Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

Illamasqua is now available at

Start buying! Looks like *most* of Illamasqua products are now available for actual purchasing. There are still a few marked with “Coming soon!” and I imagine progress will continue to happen through tonight/tomorrow morning. Happy hauling, everyone! Be sure to share what you couldn’t resist in the comments! :)

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34 thoughts on “Illamasqua Available at Now!

  1. shonn

    I am browsing right now! I think for sure going to get some Varnishes. What else it great to get for the first time?

  2. shonn

    Ok, It is on the site, but all the quantities say “coming soon” WTH?? I want Rampage nail poilish

  3. JennXOXO

    You can’t purchase online yet. All the products say “coming soon”. I checked earlier today lol :)

  4. I wonder if they’ll ever come to Canada

  5. I’d probably buy all nail polish shades
    if I had +500 =D

    P.S.: By Laurebn Luke is coming to Sephora too!

  6. $500?

    A whole load of Lipstick + Lipgloss.

    And a truck full of the Nail Varnishes.

  7. Gigi

    So what the hell was the purpose of putting it on the web site if you can’t buy anything! :-( that’s probably a marketing strategy to have everyone salivating. Exactly how long is “coming soon”

  8. civa

    blushes, eyeshadows, concealer and foundation, maybe some nail polishes, too… got to get them all! lol

    if I only had $500.

  9. Leah

    With $500, I’d stock up on lipsticks, the lip quad, a ton of shadows, phallic nail varnish, the intense glosses and the matte primer.

  10. civa

    oops! I ment if only I had $500 to play with. :p

  11. Jessy

    Ahh hurry up!!! I NEED to order. I have run out of pretty much everything I bought in London! Lipsticks are amazing, I love the intense lipglosses and the nail varnishes are to die for [and cheaper here than UK yay!!]

    I also love the Sirens collection – I didn’t get a chance to see it but have a look at the images on the Illamasqua blog –

  12. Sass

    I was kind of bummed about the coming soon messages, but I put in my email addy to be notified when Liquid Metal comes in.

  13. claudia

    I would get the nail varnishes, specially Rampage, that I fell in love with. Also heard amazing reviews on their face stuff, like primers and foundations.

  14. Ruth

    I see 3 coral lipsticks I have to have !

  15. Deirdre

    $500 to play with this is my list
    Face: Matte Primer $28
    Cream Foundation $30
    Blush 3@ $23
    Eyes: Eyeshadow 10@ $20
    Cake liner $21
    Lips: Intense Lipgloss 3@ $19
    and last
    Nail Varnish: 5@ $14

  16. Liquid Metals, Powder shadows (mostly matte), and intense l/g :)

  17. Ali

    Well, I def want the Liquid Metals. I like the varnishes in Collide, Phallic, and Untold, cream blush in Promise, powder blush in Unrequited, the illuminator in Odyssey, pure pigments in Chasm and Conquer, and a bunch of the eye shadows. :)

  18. Dee

    Only some things are saying Coming Soon…not everything.

    With that said, with 500 bucks, I’d buy:Maneater, Flicker, Welt, Box, and Resist(assuming they look good on me)lipstick.($100)

    Fervent, Conqure, Incite pigments($75)

    13, 15, 16, 17 and 19 lashes($80)

    Angst, Anja, Bronx, Dare, Fiasco, Intense, Never, Sadist, Soul, Tango, Vapour, Victim, eyeshadows(240)

    495 total :)

  19. christi

    I’m so bummed! I thought they’d be around the same price as MAC. Since they’re more than I was expecting I’m going to wait until they hit stores so I can try them out first.

    • liz

      if you would do some research, for certain items; prices vary only slightly for the amount you get.

      e/s mac is 14.50 and illamasqua is 20; mac shadows are .05 oz and illamasquas are .07 oz.
      MAC .0034 oz/dollar ILLAMASQUA .0035 oz/dollar

      nail polish mac is 11 and illamasqua is 14; mac is .34 oz and illamasqua is .5
      MAC .034 oz/dollar ILLAMASQUA .035 oz/dollar

      lip gloss mac is 14 and illamasqua is 19; mac is .17oz and illamasqua is .2
      MAC .012 oz/dollar ILLAMASQUA .010 oz/dollar

      you are right though for things like foundation and blush; but for nail polishes and lipglosses and eyeshadows – it may go better with illamasqua

    • They’re pretty well-priced, considering how much they are in pounds!

  20. shontay

    My wish list is hella long. I’m scooping up those intense glosses and one or two blushes and resist lipstick. I have to wait til tomorrow or friday, though when I have more funds :). My planned mac haul will have to wait.

  21. Patrice

    I’m also eyeing on the coral lipstick and matte peachy nude…yummieeee….

  22. freewing

    thats sooo cool~~!! we finally can buy illamasqua in the state

  23. liz

    waiting for the polishes to go up. i want phallic after i saw your swatch!

    but after that i’m going to haul to the point that i can instantly qualify for VIB lol.

  24. Dana

    I’m only really interested in lipsticks, a few powder eyeshadows, three of the nail varnishes, and a couple of intense glosses. I could easily buy what I want from the collection with $500 and have some left over for MUFE 😉

  25. Drée

    i’ve saved up for back to school shopping and luckily I included illamasqua into that. some of the lipstick colors I wanted aren’t included in the line so I guess it was fate telling me they wouldn’t look good or I already have colors like them! (like diablo l/s … guess I’ll get violetta when I’m in SF!)

  26. Emmie

    Just so everyone knows, the colours aren’t really true to real life. I have the Box lipstick pictured in the 2nd photo down and it is not nearly as dark as that! Maybe try to see swatches first if you can? Wouldn’t want anyone to be too disappointed :)

  27. IZzySA

    I purchased from the London store a month ago and I still have not received my package.. I don’t know if their service in person will be AS BAD.. but if so, no matter how good their products are, they will have an uphill struggle with their line.

    I have written three times and was answered once, it sucks really to have them take money and not ship, or say they shipped via Royal mail.. ugh.

  28. Ashlee

    IM SOO MAD !!!!

    I went to check out and get told they dont ship to Canada


  29. Bernadette

    hi temptalia,
    he he he, i just placed an Illamasqua order at Sephora:
    Liquid Metal: Solstice
    L/g: Fierce
    E/s: Succumb, Stalk, Intense, Dizzy, Heroine, CanCan, Victim, and Incubus
    P/B: Thrust
    Illuminator: Poised, Halcycon

    Do you happened to know if Sephora is only selling whats on their webpage or will they expand their Inventory. I’m very tempted to place an order on the UK webpage???????

  30. Bernadette

    so I placed an order from their UK webpage….will see
    now I’m at Sephoras webpage AGAIN, since “coming soon” items are available now, except the varnishes. argh!!!!

  31. I wanted fierce l/g and phallic nail lacquer. Both out of stock! grr