Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Temptalia Asks You

If you were an eyeshadow color, what color would you be? Share! (And if there’s a specific shade, share that, too!)

Temptalia's AnswerTeal–slightly green-leaning–with subtle shimmer!

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97 thoughts on “If you were an eyeshadow color, what color would you be?

  1. I would be black because I am ALL ABOUT THE DRAMA! <3

  2. Avatar of Aida Aida

    Gosh, that was a tough one… I would be ei

  3. Avatar of Sam Sam

    Ugh, I LOVE these kind of questions. Lol I would probably be somewhere along the lines of an antique gold. Kind of a taupey base with a high-shine shimmer.

  4. Avatar of Aida Aida

    Gosh, that’s a tough one… I would either be a rich, plummy purple with slight shimmer or a gorgeous, velvety midnight blue :).

  5. JQ

    Slate blue. And if I was a city, I’d be Seattle.

    • Assuming you aren’t from here? For if you were your color might be a cold, mid-tone, soul sucking and never ending GREY. LOL

    • haha! why seattle? i live here and it’s kind of crummy.

      • Seattle is beautiful; so much greenery, Puget Sound and Mt. Olympus. The food is delicious (love the emphasis on fresh food too) and its pretty artsy. I love the Seattle culture; its like a less extreme version of SF. I love Seattle. Reminds me of cozy things like scarves, hats, rainboots, detailed coats, hats, gloves and last but not least umbrellas!

      • JQ

        I like rain, but more importantly, I don’t like sun. Every summer I mess up at least once and it tans/burns me. Lame! Seattle’s pretty without being all bright and sunshiney.

  6. Kat

    Dove grey with a hint of steel

  7. a dark, cool grey…one that’ll complement a lot of eye colours and have a pretty matte finish, so other, lighter, more shimmery shades could be used with it if desired(i’ve actually thought about this on my own, LOL…lil creepy over here).

  8. Avatar of Anne Anne

    A coppery brown!

  9. Avatar of Amy xamyx

    Either NARS Daphne or UD Jet (from the Black Palette).

  10. A medium leaning dark neutral with a lot of different color shifts going on and multicolored sparkles — One of those colors that look like different colors from different angles, perhaps akin to a sparkly peacock pearl.

    I like to think I’m as multifaceted as a person could be; that I either intimidate or awe people at first glance. However, once you’ve warmed up to me, you can see that I hide a rather tame interior. Also, chances are I need a little help (in this case, a sticky base :P ) to keep myself together.

  11. Quinn

    Matte emerald green c:

  12. Avatar of Danielle Danielle

    I’d be a medium taupe/purple with slight shimmer. And I’d be long lasting and crease-proof(:

  13. Avatar of Melissa Melissa

    A champagne gold with silver shimmer!

  14. Sarah

    A matte taupe brown- a shade that appears to be avarage but is etreamly versatile!

  15. Black and Blue….I am told I can be a pain in the as***. Because my retorts do sting….and they are a funny “ha ha” laughing sting….

  16. 18thCenturyFox

    My first thought was MAC Cloudburst. It never looks flat black on me, it turns complex and though it is dark it appears to take hue cues from its neighboring shades. Plus the name is perfect and stormy.

  17. Alesia

    I think I would be a brownish-purple-red (like MAC Maroon pigment or MAC Satin Taupe). If someone knows other similar beautiful shades please tell me!!! :-)

  18. Sarah

    i’d be a duochrome

  19. dzehnie

    Sapphire blue with subtle dark green, gold, black and sky blue shimmer.

  20. Avatar of Zita szlamizita

    Taupe with a hint of purple :)

  21. VickyM

    I would be a gold eyeshadow with sparkly emerald green mixed in. The only reason for me to be that eyeshadow is because I just really dream with a color like that, in eyeshadow, eyeliner, clothes, accesories, nail polish even shoes. :)

  22. Avatar of Jenn Jenn

    Something just a little lighter then Mac’s Humid.

  23. Avatar of Jax Jax

    Deep navy blue with a violt edge and peacock sheen

    (something a bit like UD Evidence with the barest hint of Rockstar and Loaded, if that makes sense)

  24. dark creamy eggplant :)

  25. Avatar of Mariella Mariella

    No question – TAUPE. Not a dull, boring, barely pigmented taupe but a taupe that was just perfection and easy to wear but also pigmented enough that it could be more dramatic so that, applied lightly, it was an easy, quick look but also, because of the pigmentation, it could be a “one shadow” look for something a bit stronger – applied lightly on the lid and then deeper in the crease. It would be that perfect shade of taupe – not too brown, not too grey, with a hint of purple but not too much purple – it would be that perfect shade that I’m always hunting for!

  26. Avatar of Ana Ana

    Cranberry/coral with subtle sheen

  27. Starfish

    A shimmering, deep purple!

