Monday, June 13th, 2011

Inglot #413

Inglot Pearl Eyeshadows in #413, 428, 426, 415, 429 (Blues)

To finish out the palette, we have five blue shades from Inglot’s Pearl Eyeshadow ($4.50 to $7.00 each for 0.09 oz.) range.   Remember, the palette is completely customizable from the shades you fill it with to the size itself.

Inglot’s Pearl Eyeshadows have a very fine shimmer with a brighter, pearly sheen.   #428 exemplifies what makes an excellent eyeshadow, and it’s one of the best of Inglot’s line from what I’ve tried so far–super rich in color and the way the base color and shimmer play together makes it glow.   All five shades featured in this post had a soft and smooth texture, rich color pay off, and were incredibly blendable.

  • 413 is a muted blue with a silvery-white sheen and pearl finish.
  • 428 is an intense, jewel-tone of violet-blue with a pearl finish. The intensity of this shade makes it glow!
  • 426 is a medium blue with a pearl finish.
  • 415 is an aqua-tinted blue with a flashy yellowed sea foam green duochrome and pearl finish. I didn’t expect to see anything akin to a duochrome in Inglot’s line, but I felt like this one is. The duochrome is subtle, but it’s definitely there–more noticeable in person.
  • 429 is a purple-leaning periwinkle with a high white metallic sheen, though it has a pearl finish.

For more information about pricing, please check out this post.

The Glossover


Inglot Pearl Eyeshadows in #413, 428, 426, 415, 429 (Blues)

What seemed like a surprisingly amount of blues initially ends up showing how varied blue can be. You have the richness of #428 with the duochrome of #415, and then there is the mix of purple and blue of #429.











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Inglot #413

Inglot #413 Eyeshadow

Inglot #428

Inglot #428 Eyeshadow

Inglot #426

Inglot #426 Eyeshadow

Inglot #415

Inglot #415 Eyeshadow

Inglot #429

Inglot #429 Eyeshadow

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48 thoughts on “Inglot Pearl Eyeshadows in #413, 428, 426, 415, 429 (Blues)

  1. Abbey

    #413 and #415 are gorgeous

  2. Megan

    Wow! I never wear blue eyeshadow but some of these are really tempting. Thanks for the swatches!

  3. Jenn

    These are really beautiful!

  4. Brie

    I. Need. All. Of. Them!

  5. ericka

    Christine, how does #428 compare to MAC’s Deep Truth?

  6. Annie

    Hey Christine! The Inglot eyeshadow selection is absolutely enormous so I was just wondering how you decided on shades to fill your palette! Their website swatches don’t look very precise and I haven’t been able to find any good online swatches other than yours! Thanks!

  7. Ohhh 428 is so gorgeous!

  8. TLC

    Those are ALL gorgeous!!

  9. Wow… if I ever get Inglot, I’m going straight for these babies! <3

  10. Ohmygod, they are gorgeous!

  11. Michelle

    OMFG #428 is the hotness!

  12. Speaking as someone who has never, ever seen UD’s Naked palette in stock, I’m wondering if Inglot’s eyeshadow selection would be able to dupe it :)

    • Stephanie

      its in stock on… has been for quite some time now.

      • I resist ordering online from Sephora because I have two locations quite close to me so I don’t see the point in shelling out for shipping & handling (in Canada too — I think it’s more costly, not 100% sure).

        Besides, it’s probably better that I haven’t gotten my hands on it. Although I want it, I must admit I don’t *need* it. On a bit of a budget 😛 Not to mention, it’s kinda fun to hunt for it when I happen to be in a mall!

        • Stephanie

          I got it and returned it :( hopefully when you finally hunt it down you will like it more than i did!

  13. I want them all. GORGEOUS swatches. Thank you so much. 😀

  14. ReBecca

    Thank you for doing all these Inglot swatches. They don’t have swatches on their site and it’s REALLY frustrating. I will probably buy some now that I know what they look like!

