defined, so i use lip liner to help create defined lips, i love wearing nude lips too, but i find that they look washed out on me, so i always use a plummy lip liner to line my lips and then i blend them into my nude lips to create a pout that doesnt look washed out.

Yasmin, I agree that a defined lip makes a difference. I use a neutral rosy brown color very close to my lip color to define the cupid’s bow which gives a much better balance to my face. Any place I can introduce angles or contrast (lips, cheekbones, eyebrow arch) seems to bring my features into focus and deflect attention from my round cheeks. If one has strong features, I don’t think it’s as crucial.

I only wear liner for dark lipsticks to help with evenness and with wear-time. Otherwise, I don’t wear liner because it’s too much of a hassle in my routine.

Lipliner is essential. I use ELF’s clear one to line and sort of prime my lips, because without it my lips are prone to feathering and taking color unevenly.


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