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I can usually find a shade that matches well enough within a range, because I am not on either extreme end of the spectrum (neither really, really fair or deeper in complexion), but I do find many warm options tend to run yellower than my particular skin tone needs. I also find that I’m in-between light-medium and medium, so I often have to mix to get the right shade or use the lighter liquid and a darker powder (or vice versa).

— Christine

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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!


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Yes, generally I’m the second lightest shade when it comes to face makeup- powders, foundations, and usually concealers too. Unless the range has a really extensive shade selection, that is!

Generally it’s easy to find a match for my face; lately the struggle has been admitting that I am pale enough to use the lightest shade of my current foundation! 🙁

I have the same issue with warm colors leaning yellow, which ends up looking the tiniest bit too dark next to the translucent color of my decolletage. I counter it with slightly pigmented finishing powders.

I’m on the extreme end of fair and it’s soooo frustrating! Barely anything een comes close and when it does it tends to be too yellow or too pink. Wish more companies would make more neutral and fair shades that are actually FAIR not some weird dirty lobster bisque color (I’m looking at you Laura Mercier).

Haha- totally agree, esp about LM ! I refuse to wear pinkish foundations- I stick to Jane Iredale and Bare Minerals because of this.

i have the exact same problem! yellow-based ones turn way too orange when they’re dark already (i.e. MAC nc15) and pink-based ones are too pink. i think the brands are forgetting that there are super pale people with neutral undertones. it’s so hard to find a decent fair shade that doesn’t make me look ill or weirdly beige. mixing foundations with Illamasqua’s new skin base SB01 (pure white) sometimes helps.

They forget anyone have neutral undertones ~sigh~ I might order SK in the future but I don’t use liquids much cuz you either need to mix or not use it at all and it can get so expensive >< I've been really liking the Graftobian HD Creme in the fairer neutral shade though! Porcelain I believe. Paler than any liquid I've gotten samples of.

I am in the same position. If you don’t mind waiting for it to ship from the UK, try Illamasqua’s skin base. It is a fantastic foundation that is ACTUALLY fair!

I might try it some day! Kinda scared it’d pull too yellow or pink. I’m quite happy with my Graftobian HD Creme in Porcelain though! Maybe you should check then out too cuz thu have 3 different undertones with many many shades for each. Porcelain is the lightest neutral one 😀

I’m the exact same, and when you add in oxidation 9 times outta 10 i end up looking like an ooompa loopa, so not a cute look :(. Plus i hate when sales girls can tell they dont have anything fair enough for you but try to talk you into buying there fairest shade anyways as, ‘it’ll add a little colour to your face and make you look healthy’, no dammit, i’m fair and proud, i want my skin to be matched to its actual skin colour!!!

IKR?! I hate looking darker! I think pale skin is so much more beautiful and elegant than purposely tanned skin.

Bobbi Brown Natural Finish Foundation in Alabaster is, I believe, the lightest of that entire line, and the only thing I’ve been tried that’s been light and neutral enough for me. I like it a lot, but it’s always such a bummer to read reviews of awesome foundations and know that I probably won’t even be able to try them. I’ll never really know if there is something better out there than BB – maybe even something cheaper – because none of them match anyway.

very difficult, most foundations either turn orange (yellow toned ones) or pink/gray (pink toned ones) on me. I have olive undertones, oily, acne prone skin, so its been difficult finding the right foundation that wont break me out, oxidize, stay matte (at least keep me matte longer than 5 hours)and stay on my face. The only foundation shade that matches and doesnt oxidize right now for me is the MUFE HD 153. It does stay but doesnt do anything with the oil control. I still tend to get shiny, and i just blot it off. wish more brands make olive toned foundations!

I have the exact same issue as you do ! I have very oily,problematic skin with olive undertone. I am currently using EDM mineral foundation as they do mineral foundations for olive undertone, and it’s currently too hot to use liquid foundation in Australia! I will have to give MUFE HD foundation a try when it cools down a bit.

I’m nearly the exact shade as Christine, so it’s generally pretty easy for me. Unlike her, though, I’m not fond of mixing shades so I generally jut go lighter and blend more.

No – I always have to mix my foundations and it’s really irritating haha. My parents are on the complete opposite spectrum skin color wise and when they had me, I was just this shade in the middle that kept getting darker (and than lighter) as time went on. I always keep a foundation on hand that’s a shade too light and a shade too dark just for mixing purposes (I usually end up mixing these two shades for the perfect foundation on a daily basis anyway…)

I’m a pretty solid medium, so finding something in the right general area isn’t an issue. I am full Filipino so I do have an issue with foundations that are just that little bit too pink, but I found that mixing a bit of Clinique’s Redness Solutions powder (which I originally started using as my cheeks are quite red) with my setting powder helps quite a bit.

No but I don’t like foundations ! The best for me are ” Lingerie de Peau ” from Guerlain and ” Double Wear ” from Estée Lauder. I choose medium beiges such as outdoor beige for the Estée Lauder foundation. I hope the new Benefit foundation is pretty and easy to wear, here in France I don’t know when Benefit launches ?

