Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Illamasqua Apocalips Lipstick
Illamasqua Apocalips Lipstick

Illamasqua Apocalips Lipstick

Illamasqua Apocalips Lipstick (£15.50 for 0.14 oz.) is described as a “teal” with a matte finish. It’s an opaque blue-teal with a matte finish. It’s certainly not the shade you think of when you hear the word “everyday.” I’m sure it doesn’t come as much of a surprise when I say I don’t have anything quite like this. The closest would be Illamasqua’s Gender, which is a bluish lipgloss. I haven’t swatched or used it yet, but perhaps OCC’s Chlorophyll will be similar (but it looks more like a green-teal).

The formula is very dry, though it will slide over lips well enough to deposit opaque color without too much pulling or dragging (but there is some). The finish is entirely matte. It’s unscented, and there was no discernible taste when I tested it. Apocalips will wear and wear and wear–and it will stain, too. The stain is almost like frostbitten lips, to be honest! This shade wore for six hours with little fading, but because of the drier texture, you’ll want to ensure that you absolutely have perfect, moisturized lips prior to application. My lips felt a little dry after wearing this for six and a half hours. I wouldn’t describe the formula as drying, just dry, and naturally, lips without any hydration, will need some after several hours. My lips weren’t chapped or cracked, though–and that is how my lips react when a formula is truly drying.

The Glossover



Bold, unconventional color that applies neatly, stays in place, and goes on entirely opaque (no streaking!)--wear it with confidence!











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Illamasqua Apocalips Lipstick
Illamasqua Apocalips Lipstick

Illamasqua Apocalips Lipstick
Illamasqua Apocalips Lipstick

Illamasqua Apocalips Lipstick
Illamasqua Apocalips Lipstick (Diffused Flash)

Illamasqua Apocalips Lipstick
Illamasqua Apocalips Lipstick (Studio Lighting)

Illamasqua Apocalips Lipstick
Illamasqua Apocalips Lipstick

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Where can I purchase it? How much is it?

Illamasqua, £15.50.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

Not that I could think of!

What makeup are you wearing?

On eyes: Guerlain Capri Eyeshadow Quad, Guerlain Blu Acqua Khol Kajal, Guerlain G Mascara. On cheeks: Guerlain Sunny Pink Terracotta Blush.

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128 thoughts on “Illamasqua Apocalips Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Lolly

    Holy s***….that’s a very unique lipstick. Doesn’t look bad on you actually, in an unconventional way. :)

  2. AnGeLwInGz

    I’m jealous of all the ladies who have the courage to wear it! It’s a beautiful color and I’d certainly wear it in nail polish form.

  3. Malia

    kinda Crayola-ish but still cool! I am a huge fan of their lipsticks, I actually like the drier formula :)

  4. Melissa

    lol…you are a true sport for taking a full face picture with this crazy color on:)

  5. MonicaP

    Hmm,rather an awful color for regular wear. Must be for editorial magazines or .. Halloween.

    • Tempest Paige

      Well depends on the outfit really 😉

    • amy

      I don’t find this any less “wearable” than, say, purple lipstick, or orange/purple/fuschia blush (not exactly “natural” colors), so why not a blue for the lips? People wear very unnatural “blush” colors every day, so why not this?

    • Lark

      I’m fifty and go to night clubs. Don’t you? This is fun going out wear, like glitter or double lining. It does need some icky child appeal candy to stain the inside of the mouth bluish greenish, but hey- copper based blood. Be alien on a dance floor before your time is up. Gold highlighter with neutral blush and line that red water line.
      Smokin’ hot fun!

  6. for some reason i really love this lipstick! very daring and a lovely shade of blue!

