Monday, October 18th, 2010

Illamasqua Disciple Lipstick
Illamasqua Disciple Lipstick

Illamasqua Art of Darkness: Disciple

Illamasqua Disciple Lipstick ($22.00 for 0.14 oz.) is a deep navy blue with a near matte finish.  It’s pretty opaque, but it is a little dry, so it’s best applied with a lip brush.  Between the opacity and the more clinging nature of the formula, though, it’s incredibly long-wearing–yielding about six hours of wear for me.  Illamasqua’s lipsticks are also scent- and taste-free.

Most of probably wouldn’t wear this shade on the regular, but it’s always nice to have options, which is one of the fun parts about the Illamasqua brand. Disciple is surprisingly flattering even when worn on its own.  Normally, I’m not a huge fan of really dark lip colors on myself, but I kind of dug the way the blue worked with my skin tone here.   I also appreciate that it’s not a black-blue but a true navy blue on lips.

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Illamasqua Disciple Lipstick
Illamasqua Disciple Lipstick

Illamasqua Disciple Lipstick
Illamasqua Disciple Lipstick

Product & Review FAQ

Where can I purchase Disciple? How much is it?

Illamasqua, £15.00. This is available in the EU only, according to Illamasqua.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

None that I know of, but my collection is not exactly filled to the brim with blue lipsticks either!

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97 thoughts on “Illamasqua Disciple Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Arantzazu

    Mmmmm… I think I don’t like it ¬¬
    Maybe for Halloween or so…

  2. Sam

    Surprisingly flattering color. A dare to wear indeed!

  3. Kit

    It’s interesting!

  4. I just stick to my black lipstick for now. This looks funny, but I totally get it.

  5. Ani_BEE

    Indie dupe from Morgana Cryptoria (formally Morgana Mineral) in Deepest Sapphire but have not been released yet. Blueberry was renamed from Blue Raspberry which I own. ^_^)

    Blue Raspberry Swatch

    Spellbound (also own) is a Slate Grey with a blue undertone. It looks close in the product photo but it is a smoky blue compared to Disciple.

    • Ani_BEE

      Sorry just to make thing clearer, the new shade Deepest Sapphire is from the old name Blueberry and Blueberry use to be called “Blue Raspberry” but was changed to “Blueberry” because people were getting it confused with Raspberry lip colour.

      I’ve been buying from Morgana for 2 years now so she had gone through a product reformulations from “balm” to lipstick but the product changed very so slightly.

      Goth/Vamp/rainbow lip colours are hard to find and she has done an amazing job with her product line. ^_^ I’ve tried other theatrically brand lipsticks (Graftobian Pro being one that has blue) and they just don’t cut it.

  6. Laila

    Blue lipstick is such a weird concept to me, but it looks kinda cool on you!

  7. such a pretty blue! may i ask how much you’ve paid for shipping to the us when you’ve ordered from them direct?

    i hate that my favorites aren’t an sephora! ergh! silly sephora! and i hate how weak the dollar is right now! UGH!!!

    really pretty though! thanks for swatching it!

    • PR sent this over with a few of the other Art of Darkness items – I actually had no idea it was EU only until I went to Illamasqua’s website. I don’t know if that was indicative of where they’re shipping to or *just* that you can only purchase through their website.

      But I agree, it’s painful to order with the weak dollar, LOL.

      • I know right? Someone posted a comment on my Inglot review saying that the palettes were cheaper in Europe than over here. Yes the actual numbers you’re looking at may be smaller but with conversion I’d actually pay closer to $100USD per palette! It makes it hard to justify certain purchases (I used to be a big fan of imported music and DVDs… Sigh… Not lately!!!) LOL!

        • I’ve only ordered a couple of times overseas, and then I see these charges on my statement for currency exchanges, too, and I’m like, “OH FAB!” Not only is the exchange rate bad for me, then there’s a surcharge for it, too!

          • Britt

            You can get the collection on and the prices aren’t as bad as Sephora, but you still have to pay the 7-8 dollar shipping…

      • The website won’t even let you order it to the US. I tried. :-(

  8. barwywojenne

    I adore this shade!

  9. that is HOT!!! the artist in me loves colors like this to mix w/ others, or for more specific looks. beautiful!

  10. Rae

    Wow. Seriously; that’s just… wow! I wouldn’t wear it in a gazillion years, but I can certainly admire that pigmentation from afar 😛

  11. Shontay

    I would love to get my hands on this lipstick!

  12. Crystal S.

    You look like Mia Sara from Legend!

  13. Yumi

    Oh wow! Very cool looking.

  14. Jennifer

    I think it would be an interesting lipstick to pair with another bold color in the middle like purple or orange.

