Thursday, July 9th, 2009

Illamasqua Coming to Sephora July 21st

At long last, the uber-artistic Brit beauty brand Illamasqua is making its way to U.S. shores via yours truly — Sephora! (Who else did ya think?) As expected, in-the-know beauty junkies across the nation obsessed with the brand knew it was just a matter of time before their pretty wishes would come true. Known for their night time makeup and dark, artistic persona (think 1920’s Berlin), Illamasqua is all about individuality and, as they say, “finding your alter ego.” Expect the unexpected with this makeup line: emerald polishes, beyond swoopy false lashes, plum-black lip shades, and stage-worthy eye makeup in vivid, dance club-worthy colors. Think of it as your ultimate nighttime makeup brand. Shop the entire line July 21st on, or at our new Times Square store on July 30. It’ll also be available in more stores come Fall. Want a sneak peek? Check out these gorgeous looks we’re featuring on their Brand Boutique on SO gorgeous, right? I am totally rockin’ those emerald digits and baby blue lashes. Sigh. Can’t wait.


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38 thoughts on “Illamasqua Coming to Sephora July 21st!

  1. SO EXCITED. I will be ALL OVER IT at the Times Square location!

  2. Christi

    Yay! I’ve been wanting to shop this brand for forever. Am loving Sephora <3

  3. Ria

    AHH -bookmarks date & site-

    Thanks for the info!

  4. This is possibly the most exciting news I’ve heard in a while!!!!! 😀 So excited.

    • Melissa

      Same here. (: I practically squealed when I read this and my mom is just shaking her head right now. Like I really need more beauty products… But I can’t wait to get my hands on their nail varnish, especially Loella. I just loove Sephora right now!

  5. Ashley

    Yay I am so excited!

  6. Leah

    OMG OMG OMG OMG! I can’t wait!

    Does anyone else notice that the model kind of looks like she’s flippin the “bird” though?

  7. Kaylabella

    yay!! i am soo stoked! Hopefully it’ll be in stores across the states sooner rather than later! Ordering online is all good and great, but I want to see them in person!

  8. Melody

    Yay!! Can’t wait :)

  9. kathy

    I love this picture… can see her breast though. CANNOT WAIT! thanks for posting!

  10. liz

    I am really really excited! My boyfriend was just in London but didn’t have time or a ride to get to Selfridges or Charles Fox, where Illamasqua is sold, we both feel a lot less bad about this now that it is coming stateside!

  11. YIPPEEEE that’s something to look forward to REAL soon 😀

  12. Any word about Canadian stores yet?

    • Not yet — does ship to Canada? I thought it did. I could totally be wrong, though. If it does, perhaps you can order via online? It’s not hitting stores for awhile, anyway, and I’m not sure when they’ll have a full rollout nationally (err… U.S.).

      • evo

        sephora does ship to canada but not all the products can be shipped here.

        i wonder when it’ll hit all the sephoras in the states? maybe i’ll have to make a trip to seattle

    • There’s usually a delay in when brands/products are released in Canada because the ingredients have to be approved first.

  13. Jessica

    OMGG!!! i’m sooo going to times square sephora on the 30thhh =] does anyone have any idea of the price?

  14. ZOMG!!!!! I am sooo excited for this! :)

  15. Elise


    I am so effing excited about this!! Do you know if the same thing will happen for Canadian Sephora stores as well?

  16. Brie

    YAAAAAAAY!!! Excited! 😀

    Though that picture always makes me think of Bert and Ernie from Seasame Street with those brows rofl.

  17. Rosie

    Amazing! Im SOOOOO PHYSCHED!

    I love the brand so much – I am friends with the MA Alex at Illamasqua and she is really excited, too: She writes the Illamasqua blog and says there will be an official blog post on it very soon… check it out at

    I love how they have such a strong online presense and they are so nice as well – none of that corporate bullshit that I get from all the other big brands, really approachable and to me that is such an important thing. I hate buying from the big brands who don’t give a crap about their customers – money money money…

    I hope Illamasqua becomes stronger than MAC as they deserve it – the product is better, they have Alex Box who is an AMAZING artist and they have banging promo images. 😀

    I hope they come to Boston – anyone know?!

  18. love it!! too bad i’m in PI!

  19. Luv J

    I almost ordered online.. man can’t wait for these products!

  20. atexasgypsy

    i think this post just made my day! thank you so much for sharing!

  21. Sass

    Christine…I was literally crying when I heard about this. I am soooooooo darn happy beyond belief. I’m getting ready for my Illamasqua haul. I’m going to cross the bridge to Manhattan to hold it in my hands. Sweet!

  22. If I had a Sephora I’d be really excited but I actually have a few Illamasqua products and I really like them A LOT more than MAC.

  23. sprut

    Exciting! Any idea what the price point will be?

  24. lulu

    OMG….OMG….another addiction coming my way. I’m gonna get a heart attack with all this excitment. I’m seriously excited to check this out.

  25. Cindy

    Soooo hitting Time Square. Bless Sephora = D

  26. Cacauate

    Does anyone know what time on July 21st while have Illamasqua available? hmmmm….It’s still not up on their website yet?!

    • Kristeen

      Illamasqua @ has a new tentative date of 7/27. Just found out via their customer service….BOOOOOO!!!!

  27. Patrice

    I couldn’t find it on today July 21st…