It’s almost impossible. In 7 years of actually wearing foundation I’ve only found two that really match my natural skintone–specifically during the winter months. I’m quite light, but I have a mixture of olive and yellow undertones, but the depth of the undertones varies day to day. It sounds weird, I know. I generally try to keep a few different foundations around that differ slightly in tone so that I can mix & match if I need to. I have Nars Sheer Glow in Ceylan , MUFE HD #117 and then MUFE HD #123 to mix with the others if they’re looking too dull.

It’s easier in the summer, though, because when I get darker I’m strictly olive. I hate to tan, but it’s so much easier to just use the HD 123 or Neutrogena HS #60 or #90 by themselves.

If I lived in the US, it would be even more easier for me. Unfortunately in Australia, a lot of brands don’t stock the shades marketed for “Asians”/yellow toned ie. the Dior shades ending with 1 (we get all the other numbers) and the Nars shades marked for “Asian skin” (Gobi, Ceylan) which I find extremely weird because there’s A LOT of Asians over here! It’s really really weird… but I can’t complain, there’s still a lot of variety to choose from.

I do OK in terms of skin tone. I’m NC30, so usually there’s something for me. It’s my undertone that gives me more problems. Mine is quite warm and yellow, so most foundations are just too pink for me! At the moment I’m using Bourjois Healthy Mix, which is surprisingly a budget-conscious great match for my skintone/undertone!

Being a woman of color, it is always a struggle. It’s either too peachy or too yellow. When I find a product that works, I always have to buy a much lighter shade to mix.

i’ve been looking for the right shade for about six years, and i finally found it yesterday (MUFE’s mat velvet + 15). all of my previous tries (MAC, smashbox, bobbi brown) are far too yellow. i have incredibly fair, slightly pink-toned skin, so finding a match is a constant project. being a ghost is hard, ya’ll.

I only have some general weirdness in lines that think 3-4 is an acceptable shade range. In a normal foundation line, I’m at least 2-4 shades from the fairest, because I’d consider myself light and not fair. But there are several product lines that don’t go light enough for me…it’s been hell finding a decent tinted moisturizer. Like 75% of them were obviously too dark for me, and for a less pigmented product on someone who is not ultra fair, that’s kind of ridiculous.

I lean a little pinker, so sometimes I have issue dealing with a line that runs yellower. I can deal with neutral to pink undertones. And again, if the product has branched out to like 6+ shades, there’s usually one that’s close to my color.

I feel for people at both ends of the spectrum. A lot of brands don’t go anywhere near as dark as what’s commonly seen in the general population…and then anyone on the ultra-fair or ultra-deep scale is just way SOL. :/

I think I’m a bit fairer than you (according to the foundation matrix, I’m nw15), but I’ve found a couple of tinted moisturizers that work. The Covergirl Aquasmoothers one in light, the lightest one, matched me well, and it’s sheer enough for you to use a light or dark powder if necessary. It’s not really yellow, either. I liked using the Mark Get a Tint one (lightest shade) in summer, but now it’s just too orange and dark for me. It might work for you, though, since you’re a little darker than I am.

I’ve been liking Smashbox, luckily they had what they considered a “fair” shade, but my mom and sister are close to porcelain and would be out of luck.

I might check out the Covergirl one, especially if I get through the Smashbox one without one of the nice 20% Ulta coupons, since it’s $30 retail. Thanks for the tip, I actually wear CG concealer so if there’s a shade in that to match, it’ll probably work out well.

Thank goodness Estee Lauder has not discontinue Lucidity liquid foundation which I have worn over the last 20 years or so….I may have tried other brands within these 20 years, but I always go back to Lucidity…..it does not dry my skin yet wont make my skin feel oily since it is oil free especially when I had acne in my younger days. The best part about Lucidity that it has shades for pink or yellow undertones and have light and dark shades. And it super easy to work with. I cannot say enough positive things about this product…Although, I always feel Estee Lauder makes products for non- Asian skin, this is one product that works well with my skin tone. Even though MAC is now own by Estee Lauder, MAC decreases the amount of product like their Studio Fix powder…Estee has been consistent with me.

Absolutely not! I am rather fair and I have pinkish undertones. When I try foundations for mac, I feel that I always look really yellow :/ and then other brands don’t usually go as fair as need be for my skin tone :/ it is rather frustrating and one of the reasons I don’t wear foundation!

Hi i’m medium tan and have an underlying pink tone to my skin so its always frusturating to find a perfect match, all the pink based ones make me look too white and yellow based ones make me too yellow, plus a darker chin area where everything turns ashy !!!right now bobbi brown natural finish in Honey(5),is the best match ive found 🙂 and i just skip the chin..:)

Sadly no 🙁 even when companies make very light foundations, the lightest shade (or shadeS, plural) are not sold in my country. They probably think we all have tanned skin… My next foundation will be Inglot’s AMC foundation, with all those available shades there should be the one for me, I hope 😉

Depends on the brand and the foundation. I recently switched to Guerlain Lingerie de Peau and my choices were either too yellow or too pink (I’d have preferred a neutral but went with the “too pink” as it still looks good). In Clarins, it can be tricky for me. MAC – never a problem.

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