  7. I have this, love it though not sure where to wear it haha. It looks incredible on you though!!

  8. Want, for the sheer uniqueness of the color! I love blue teals.

  9. Joanna

    I bought this with a few other pieces from the collection, and I love it, but can’t do much except look at it and plan halloween costumes around it. Any advice on how to make it a bit more wearable (perhaps a color it would look good mixed with?) I’ve already used it to add some blue undertones to pink but I have similar coloring to you and really blue-based pinks don’t look that great on me :\

    • Maybe layer a red over it? Maybe apply a little on a palette and mix with a gloss or another lipstick rather than layering?

    • futuralon

      I think this color is begging for a big, glamorous fuchsia eye look.

      • Lark

        Red and green make muddy colors. This is a nightclub statement color-I’ve already seen it out at night. Very dark skinned girls, black and I think Indian just put it on and walk out the door. Looks incredible! White girls will need lip erase in all probability.
        In another decade this will be daytime- for now its night. Clubbing. Gold gloss, but mixing traditional lip colors with bluish green gets you grey ish brown. Basic color wheel.
        It’s like black lips; you’re there or you aren’t. Sephora will knock it off pronto though, and sting less if you never go out in it.

  10. I can’t wait to own this. It’s not blue (I am really wanting a true blue lipstick) but it’s a beautiful color! I am totally wearing this once I get it.

    • Fitrah

      For a blue lipcolor, see if you can get your hands on MAC’s Chromagraphic Pencil in Hi-Def Cyan. It’s lovely on the lips.

      • Nina

        Nice!! Good call Fitrah! I have cyan pencil and for some reason never thought to put it on my lips! Definitely trying this soon!! Thanks for the tip! ; )

    • Pip

      If you’re after a true blue, try checking out Morgana’s Cryptoria? Gothy site yes, but they have some lovely hand-made lipsticks in all kinds of crazy shades.

    • MORENA

      Ka’oir Cosmetics has a true blue lipstick

    • Veronica

      OCC Cosmetics’ liptar in RX is a “true blue” lipstick you might want to check out.

  11. Amy Em

    I think this would be really fun as a lipgloss.

  12. Pamela

    Outside of a Neytiri costume, what in sam hell can this be used for????????????

  13. Christina

    So pretty. Don’t know if I’m brave enough to wear it though lol.

  14. Fitrah

    I love blue lipcolors. My favorite combo is MAC’s Cyan Blue Chromagraphic Pencil under CoverGirl’s Divine Lip Perfection lipstick. It makes a lovely periwinkle. Apocalips is going on my wishlist. Illamasqua’s matte lipstick formula is great. I wear Illamasqua’s Pristine, their matte black lipstick, a lot. It’s one of my favorite lipsticks.

  15. Sharlie Gugel

    I was just wearing Chlorophyll yesterday, and this does appear bluer. Gosh, I so want this though!!

  16. Sharlie Gugel

    I would live to see this with Illamasqua Violate sheer lipgloss over it!! Could you imagine how insanely beautiful that would be???

    • Totally agree- would be a stunning combination! Colours like this might never work at the office, but I do occasionally like to rock one for an evening out. I find that if you feel confident enough to wear the shade, I think it’s something anyone could pull off.

  17. artemis

    Cool 😀 Too bad it’s so matte :( Love the color though <3 I would so wear a color like this if I didn't live in this ex-communist Romania… :/

  18. LC

    I guess I’ll be the stick in the mud and wonder who would truly wear this in everyday life, not just on Halloween. Really? I think the color itself is pretty, but I doubt it would be flattering on anyone.

    • Sometimes it’s not about what’s “flattering” – makeup can be just as much of an art or a form of self-expression as anything else.

      • Nina

        You rock Christine! Seriously, truly. I heart you.

      • Iliana

        So true. I’m pretty sure that it anyone could pull this off, as long as they have the confidence to wear it proudly. I am a serious believer in confidence making any outfit and makeup look good. I’ve seen a lot of what most would call “uncoordinated”/”not suited for daily wear outfits” land on The Sartorialist and other fashion blogs and magazines because of the wearer’s confidence.