  15. Alex

    haha!! its funny. I was reading your review and when you said that you liked what this navy was doing to your skintone, I thought, “Oh no. We lost her. She has gone crazy!!” But….It actually looks great on you. It makes your teeth look super white and your skin look super glowy like a water nymph or something. 😉 This is the kind of color I would build my halloween costume around(ya know, theres always that one crazy thing like a lipstick shade or dramatic lashes that you are dying to try but would never in your daily life so you save it for Halloween). Good for you for pulling off this color so well!!

    • LOL!

      I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love a coral on me more, but it’s kind of cool… and kind of neat. Surprisingly not as WHOA! against my skin tone as I thought it could be. And hey, Halloween is right around the bend, so it seemed like a good time to post 😀

      Thanks, Alex!

  16. Oh no! It’s not available here?!?!?! Here being the US,lol

  17. Amy

    I can just see walking into work like this and have everyone’s head just explode.

    Eh, it’s chic to push boundaries, but NOOOO THANKS on this!! I’ll stick with a nude or…. anything else. :)

  18. Tamara

    OMG you look like death :(

  19. Dollymix8

    Very cool and original colour! Maybe cool to wear on Halloween!

  20. Vanessa

    Where would you wear this kind of shade? Its a little out of the norm….

  21. Ricci

    I want this! Looks wicked on your lips Christine!

  22. Dee

    Hm, I wouldn’t wear it alone, but it would be good for toning another lipstick down.

  23. AnGeLwInGz

    Would this work well with Best of Breed? It’s my fave gloss as of late. I have no intention of wearing blue lipstick to work or anything. Just curious.

  24. Shannon

    im not a fan of blue lipstick… =)

  25. Lucie

    J’adore! Been looking for a pigmented blue lipstick for awhile, I need this! But how did you get ahold of it if it’s only sold in Europe?

  26. Andie

    Yikes! Well it makes your teeth look really white. I am sure make up artists would find lots of uses for this, but probably not average people.

  27. Katrice

    This color is beautiful. I am hopeful one day blues are deemed wearable on the lips. I am sort of blue makeup collector and buy blue lipstick knowing I won’t wear them. Although, this would be great to wear at the horror conventions I go to regularly, lol. I own a similar color from Sinful Colors called Blue Magic. It is opaque, a beautiful navy color, and has more of a lustre finish than Disciple. I can’t comment on the wearing time because I have only worn it at home for short periods of time.;) Thanks for reviewing blue lipsticks too, greatly appreciated!

  28. Connie

    Good Lord, that is just plain scary. Now I like different but that is a big much. You are a brave woman putting that stuff on. LOL

  29. victoria

    I love it 😡 I’d wear it out in a heart beat.

  30. Gina G

    Wow this looks great on you! Very pretty.

  31. Harpreet

    wow, thats weird. good look for Halloween

  32. Camilla

    It looks like the lipstick worn by Beyonce in the “Telephone” video!

  33. Caitlin

    oh jeez… if I wore that here in Michigan I’d be reprimanded. lol…

  34. Amanda H.

    Wow! I like this! It’s actually very lovely on you! Any chance you’ll ever do a review of the “Underworld” color lippie of the same brand?

  35. Selenite

    That color actually looks great with your eyes!

  36. t_zwiggy

    Pretty color, just not sure if I like it on lips lol. Think I would have liked it better with a gloss or something over it.

    Would be fun to have a poll to see how many people that actually would go out of the house wearing this kind of color. And I’m not talking about dressing up for halloween or something like that, but to a party or dinner or even to the grocery store.

  37. Sara Jean

    Id rock it.

  38. Michelle

    This would be really cool (and maybe less drying) with some black or dark blue lip gloss over it :)

  39. Nicole

    I’ve never seen a color like this! It’s totally out of the norm, yet a beautiful and unique shade. I am so intrigued! If I were a girl with tattoos and some strategically placed piercings, why not rock this for a night out? I think it’s very modern.

  40. Wow! That is somethin’ else. I would love to try it on my brown skin just for s & g, but can’t imagine wearing it in real life.

  41. Dani

    I love this! I’m obsessed with all different tones of blue especially Navy. I wouldn’t wear it but it is definitely gorgeous!

  42. Claudia

    No, no and no!!!

  43. aradhana

    this is a very pretty and unique shade of blue!

    i know my opinion is just that, but i have to admit that although i love the blue colour in the hand and lip swatches, i don’t really like how the lipstick looks in the full face picture. i certainly wouldn’t say it looks bad (i think it’s already been established christine looks good in all colours and in all photos ^_^), but somehow i feel the colour is so bold/dark that your lips/teeth are competing with your eyes….

    that’s not to say that i don’t think you’d be able to make it work in a look…or that i won’t go check it out next time i’m at the illamasqua counter! 😉

  44. Melanie

    It looks great on you Christine and surprisingly wearable in my opinion…I would rock this!

  45. I loved , perfect color !!

  46. Helen

    Now THAT is COOL! I love it!

