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My parents — in that I wasn’t allowed to wear any! I didn’t start wearing makeup until I was 18. At that point, I was very inspired by youtube vloggers, as they were whom I relied upon to teach me how to apply makeup.

My mom. She is a Clinique devotee and always has been. My first makeup items were Clinique and I used almost exclusively Clinique (mostly the stuff my mom would give me that she didn’t want from her bonuses!) until I discovered Sephora after college. I didn’t really dabble in drugstore makeup until recently when I started exploring beauty blogs, YouTube, makeupalley, temptalia, etc.

Also, I have always been scared to step foot in Mac until a few months ago! I never knew how to explain what I wanted or was looking for, so I didn’t want anyone helping me! But a friend of mine works at Mac and I went in for an appointment and now I love it. 🙂

My aunt Peach (not really an aunt, but my grandmother’s best friend and a wonderful lady) told my sister and I when we were perhaps 6? that we should put off wearing face makeup as long as possible, because (she said) the putting on and taking off of it makes you look older faster. We took that very seriously as she always had a full face of makeup on!

I was quite a chubby dark-fashioned teenager and my sister was a popular girl with a skinny body and blonde hair. She wore pale lips and too dark a foundation, and I grew to hate her so much that I went the opposite direction. Of course, I don’t hate her now but I have a penchant for bright colours, foundation done properly and dark lips. I had my favourite idols that were partly my favourite because my sister didn’t understand them – alternative girls like Amelia Arsenic, Amy Doan and Ophelia’s Overdose. I still retain that love for them and I’m infinitely grateful for being inspired to be creative with makeup at an early age, even if it used to be a filler to make up for what I lacked. (That wasn’t a pun)

I didn’t really have a distinct influence – my mother didn’t wear makeup in my teen years, and my sister had a very distinct look that she wore every day. I didn’t start wearing it myself until I was in my mid-twenties. But, oh, it was all down hill from there. XD

My mom – she rarely wears makeup so I didn’t either, until about a year ago. For us, makeup was for special occasions. In addition, my father wouldn’t let me wear any while I was in school. So I really didn’t know anything about makeup while I was growing up, nor did I have much interest. I have sort of awkwardly figured it out over the course of my life, and now I read a lot of blogs and magazines! As I started getting older and losing some of my youthful luster, I did feel the need to put some color back in my face, hence my newly discovered interest.
My mom still doesn’t wear any. She doesn’t need it.

By far it was my Aunt. She always always bought me very expensive makeup for Christmas. I learned at an early age (15) to appreciate the differences (not in everything though). But when I was a teenager we didn’t have Sephora or the internet. And I also couldn’t afford the higher end makeup, so I was very appreciative of her introducing me to the finer lines.

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My mom and my family members were never really into makeup. However, my mom was very supportive of me wanting to experiment with it. I wasn’t as daring with color at the time, and mainly wanted to enhance my features and cover blemishes, so I think it made it easy for her to allow my to try higher end brands and play around.

my cousin’s girlfriend…always dolled up and the my classmates in high school…I went to all girls catholic high school…cant imagine how much makeup some of them piled on…watching them wear makeup got me hooked too…but I think I love the compacts, the design, the color etc…and still hooked on makeup…now lusting for all the Japanese brands at Ichibankao

Mostly online bloggers and youtubers. My mom wears makeup once in a blue moon. She does love Revlon and berry colored lipsticks when she does wear makeup, so I do too.

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My grandmother! She had worked at a Merle Norman for a long time and was into skincare and makeup. She bought me things from Clinique, told me that I should file and paint my nails regularly (and did it with me), and would take me to nicer hair salons. My mom wasn’t as interested in all of that, but did encourage me to wear mascara. She told me when I was pretty young that every woman should wear mascara, and I took it to heart. I always felt pretty self-conscious without it because of this.

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My older sister. She is six years my senior and she was always very girly. I was always the tomboy/laid back girl. When I got into high school and started to like boys she helped me apply makeup and do my hair. I used to borrow a lot of her lip glosses. She’s the one who got me into Cover Girl. Funny how things turn out though because now I am teaching her about makeup. I fell in love with makeup and ending up learning a I could about it. I discovered youtube videos when they barely came out back when webcams were high quality 😀

The French-Canadian brand Lise Watier. Mrs Watier had a show on tv giving make up tips. I also received a free tutorial DVD with a purchase. My eye quad “les prunes” is the first big make up purchase I ever did. That’s how I learn how to use more than one eyeshadow color.

Later on I got big time into Make up for ever. The make up artist there was always doing my brows for free because I was a good costumer.

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My mother. She’s always used solely Chanel (it’s still mostly true these days), and one of my earliest memories is deciphering the name on the brand on a ribbon. As far as I remember, I’ve always associated Chanel makeup with elegance because of this, even if I got into makeup rather late. So naturally, I gravitated toward Chanel when I started wearing makeup, and I can’t seem to get rid of a certain fondness for the brand, even if they do mess up pretty badly sometimes.

I didn’t have any particular influences. My mother wasn’t much of a makeup wearer and her small collection of ancient (like 15-20 year old) typically dusty and broken Clinique products never inspired me to wear makeup- though she did give me a healthy interest in getting those gift-bags with purchase that department store brands do (I don’t know what she bought to get them, or when she ever used the products she must have bought. She’s always been a natural beauty type).

I guess I started to wear makeup as a young teen, in the vulgar way a lot of teen girls do (no base/too much lipgloss and eyeshadow). Then eventually I found my own style, which I guess I’m still refining now.

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If I had to name one specific person, I guess it would have to be my mother, since she never hesitated to tell me that something I was wearing “just doesn’t look good!” Then my sister would be telling me, “Don’t pay any attention to her – she’s out of touch with the times.”
So, I really didn’t get a whole lot of useful guidance at home. But I read Seventeen magazine religiously, followed the advice of its beauty editors, and if my friends approved (read: didn’t jeer openly), I went with it.
In time, I developed my own tastes and techniques, and people started asking *me* for beauty advice.

Nobody influenced me … but now when my mom see me she says …
you were able to apply lipstick with so much precision even when u were 5 -6 yr old ….

I think my mom was my role model 🙂
she is so perfect in every possible way … be it clothes … decorating house … cooking …

Still I can easily say … not when I was growing but when I crossed my 31st spring it was temptalia who influenced me …

whatever I Google the result landed me here … I would be honest here
I didnt knew what all blogs are but our interaction n now there is no looking back .

I need one suggestion dear n sorry for writing here ….

pls suggest me …

at thissss point of time what would one should pick (that one is me )
from sephora if she has 50 to 100 dollar budget …

I liked hourglass palette n tarte off the cuff but need your honest opinion 🙂

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I would say the Hourglass, because Tarte blushes come out with sets and kits and go on sale all the time (15-20%) off but Hourglass is harder to get at that price point.

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