Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

Inglot Launches 40-Pan Freedom System Eyeshadow Palette

INGLOT Cosmetics is excited to announce the launch of the new Freedom System Palette with 40 eye shadow squares. With Freedom System, the challenge of finding that perfect palette of eye shadows is over. This new palette guarantees to help consumers find their perfect selection of hues. Touch, mix and play with over 210 eye shadow shades until you create your own personalized set of eye shadows, customized to your very own taste! Freedom System was designed with the makeup artist in mind, but is sure to become the next favorite amongst any beauty buff. The palette with eyeshadows will retail for $180.

availability: June 2011,, Inglot Stores – NYC, Vegas, Miami, Newport Beach, New Jersey

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86 thoughts on “Inglot Launches 40-Pan Freedom System Eyeshadow Palette

  1. braveviet

    I heard it is really heavy. It would be a burden for makeup artists to carry around

    • I guess it would depend on how much you carry around now – like sure, the weight of a 40-pan palette is going to be more than a 10-pan palette, but I wonder what the weight difference is between carrying 4 palettes vs. one large one is?

    • Some MUAs use the “luggage on wheels” system to carry their supplies. I don’t think the weight of this palette would be a problem. :)

  2. So many purples and yellows! Probably a good palette for professionals:)

    • You get to choose all of your own colors, which is fabulous. I’ve been thinking about getting a couple of the smaller palettes, but maybe I’ll just splurge for the big one!

    • Ellie

      The colours in the picture are just an example, with the Freedom System you choose which colours you actually want.

    • Anita

      Actually you can fill it with any colour you want – you could do all neutrals if that’s what you prefer!

      I have three of the 10-pan palettes myself and love them.

  3. Makeup artists must be going crazy over this!

  4. edith

    ooo genial me encantan los colores que tiene =)

  5. The problem I have with Inglot is that you cannot buy the shadow as a single. You have to buy the palette and fill it up. If you go to the NYC store (or any Inglot store), you have to bring your palette in before they consent to sell you the eyeshadow. Which is strange.

    • I think online, you can do whatever!

    • MJ

      I just purchased some solo shadows from the Vegas store. Loved them so much I went back and got some palettes.

    • Amy

      I went to the store in Cali and they were available as singles but i dont remember if EVERY color is available like that. But they will allow you to do singles, my mom did.

    • Steph

      You can buy single shadows, just not in the pan form. I’m pretty sure you can order all the pans you want online though. : )

      • Steph, I did that too. I bought single shadows that were not in the pan form. When I asked about the palettes, the SA told me what I posted above.

    • O. Ali

      The timesquare store lets you buy the single pans, i bought 4, the sales associate automatically added the quad palette, but i said i didnt need it so he put it back. I have a mac 15 palette, i just removed the circle pan spacers and now have an open pallette. I can fit in 15 mac e/s, 5 square inglot e/s, and 2 chanel rectangular e/s.

  6. i’m dying to get inglot shadows to try… but browsing their online shop makes me confused! there’s just so much color and their number label doesn’t help at all. i hope you could swatch some inglot eyeshadow shades so it’ll be easier to shop online :)

    • Yep, all numbers – wish they had names! I bought some awhile ago, but it’s just going to take me SO long to swatch, I haven’t gotten started on that project yet.

      • Corliss

        Please do swatches of the inglot eyeshadows the website sucks in this department and its hard to tell what you are getting especially with all the different finishes.

  7. Gina

    That comes out to $4.50 per eyeshadow! That’s pretty fantastic, for how high quality Inglot eyeshadows are.

  8. Aww, I wish Inglot was easier to get in Sweden… :/

  9. $180 is a lot, but really not that bad for 40 eyeshadows. Especially considering the quality. The price is out of my league, but this is still a good idea for professionals.

  10. Dame Elizabeth

    As soon as I saw this I said out loud, “WOW.” Inglot is a great brand! Anyone in London, we have one at Westfield White City :)

  11. Jen

    I love inglot but i have the 20 pan palette and that thing is heavy. I still think it would be cool to play with though.

  12. Maria Eugênia Araújo

    I think it’s a great option for storaging the inglot eyeshadows at home, It’s not good for travel at all, but we can have an empty 10 pan eyeshadow at home to costumize on every travel.

  13. $180 is a lot of money to drop because I’m not a professional and would just be using it on myself. But I’ve heard a lot of great things about Inglot, so I think it’ll be a hit among makeup artists.

  14. Rita

    They don’t even sell the 20-pan here in the shop!?

  15. meme

    Everyone needs to invest in a good pallet. But finding the right one for your own needs can be a major search of 10 years. I have had 2 in my lifetime that really had shades I would wear. It’s rare to find one that you will use even 80% of the shades. This one would not be a good choice for me with too many intense shades – no neutrals at all. Like others have said, I could see this being maybe a good choice for a MUA.

    • alison

      The picture here is just an example – the article says you pick all your own shades.

    • Aneta

      You choose your own shades. That’s why it’s called the Freedom System. The picture is just an idea, so they don’t show an empty palette in the promo pics.

    • Leah

      According to Enkore’s youtube channel, Inglot will also be releasing a neutral palette. Maybe like the Naked palette on steroids! 😉

  16. Vee

    I have the 20 circle version of this one and I love it!