        What a pretty shade. I can imagine this going well on someone with a glowy, deep, dark tan and an edgy outfit. Maybe also a mohawk and/or winged liner.

        • Yes, confidence will go a very, very long way. How many of us have seen someone wear something (be it a hair cut, makeup, outfit, etc.) and gone, “Man, I wish I could pull that off!” How much of that is purely because that person looks comfortable in what they’re wearing? A lot!

  19. Melissa

    What does one do with a blue lipstick? Hrm.

  20. Laura

    I have this lipstick and it’s hot. I haven’t had a chance to wear it out of the house yet (a little too crazy for the office!) but I’m definitely going to wear it next time I go to a club, probably with a subtly smokey neutral eye. It’s strangely a lot more wearable than you might think. The girl at illamasqua was wearing it over a bright blue-teal liner which looked awesome!

  21. Melody

    Such a cool color! I wish I had an excuse to wear it somewhere. It would look good with Illamasqua intense eyeshadow.

  22. kinella

    you look gorgeous with ever lipstick colour but
    yay…finally a colour that doesn’t suit you 😛

    thanks for your work

  23. What’s the point of a brand comming out with a colour like this? Kinda seems like a waste of resources and money lol

    • Alexis

      Photo shoot purposes or for that one person who likes to be different.

    • Miss J

      This is Illamasqua, not Clinique. Point being… look at who each brand is trying to target then re-think that comment. Illamasqua focuses on the art of makeup. Their slogan is “makeup for your alter ego.” It would probably be more of a waste for them to come out with another ordinary color seeing as people tend to look to Illamasqua for the more unique shades/products.

    • Veronica

      Because they can. 8D

    • Carrie

      Because they’re Illamasqua. They started in the theater and are known for the dramatic. Sure they do have more “practical” colors but that isn’t what the heart and soul of the brand is about – it’s colors like this that they’re really known for.

      • Lark

        There’s like 40% of the US and a ton in the UK alone who have dark skin and a certain percentage of them look amazing in this kind of color just grabbed and put on. Some girls need a bit more set up; but I’d wear it to clubs, wrinkles and all! I have a bright cobalt blue, but this seems more wearable. The editorial pics show the model in a teal wig with this lippie, amazing! Wait two weeks and look at the men who wear make up posting tutorials all over you tube…
        New ideas take a while. And this requires icky kid candy to stain your mouth so pink and green don’t fight.

  24. Wow, that is one original colour, I like it on you Christine, but I don’t think I would ever wear that.

  25. Mar

    I thought Kontrol was lovely, but this is just unique! I would love to see Sephora stock it, but I will just have to order it directly through them. All the pictures I’ve seen of girls wearing this (including you Christine!) look so divine I cannot take it.

  26. Aleena

    Have you worn this out and about, Christine?

    • Nope! But realistically, I don’t wear the majority of makeup I’ve tested out since I’m usually wearing a myriad of things at once – two different blushes, two different eye looks, etc. 😉

      • amy

        That would be interesting to see, though… Kat Von D wears two different eyes. (I totally thought it was my TV, but then I read it somewhere)

  27. Abflex

    Millions of people wear makeup, ladies! And not all of them always want a red, pink, or nude lip color. I think it’s super awesome that a fancy brand like Illamasqua is offering high-quality options for the beauty outliers.
    Also, look at a color wheel. Green is opposite of red (aka it’s complimentary color), which is why this green-based teal shade looks oddly “right” to a lot of people’s eyes, despite it being really unconventional. It’s the literal inverse of the classic red lip. Love it.

    • Nina

      I second Christines response!! =) I totally get that this lipstick is Not for everyone! Some are gonna think it’s too weird, some probably think it’s ugly but… that’s why makeup comes in lots of colors!! Because some of us think this is AMAZING! And would definitely wear it in public (though I agree with most posts ~ it’s a going out look… not an office look). So ~ that’s why a company would make this color, cause there ARE a lot of people that would wear it.