  47. Fey

    I used to have a similar blue, from Wet N’ Wild, called Wizard. The shades are pretty similar (though everyone knows which brand is obviously better). I had so much fun with that color. It looked awful on me, but it was SO much fun!

  48. Steph

    Neat! Very cyber-punk.

  49. Mahera

    whats on your cheeks Christine?

  50. Shasha

    Damn, Lady! Or more like DAYEMNNNNN!
    It’s 8 am in Holland, as in extremely early, and I did not see this coming when I opened my homepage…

    And like I commented in one of your previous reviews: You got some white teeth!
    Gosh I want that lip color…

  51. shilpa

    can i say it………this lipcolor makes uur teeth look artificial…….

  52. Interesting! Definitely a great shade for a costume party.

    Perhaps it could be more wearable mixed with another lip colour. It could also be handy in cooling/darkening a too warm and bright colour?

  53. I definitely agree with your attitude toward dark/bold lip colors. Sometimes it’s not about what’s most flattering but what can make an interesting or novel effect with your coloring.

  54. PeachBellini

    It’s official, you can pull off just about any shade and still look stunning.

  55. Vee

    I can actually color my lips with a deep blue felt tip pen and call it a day. or ink from my pen. Wow, and ppl will pay money for this!

  56. Sherry

    Daily wear? No. Comic-con? YES! Love it! 😉

  57. I wouldn’t personally use this, but I’d just love to use it on a model for a photoshoot!! Such a dramatic color!

  58. starr

    it looks gorgeous 😀 sigh but unfortunately illamasqua is not available in canada

  59. VJNS

    Not sure I like it, Christine. What if you put a lip base first? Would it make a difference in coverage? I’m not crazy about it, but I would wear it to a concert perhaps even a party. It’s definitely radical!

  60. I looove Disciple 😀 I wonder how it’d look topped with Gender.

  61. Janora

    It totally brings out your eyes but also makes your skintone look really green and pale!! I like it though, it’s so interesting

  62. Sophia

    For a Carnaval or Halloween is perfect. I have the black lipstick from mac an I use it for a normal day and I don´t care XD

    I like this color, I always want a blue lipstick since Blue eve from Mac.

  63. Um, I don’t think so hehe I think that’s more for editorial looks than my everyday makeup looks hehe

  64. Lakitha

    very interesting color. It would be great for a party look. I could picture this color topped with either a hint of silver gloss or even gold. Urban Decay used to have a similar color.

  65. brenda

    I was just at the website and it says it’s available on in the EU? If so why did they send you a sample or how did you get it if a majority of us can’t?

  66. kelli

    If anyone wants this and doesn’t know how to get it in the U.S. is a mostly European company that ships to the U.S. and most places and their shipping is free. They do have this color in stock. They have lots of nice cosmetics that are hard to find in the U.S. like some limited edition Paul and Joe compacts.

  67. ak

    I can’t believe….that I’m actually thinking of buying Disciple now. Can you believe that? I’m NC45 and men love me wearing colors on my lips that look like MAC Cyber for instance (a friend of mine years ago made a sick body part reference as to the reason for this….I’m sorry! LOL), so let’s face it Disciple can’t be too far from a Cyber-y looking lipstick.

    I’ve seen Disciple on pictures of girls on other websites, I think I’ve seen a pic of Amber Rose wearing what looks like could be this same Disciple lipstick AND not more than a week ago even, I saw a young girl wear it on the street in London who I assume was in her early 20s and she had her hair up.

    But this random chick must be like an NW15 or NC15 or even lighter but her hair was a reddish-brown, not black like she was a goth/emo, and she had sunglasses on… winter in the day. But it looked good, her lips looked a little thin, but not too thin and she didn’t wear gloss over her (I’m assuming) Disciple.

    But I want to wear it too, in the day or in the night BUT I want to put clear gloss over mine. I am itching to buy Disciple just a little too much. I just don’t know what to do now man….

  68. maria

    O_O!!!! WTF!!!!???? LOL XD!!!!

  69. Natalie

    How is it possible that even NAVY BLUE lipstick looks good on you, Christine? …not fair..:)

  70. I so want this color from Illamasqua. That and the new color, Apocalips (teal green color!).

    Sephora carries this brand but not these colors. I would have grabbed them up in a heartbeat if I did see them in Sephora, that’s for sure.

    I do notice that I can get Apocalips on their website but not Disciple. Why isn’t it allowed to be sold in the states?

    Also is there ANY way I could get it in the states? There has to be a way. Hard to find really unique and good blue lipstick from most brands, if any, these days. It sucks. And I love this color! I have no qualms at all about wearing a color like this, just casually.

    And if I do find a blue lipstick, it’s very pale, sheer, and/or not as deep as I like it in color. I know I can deepen any lipstick with a black lipgloss applied over it, but it would be nice to just be able to apply the right blue color on my lips right out of a tube.

  71. Katie

    Where the hell can I find this lipstick?!?! It sucks that this color is not available in the US!!