  17. evo

    purdy!!!!! i think i saw a video koran put up and he said that there will be a neutral palette as well?

    i had my bf get me 2 10shadow palettes a few weeks ago from the vegas store. they’re wonderfull!

  18. Paige

    They are going to be at the Orlando Premiere Show this weekend I believe. I hope they have good sales!

  19. I’ll pass. Other ways needed to spend my money….but it’s pretty to look at. Seeing it on the blog takes the hunger to own one.

  20. kaaren

    what’s wrong with the $20 pallette from Crown Brush?

  21. Regine

    Im swooning! Can’t wait to get my hands on this!!! Those purples are going to be gone fast! I love purples!!

  22. Leanne

    Awesome but way too expensive

    • Well worth every penny! I got a 10pan at The Makeup Show NYC for only $37 including the empty palette. Going to the show in Chicago next week and splurging on a couple more 10 pans, which are the perfect size. The color selection, payoff, staying power and blendability are the best I’ve ever used!!

  23. PoetrysTruth

    I think I’ll leave it for now. I really want this company to spread into more B/M stores. I want to see the colors in person. If I’m going to spend close to $200 then I need to hold it in my hand. #cheapskate LOL

  24. Alicia

    My husband got me a 10 pan palette from Poland and I had a hard time choosing the colours as there are so many. I have to say the quality is fantastic – comparable or even better than MAC for the price. The pans of individual colour is huge. He videotaped the store he went to so I could see how it was set up. I’ve already told him that the next time he goes, he’s going to have to bring me back more. And by the way, they also sell single eyeshadows in individual packaging if you choose not to go with the Freedom system.

  25. Shalimar

    I might indulge myself and get one. Sad thing is I barely wear eyeshadows. I am working on my blending and application skills *smiles*.

  26. Abby

    I don’t see the 40 palette on the website, am I looking in the area?

  27. Dolly

    I’ve really been wanting to order some Freedom Palettes, but I’m really confused by the website Christine! Do I purchase say a 10 square palette and then 10 square shadows and they will fill up the palette with the selected shades?

  28. B Lee

    I have two 10’s in these and just love mine. I like how they stack and the color playoff and and freedom to pick my colors are a great joy. Between my MAC eye colors and my Inglot…Inglot wins hands down in my eyes.

  29. Sam

    I didn’t think inglot was that great before they got to america. I got my makeup done for prom there and it was kinda shoddy. Might have been the girl tho…

  30. Melody

    I’ve never really cared for such big palettes. I like ten or fifteen pans. I think MAs will appreciate this, though.

  31. LaVaughn DanielDavis

    I am so getting this! I already have a 20 pan and so in love! thanks Christine for letting us know that it functions as the already existing freedom system in that you choose your colors and the finish you want ( amc,double sparkle, matte or pearl) too watched Enkore’s vid and he said that it was fixed as well but maybe he was talking about another one they have?? anyway I am glad this exists don’t care How heavy it is it is just AWESOME!

  32. Meow

    Inglot will very soon annihilate MAC…

  33. I love my Inglot eyeshadows! I have three 10 pan palettes and I love them.

  34. Rosie

    Wow that’s $4.50 for a shadow. That’s amazing. I didn’t know they had a store at Fashion Island!

  35. Gracian

    No browns? Strange…

  36. Edelmc

    I don’t think I would buy shadows as most of the colours I like I already have similar ones from mac but the pigments they do look fab!

  37. That seems like a pretty good deal! I think I’d go crazy trying to pick out my 40 though…

  38. Does Inglot offer a pro discount? If so how much?

  39. Wow this looks great. I am yet to try out Inglot so I will have to see how much this is in the UK as I am sure there will be so many colours I will love. Do you know if you have to fill it all at once or can you do it gradually?

  40. Simone

    I don’t think they ship to Canada! :(

  41. Ania

    Not many people know that Inglot is a Polish brand…
    I’m very disappointed because this palette will be firstly in US and then maybe in Poland :(

  42. I am sooo excited about this! Though I am not a pro, I love Inglot shadows and it will be so nice to create my own personal palette and have everything right there in one place. WORTH the money in my opinion :)

  43. Basma

    Oh! Wow! Looking at this my heart skipped a beat. Beautiful! The hues are gorgeous (the one chosen in the promo pic)! So yummy! I would substitute the yellows for browns and I would be set for life! Is there anywhere I can get Inglot internationally?

  44. tati Kassandra

    That website isnt the right one! it took me to something completely unrelated.

  45. Grace Chin

    dying here. just wish its cheaper

  46. Haley Renfro

    It’s $180.00, that’s rather expensive!

  47. edyahna7

    i’ll never sleep again instead, i’ll be up all NIGHT creatn new EYES(lol)

  48. Naheeda

    Great! But…
    Too many and maybe heavey to carry around?
    I think its suit for professional or just leave it on dressing table?

  49. Chrismacx2

    Have you heard anything about a different release date for this and the neutral palette? I keep checking the website and I still don’t see them for sale.

  50. lynn

    I just bought 40 eyedshadows from Inglot and the empty 40 palette,which goes for $29. When I got my order I had the shadows along with the Power of Matte palette. While it may have been a nice gesture to send that palette I now have nothing to place my shadows in. Sent them a email late Friday hopefully I will hear from them Monday!

  51. Sarah

    Has there been a price increase or am I doing it wrong? For me the price is coming up as $235 ($200 for eyeshadows and $35 for the palette), on the website). :( help?