      I recently have had a bold red lip breakthrough, but prior to that, I would have picked this color up before wearing a nice, true red in public! =)

  28. Well, if you were going for a part as The Joker in a Batman movie, you’re all set. You look great, but this color makes you look ill. It seems that even though this is actually a fantastic lipstick, it won’t be useful for most of us.

  29. linna

    I love this color. trying to find the courage to wear it to class.

  30. Stephanie

    I love the color but it’s not something I would wear on my lips. Love that you tried it for us!

  31. Danii

    I want this so bad. 😀

  32. Very unique..But I don’t have the courage to wear it:))

  33. Moena

    I think the look you have on is really creative; blue-teal on lips and pink-purple on eyes–the opposite of conventional. :) I love it!

    • It was funny – when I was doing the lip swatch for it, I was like, “It doesn’t really go with this look…” and then I was like, “But what DOES it go with?” It’s not like any look I wore with it would make it any less dramatic/unconventional. So I decided why not?

  34. Carla

    Christine, what are you wearing on your eyes? It looks lovely 😀

    • Listed in the FAQ – On eyes: Guerlain Capri Eyeshadow Quad, Guerlain Blu Acqua Khol Kajal, Guerlain G Mascara. On cheeks: Guerlain Sunny Pink Terracotta Blush.

  35. I love it! I want it!

  36. Maria

    Hmmmm, I think although bright red/purple/orange etc are considered wearable is because your lips contain hints of those colours naturally, blue/green however is only ever naturally your lip colour when you are really ill or dead :-/

    Good colour to wear for the sake of breaking the mould but I can’t see it ever being flattering!

    (Unless its on Christines’ pretty face of course 😉 )

  37. [email protected]

    I love this lipstick it is so pretty on you Christine and I guess I’m an odd ball because I would not be scared to wear this if I could get it in the U.S. I would be wearing it as much as possibly! I love standing out feeling unique or individual! Makeup is a form of self expression! Not everyone thought Mac Pink Friday was very wearable and I personally love it and wear it constantly!! Wish this lippie was available in the states :(

  38. Really pretty color for goths.

  39. what were you doing during those six and a half hours? did you go out? If yes, did people comment?

    • No, I was at home :) Since we work at home, we’re only out if we eat out or run errands–usually I don’t test anything until I know I’m going to be home (because I usually test two faces, half on each side) OR if I need to wear it for 10-12 hours, then I’ll put it on in the AM.

      • amy

        I’ve been wondering, Christine, do you ever get a chance to wear makeup for “fun” & not work related (not that you *don’t* have fun testing products?

        • Not really – I don’t have enough time as is to review everything readers want to, so I try to not waste time and use the time I have to test products. The only time I don’t really test something is if I’m on a business trip – then I just bring some neutrals and bold lipsticks.

  40. Roxanne

    I think my problem with this lipstick is I look at it and think “Man I wish that were more blue”. I don’t know what it is with me and teal, but teal colours always come off as blue’s ugly cousin LOL

    • kastehelmi

      And the funny thing is, I was thinking “I wish it were more green!”

      Looks fabulously verdant, but I would never wear a lipstick that’s so blue, cause it does make the complexion look ashen/sallow. Green on the other hand….
      Well, green is my favorite color, that’s probably the only reason I’m defending it as opposed to blue-green lipstick!
      You ladies who like Apocolips should flaunt it!–I am more attracted to Flare, gotta try some Illamasqua someday!

  41. This would be awesome for a Hunger Games capitol citizen look.

  42. barbara

    so annoying whenever people see a different color lipstick and make stupid comments

    • Mar

      Agreed, everyone has their own comfort level or preference and I don’t go around saying neutral lippies are boring and dull in the comments, but I think it’s a trend that Illamasqua does when they release something unconventional, which is why I honestly love them (along with their ideology). While some found MAC’s Candy Yum Yum to be their HG shade, I woldn’t wear it but I would rock Apocalips.

