Monday, June 15th, 2009

Illamasqua Sirens Collection for Spring/Summer 2009

Inspired by the powerful beauty of the Sirens, the captivating, brutal nature of their appeal and the undeniable pull of their decadent existence, Illamasqua has created a new make-up collection designed to glorify the divine being within us all.

The collection provides a cornucopia of sumptuous shades, from shimmering corals and aquamarines, to luscious golds and bronzed metallics. With products to enhance the face, eyes, lips and nails, Sirens lets you indulge your alter ego, and ensures that your summer nights are even hotter than the days.

Sirens 4-Colour Powder Eyeshadow Palette (£29.00)

  • Palette includes Illamasqua Eye Shadow in Spellbound, Morn, Luminescence, Fate.

Bronzing Duo (£18.00)

  • Glint/Writhe
  • Glint/Burnish

Lipstick (£14.00)

  • Fable
  • Resist

Sheer Lipgloss (£12.50)

  • Soul

Liquid Metal (£16.00)

  • Solstice
  • Enrapture

Shimmer Cream (£14.00)

  • Eternal

Fat Pencil (£12.72)

  • Fickle
  • Wilful
  • Perverse

Nail Varnish (£12.50)

  • Lament
  • Muse

False Eyelashes (£11.00)

  • No. 20

Available: Exclusively at Selfridges Oxford Street and Selfridges Manchester Trafford throughout April. Also, online at

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33 thoughts on “Illamasqua Sirens Collection for Spring/Summer 2009

  1. Brie

    I know in my heart that Muse nail polish would look terrible on my skin tone, but I want it anyways :(

  2. Wilcoa

    Wow the makeup is gorgeous! Though the makeup on the models isn’t practical it’s really inspiring for looks. Love the colors! Will definitely make me think of buying some brighter colors this summer.

  3. Mikki



  4. Rio

    Eh, I’m sure the make-up would look great used in other ways, but their promo photos make the models look like the need a bath, rather than they spent hours getting their make-up right. :-/

  5. Meagan Elizabeth

    Too bad the prices are in £!

  6. cloudburst

    I love the dramatic looks they created – it’s nice to see a brand focused on artistry rather than everyday kind of stuff.

  7. chris

    How do you pronounce the brand name???? =(

    • Kaylabella

      i believe it’s eel-uh-mass-kuh, or at least that’s how i’ve heard it pronounced on videos.

      this line is absolutely gorgeous! i’m going to have to save up some money since British pounds
      are almost $1.70 each, not to mention shipping, but it’ll hopefully be worth it!

    • I don’t know, LOL. Well, at least not officially!

  8. Rosie

    I ordered this whole collection as soon as I saw it – about 3 weeks ago now. Shipping is cheaper than most brands and the delivery only took about 6 days which is OK.

    I absolutely ADORE this line – the nail varnish MUSE is more of a teal than a blue, though… The bronzers are the softest, creamiest I have EVER used and the Lipstick in Resist is the most amazing deep pink you have to try it. Such a lovely texture too. Some people find them quite drying I believe, but it lasts extremely long and if you top it up with gloss of balm then it completely transforms the texture which I like. Its easy to GLOSS UP a colour than TONE IT DOWN if you know what I mean!

    100% adore and would recommend fully

  9. Vness_12

    That looks so COOL!!! Love the pictures and the colors look great! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Celeste

    is it just me or do the models look like cavewoman? i love a strong brow but not a wild, untamed furry caterpillar. and i looks like the makeup artist slapped ten layers of instant self tanner and 20 layers of ebony foundation on the model, not like she tans all day.

  11. Saira

    Thanks for posting this, Christine. Have you (or any other readers) tried any Illamasqua products and if so, what did you think of them? Illamasqua recently came out in the UK and I checked out their counter a while ago. They have a huuuuuge range of eyeshadows – so many different colours. One of the things that I noticed is that they have a wide variety of matte eyeshadows, which is quite unusual, as most brands don’t have many mattes. I was thinking of trying out the eyeshadows but not quite sure what they are like in terms of colour pay-off or how long-lasting they are, etc.

  12. LadyT

    now this impresses me. i first learned of them thru Pixiwoo on YouTube. incredible payoff. can’t wait for it to get to the states.

  13. Ashley

    I posted this on another blog as well- but I just received confirmation via email (from a Joanne B) that Illamasqua WILL be debuting in the United States in the VERY near future at a major cosmetic retail store- within a matter of a few weeks, to be more specific. She hinted that it will be available at Sephora!! YESSSS I love this brand!