Friday, May 24th, 2013

Illamasqua Posture Lipstick
Illamasqua Posture Lipstick

Illamasqua Posture Lipstick ($24.00 for 0.14 oz.) is described as a “cool mauve.” It’s a cool-toned, gray-tinted lavender with a matte finish. MAC Nocturnal Instincts is pinker, not as cool-toned/gray. MAC Fresh Amour is more opaque, cooler-toned. MAC Lavender Whip is pinker. OCC Digitalis is also pinker. See comparison swatches here.

The good news is that this wasn’t nearly as dry as ESP! It has mostly opaque color payoff, and the color applied fairly evenly and smoothly. The consistency of the formula is a bit dry and stiff, so it will tug a bit at the lip, but it doesn’t drag or catch to the point where application is really difficult or the resulting coverage is patchy. The drier texture does cling somewhat to lips, but it didn’t actually seem drying over the five and a half hours it lasted on my lips. I didn’t see this listed on Sephora’s website, so I’m not sure if it will be launching at Sephora with the rest of the Paranomal collection or not, but it is available on Illamasqua’s website.

The Glossover



The texture was on the drying side in terms of feel, but it didn't dry out my lips when I wore it. It's an interesting color, so you may be more willing to work with this in exchange for the more unique coloring. I'd recommend lighting dabbing a balm on top or underneath to make it easier to wear and work with.











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Illamasqua Posture Lipstick
Illamasqua Posture Lipstick

Illamasqua Posture Lipstick
Illamasqua Posture Lipstick

Illamasqua Posture Lipstick
Illamasqua Posture Lipstick

Illamasqua Posture Lipstick
Illamasqua Posture Lipstick

Illamasqua Posture Lipstick
Illamasqua Posture Lipstick

Illamasqua Posture Lipstick
Illamasqua Posture Lipstick

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37 thoughts on “Illamasqua Posture Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. LC

    I can’t see this being flattering on anyone.

  2. Is the earlier version of lavender whip similar in color to this?

    • Pinker, not as gray/muted!

      • Darn. I have the most recent lavender whip and love it, so I am intrigued as to how the original would look. Though, in a sense, I’m glad this isn’t too similar because I feel I would be a bit frustrated with the dryness.

  3. furandlace

    There is something so off-putting about Illamasqua’s lipsticks. I don’t know if it’s the colours or the texture or a combination of both…but I really find them to be a turn-off. I like their loose pigments and their blushes though.

  4. Patricia Couto

    looooooooooooooooooooooove it!

  5. Leanne

    This reminds me of MAC’s Restrict from the limited edition Gareth Pugh collection.

  6. Barbara

    I actually like this! While I would never wear it because it would make me look dead, I’ll be jealous of anyone who could pull this off.

  7. helen

    Like it or not, i adore that you take the time to review it.

  8. Katie

    I really don’t like that colour: first thing that came to mind was mould growing on the lips :(

  9. Think you could show cool-toned colours on a cool toned person? I feel like they might be more flattering and true to what they look like on those who can wear them better.

    • Temptalia is written, photographed, swatched, etc. by just one person – me! Sorry!

      • Victoria

        “I feel like they might be more flattering and true to what they look like on those who can wear them better.” I don’t know if this remark was meant as an insult (or maybe a lighter term, I just can’t think of any right now), or just maybe a little bit insensitive.

        But nevertheless, I was excited to see how this would look swatched, but it was meeehh. Being someone who’s NC40, I definitely believe this would just make me look like a zombie. :(

        • Lauren

          Heck, I’m NC/NW 15, and I’m pretty sure I’d look like a zombie, too. This is one of those shades that I have a hard time picturing as attractive on anyone. I’m sure there ARE people that it is attractive on, but I can’t picture it.

    • Esme

      I’m very cool-toned and I really don’t find Christine’s swatches to be a problem. If anything, they help me because I know that what looks especially good on Christine (oranges, most corals, warm pinks) will probably look terrible on me! :)

      • alyson

        i agree i am very fair and cool toned and never have a problem with christina’s swatches

    • I would agree if this was a make up company and not Christine’s blog. However, as it happens, Illamasqua do provide a video swatch on their website (for every shade) using a pale-skinned woman and darker-skinned woman. The swatches aren’t as good as these, but still valuable.

      I’ve just bought the lipstick (I like the zombie look). Thank you, Christine!

  10. Anna

    God it looks drying on your lips :((( too bad, because the color is awesome.

  11. I’ve been so intrigued by this shade of lipstick since I saw the promo photos here on Temptalia. I can’t decide if I love it or hate it. It does not appear to be particularly flattering on warmer skintones, but maybe neutral can pull it off? I can definitely see cooler skin wearing this beautifully, but I’m still on the fence and it does look a bit drying. Not sure if it is worth the risk for purchase for me.

  12. Karen

    Oh Christine, you are a beautiful lady and ALMOST every single makeup color on earth looks amazing on you – except for this one. Thanks for reviewing it anyway – it was sure interesting to see it swatched and applied!

    • So nicely put… then it becomes so weird when something doesn’t work as well on her.. I’m always amazed because it’s a rare occurrence.

  13. Carey

    I’m soooo tempted to try this out. I love Viva glam Nicki 2 lipstick, and this seems to be in the similar realm of unusual colours that could suit a cool toned girl …. oh Christine…your reviews are tough on my wallet :).

  14. Oh thank you for reviewing this!!! I love it, and illamasqua is having a “bank holiday” sale right now on their website. I think in USD the price comes out to about the same as Sephora, but in combination with some of their other offers I think it is worth it!! I’ve fallen for this and Kontrol, and they would look awesome together too.

    Guys, you know that Christine applies the color from the bullet without a lipliner so that the color is accurate, but with a different colored lipliner or ombré or other type of application these ‘strange and unflattering’ colors can become quite beautiful. Experiment a little!!

  15. Jane

    This looks like a slightly pinker, lighter dupe for Lime Crime’s Chinchilla lipstick.

  16. Esme

    Ouch, my lips are cracking and peeling in sympathy as I look at these swatches. It’s a shame, because Illamasqua lipsticks come in such pretty and unusual colors, but they all seem so painfully dry.

  17. Laurence

    I have extremely dry lips from time to time and the Illamasqua lipsticks can exacerbate this but I have some truly unique colors from them, (I mean Disciple is NAVY BLUE! Works amazingly with warmer toned red lipsticks!) and I’ve found putting some lip gloss on over the top can really soften the effect and you can get some great color combos!
    Try this with MAC’s “Heroine” lipglass over the top, looks awesome!

  18. Carrie

    I was going to ask about Nocturnal Instincts but you mentioned it, I absolutely adore these kinds of shades!

  19. Alison

    I just bought this because I love the two-toned lips look and thought this would go well with darker purples. Looking fwd to trying it out with my Illamasqua Kontrol lipstick, which I usually team with a bright red.

  20. Laura

    I actually really like this! I’m pale, cool-toned, and have a weakness for slightly unusual lip colours that might not be traditionally “flattering”, so I think I might pick this up :)

  21. Ruthless

    This is instant corpse lips for me pass

  22. Welp, definitely not a good look for everyone — still, since I’m pretty darn pale and I like that kind of corpse-ish gray color, I am very tempted. It looks a bit pinker than I was expecting, though.

  23. my

    I think that color would be better as an eyeshadow, Christine. Hehe! :)

  24. Oh my. The way this highlights every crack in the lips is such a turnoff! This lavender is a bit too grey for my liking. Wish I had the original Lavender Whip!

  25. Mimi XO

    Hi, Christine Would this color come close to Blooming Lovely or how about Lime Crime’s Chinchilla???