      I’ll just embrace ‘Halloween’ as being a daily form of expression

    • Miss J

      Hahaha, I feel you, Barbara. It’s one thing when people say it’s not a color for them, but the simply stupid comments… Ugh.

    • Carrie

      I wouldn’t say the comments are stupid, I just say the other posters have a decided lack of imagination 😉

  43. Veronica

    Curse you regional releases! *sigh* I love the color, but I don’t know if I could justify both the price AND the expense of having a UK buddy purchase and mail it over to me. Considering, considering…

  44. Miss J

    I think I would like this color better deepend with a black lipstick! Leans a little too blue for me, personally. I think the only way I’d buy myself a blue lip color is if it was named Cyanotic, lmao. IDK why, but the name would please me.

  45. Jane

    The amount of negative feedback (i.e. “why/where/how would you wear this” “it makes you look dead” “waste of money” “NOT flattering” etc.) really makes me want to buy this, wear it, and prove them wrong!
    This is a seriously awesome color. Thanks for reviewing it!

  46. Bianca

    It actually reminds me of Shrinkle’s hair!

  47. Emily

    Looks very Bad-Witch-Of-The-West-ish but less green. O_O Cool.

  48. Joni

    Sorry Christine, but I had to laugh a bit at the full face photo. You’re lovely and it looks pretty cool on you but it’s just so odd.

  49. Jasmine

    would someone really wear this out? I know I can’t, I don’t have the courage to!

    • Miss J

      I would! :) Hey, I get weird looks when I wear a bright coral, so might as well go all out!

    • Veronica

      I think it would take me a bit to build up the courage, but I would. I’ve worn MAC’s Potent Fig to work before, so I can be daring when I want to. 😀 For me, makeup is all about fun.

  50. timothybcat

    I thinks it’s an absolutely gorgeous color and the finish and pigmentation look amazing! I wish to heaven I was younger/cooler so I could actually wear it.

  51. Amalia

    Finally a lipstick that doesn’t suit to Christine ha ha! Brave girl,excellent review as always!

  52. Chelle

    Seriously… there is no lipstick on this planet that does not suit you. Holy hell woman.

  53. Lark

    I want! Nightclubs, gallery openings, after dark is fair game for this! But it needs a spearmint sno ball while getting dressed to tone down the pink gums- that’s the key. I’ve already seen this on black girls and it looks amazing…

  54. Jocelyn Beckett

    If you were able to mix this with a liptar somehow, you could do neat things.

  55. Amy

    I give up. There is no color that doesn’t look amazing on you. :) Would you ever wear this in a daily look?

    • If the mood struck me – like if I got inspired or some kind of look came to me where it would all come together, but it’s not something I’d reach for on a regular basis myself.

  56. Andrea

    I’ve got this and it’s really fun to wear and looks great on!

  57. Andrea

    We have lots of wonderful colours now which in the past might have been unconventional – pink eyeshadow, green nails – so it’s really great to have a different choice for lips, too! It looks amazing full-on, but also toned down with a wash of colour.

  58. Love it! The only close colors I can think of are Fyrinnae Narwhal Nuzzles (and by close I mean same color family) and Morgana Cryptoria Sub-Zero.

  59. Mae

    It looks awesome on you! I love “weird” colours, so I may have to get this one.

  60. Nic

    It actually looks quite nice, for what it is. The pigmentation and texture look really good, and while it’s not the type of color I’d reach for often, I could see wearing it out for fun.

  61. Kellilee

    Are they planning on releasing any of this collection on Sephora? I’m dying for most of this collection (including this lipstick, LOVE) but I can’t order overseas! :(

  62. Nancy

    Reminds me of MAC’s peacocky kissable lipclour.
    Very unique color, though I’ll never have the guts to wear it out except maybe on Halloween but even then..