  15. Karlie Tipton

    I can has all of these, please?!

  16. margot

    #429 and #48 are beautiful!

  17. cori

    hey christine, are you going to be doing a look with these anytime soon?

  18. Kimberly

    All are beautiful but I really love #428!!

  19. Kelsey

    #428 is everything I wanted MAC’s Contrast to be… siigh.

  20. Regine

    WOW!!! The color payoff in these swatches are BAN-AN-AS!!! My mouth literally dropped when I how gorgeous these Blues are **I’m a huge BLUE shadow fan**I may very well retire some of my MAC blues to upgrade to this palette! Thanks for this review, Christine! I have been eye-ing this palette for weeks!! I’m definitely hopping on INGLOT team! lol

  21. raquel13

    Ugh… my curiosity about Inglot shadows was *slightly* piqued by all the buzz surrounding them, but I was never quite interested enough to visit their website. Thanks to you, I will now be going broke!

  22. LH

    These are gorgeous :)

  23. Yvonne

    I have a love/ hate relationship with these swatches. They are all gorgeous! But… they are ALL gorgeous! It’s not helping me make a decision at all! Lol! ^_^

  24. Quinctia

    Welp, though I doubt I’ll ever sit down and fill a 20-pan of Inglot unless all of my eyeshadow gets destroyed in a horrible accident…I do know what finish I’ll be getting the most of!

    I thought I’d like the pearl, as I tend to go for shiny, but the finish on these really is gorgeous.

  25. Trayceeee

    Hi Christine,

    I tried to read all the comments before posting this but is this the only palette you have? Will you be doing any more swatches of browns/golds/ and other neutrals?

  26. Keyonna

    I love all of them except #429. Beautiful blues! You’ve made me into a believer. I am going to get some of these.

  27. Wow, 428 looks amazing! It actually reminds me of one of my favorite handbags. I can’t wait to see what looks you come up with from this palette

    • Chelle

      I saw on EnKores video an employee said to turn the palette around and tap on the back with the cover and the shadows will come out. It does work, just make sure it’s a soft surface they land on.

  28. shuz4ever

    Christine, i really like these Inglot posts – great swatches as always. I’ve seen INGLOT shops when i’ve traveled, initially i never bothered to walk in as the brand was unfamiliar/ never seen any reviews. But after all the recent buzz i did some swatching and found it to be a bit overwhelming – too many colours and varied textures – but now with all u’r Inglot swatch posts i can fill up my very first palette.

  29. vivian

    #428 is what i wish MAC’s deep truth looked like

  30. MissVix

    Absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for undertaking this great project, Christine – I’ll definitely be going down to the UK’s only Inglot store to get some of these.

    #428 is particularly gorgeous. From that swatch, it looks a lot like MAC’s ‘Blue’ pigment (or Rebel Rock Blue, if you have that) – did you find it similar in real life? If it is, there will be some very happy ladies especially in the UK!

  31. Wow! I don’t even like blue eyeshadow, but #415 and #428! I just want to get one of my models and test drive it! Me + blue shadow = bleh. Can you wear it, Christine?

  32. dawn

    Color wise is 428 similar to Mac deep truth? Or os it more like contrast? I know this one is way more intense but I don’t want anymore deep truth dupes. Thx.

  33. Karlie Tipton

    Is Peace by Urban Decay more similar to 413 or 415? It’s driving me crazy.

  34. Kandra

    Christine, I’m loving the Inglot swatches. I’ve been wanting to buy, but the Inglot website pics made it hard to make a decision, but this really helps. Thanks a bunch!!! I know this took a lot of time and effort. Will you be doing the same for other Inglot finishes, preferably, matte?

  35. pragti

    Hey christine !!
    I have been following your posts and i must tell u, it has helped me a lot in buying mac stuff.  Thank u for posting so many details about make up !! :-)