  63. Charlotte

    At least it makes your teeth look really white!

  64. This is a very unique lipstick shade. I’ve been wearing this out during daytime and no one commented. It actually doesn’t look that wild, there’s something muted about this shade. (People tend to give me funny looks when I’m wearing purple lips.) Apocalips isn’t very dark and it appears more green on my lips than on yours Christine. I love Illamasqua for making these amazing lipsticks. :)

  65. I was wondering if you were gonna test this one! I love blue lippies, or pretty much any lippie that’s a more “unconventional” shade + I’m really getting into the color teal lately. I would love to wear some of these more boldly, but unfortunately, I live in WI and you should see some of the looks I get just from some of my more “minor” things! If I still lived in Cleveland, OH, I could prolly rock it without much prob! The one thing now is being a student of the tribal dance community, I think that might be the place I can let my more obnoxious, louder, bolder, you name it, self out free!

    • You know, I used to live in the Silicon Valley in California (I still live in CA!), and I can’t say I saw much full makeup. Even just heavier eyeshadow, I rarely saw it. So… I don’t know where all of you makeup fiends are hiding, but even in busier areas – it’s just as rare, lol!

      That’s a good call 😉 I mean, there is always a time and a place, right? I wouldn’t exactly wear Apocalips to a business meeting! Unless it was with Illamasqua, perhaps!

  66. Lucy

    I’m actually going to keep this in mind next time I’m near an Illamasqua counter (even here in the UK they are sadly quite rare). Any blue based red/pink seems to turn fuschia on me, so this could look wildly different on me IRL.

    Would be fab for messing with my colourblind brother’s head too :).

  67. Alexandra Aimee

    Yuck! I really hope this doesn’t become a thing :-/ To be perfectly honest even on you (an expert in application!) it looks very messy because it does not blend with your natural lip color at all. The line from lip to inside of your mouth is too dramatic, the small cracks around your cupids bow look messy, and the tiny big that bleeds onto your skin on the lower lip looks different from the part over your actual lip. The only way I can imagine this ever being even a little stylish is with a full on punk rock look where everything is supposed to look messy and off kilter.

    • You could, of course, apply it more meticulously than I, as I only applied it here for swatching purposes, which I do without a mirror. It sounds like the application was what bothered you most! :)

  68. Vanessa Sales

    Who actually wears this color lipstick? Blue, black, very purple those colors are just not flattering or pretty in my opinion. Scary… Youre so great for trying it on!

    • Miss J

      Not everyone wears makeup to look conventional/pretty/whatever. I don’t see why it’s “scary.”

  69. I love the skin swatch, but the lip swatch doesn’t really interest me… I dunno, it just looks dry and meh. I’ve seen other pics where I’ve really liked it though.

  70. k

    Curious, is this actually limited edition or is it the same as other Illamasqua collections where the collection seems to be fairly long/permanent in their range? Just wondering cause I’m considering purchasing but wondering if I’ll have a while yet or not.

  71. Alexandria

    Personally, I’d love to see this colour applied just barely in the center of the lips over reds or pinks. But since that is how I would use this colour I’d be better off with OCC’s liptars. I do love that they put out such a bold colour though.

  72. Corrina

    WOW, that’s a statement. Is it bad that all I could think of was the Hunger Games?

  73. its more for magazine cover, not everyday use hehehe

  74. Brittany

    beautiful color but honestly I dont think this color looks good on the lips, I for one will even admit i know for a fact it would not look good on me. But this would look stunning on anybody can rock that color on nails. A teal matte nail polish? I think so! But i would wear glossy and kind of creme finished.

  75. Steph

    Neat! I would never wear it, but I enjoy looking at different makeup. Thanks for adding a touch of unconventionality to Temptalia!

  76. dzacc

    I need this so incredibly badly. did u use anything to line or use a brush? I wish sephora carried this shade online.