  28. Avatar of Lisa Brown Lisa Brown

    Any shade of green

  29. koolchicken

    Please envision a pale, cool toned, sheer pink- now go crazy with very fine holographic glitter.
    Sort of what you might expect if a fairy exploded everywhere…

  30. burberry trench eyeshadow – and you want me to answer whyyyy ??


    Then , my mentor will use me often and not to forget i will witness the most beautiful day of her life – her wedding

    no its not to much Christine :D :D the place is little too short to write down my feelings :D

  31. Avatar of Kathryn KEG

    I think I would be turquoise blue-because I love the water (and it’s especially beautiful when it is this shade of blue )

  32. Avatar of Heather Heather

    Urban Decay Fishnet or Omen :D

  33. Avatar of Alix Alix

    Matte mauve with a hint of gray.

  34. Yasmin

    I would be smudged violet from the shadowy lady quad, my favourite eyeshadow in the world!

  35. Avatar of ElKay ElKay

    Taupe – plain and boring but good to have around.

  36. Avatar of Miriam Miriam

    I’d be duochrome or triochrome (if that’s even word to describe a color) Something that’d be complex with a few colors peeping through when the light hits.

  37. Some sort of gold. That is the type of color I gravitate & am wearing right now lol.

  38. Zainab

    Some sort of orange. I just don’t think I’m a peaceful type, or a natural type, but I’m not angry or miserable. So orange, the colour of fire, prison jumpsuits and marigolds.

  39. Gold/Orange duochrome. Like UD X or Inglot 407.

  40. Avatar of Dee GUSnail

    I think a neutral, dark purple with a satin or pearl finish.

  41. Probably something similar to Urban Decay’s Omen. I love purple, and the duochrominess is a must, I think it shows two different sides to the eyeshadow, just like everyone has 2 sides to their personality!

  42. Sabrina

    I would be a a vibrant grass green color !
    YEAH !
    If you put me under the light, you would discover warm golden particules. And if you let me under the rain, you’d be able to see some dark forest green under the vibrant green.
    I would be a permanent edition of course ah!

  43. Avatar of KaseyCannuck KaseyCannuck

    Nothing short of a duochrome…teal shifting to gold!

  44. Avatar of aykhan akhan

    I would be a golden brownish olive with subtle sheen.

  45. Avatar of Pamela Pamela

    ORANGE! A bright tangerine orange!

  46. Probably Stella by Sugarpill. Black, with lots of rainbow sparkles. I wear a lot of black clothing, but my hair is always some unnatural color, (Fuchsia at the moment) and I wear lots of colorful bracelets and earrings and stuff like that. (:

  47. Avatar of Sabriel Sabriel

    A taupey, silvery green. From a distance it looks like a boring neutral, but up close there’s a hint of wildness and it makes other colors pop.

    Like the gray/green/taupe in Revlon colorstay “enchanted,” but with some silver shimmer.

  48. I’d be something like Satin Sheets from TooFaced or 46 Shine from Inglot. A neutral pearl beige with pink duochrome :) Sweet and soft.

  49. A light shimmery pink color, like MAC’s Jest.

  50. Probably a duochrome or multi-chrome. Deep blue-teal base with fuchsia iridescence and lime green sparks.

  51. Avatar of Barbie Barbie

    a dusty blue with a gold shift!

  52. Avatar of Precious Precious

    So many choices, but I managed narrow it down to one. I’d be MAC’s Sumptuous Olive, it’s not over the top, but there’s something about it that makes it so beautifully complex. :D

  53. Avatar of Lynette Lyn

    A nice orangey pink!

  54. Avatar of Elle Elle Jaye

    Purple, classy and elegant :) OR a unique shade of green. Green is my favorite color but purple flatters almost everyone!

  55. anna_a

    I love, love, love this question! Sounds surreal but the answer does reveal something about ourselves, doesn’t it? So, I’d like to be a cream taupe e/s with gold, champagne and khaki micro-glitter, a limited edition Chanel Illusion d’Ombre eyeshadow for the holiday season – I might look stern but I love a party, and I definitely love glitter!

  56. Avatar of Candice Treefinger

    Burgundy with red undertones, matte finish :)

  57. Periwinkle! Mostly because I just felt like writing periwinkle :) In all honestly probably a deep, dark matte black that reflects no light at all – NAY it would actually be so dark that no light could escape! Yess! :)

  58. Avatar of Shade Doris

    a medium silver gray!

  59. JRMillington

    a shimmery brown with purple iridescence…….kinda like MAC’s blue brown with purple instead !!!

  60. Dominique

    Probably Indigo

  61. Nikki

    I know most will probably find this boring, but I’d be a beautiful neutral-toned dark brown matte. I just love the simplicity, and it’s the color I find myself wearing the most when it comes to eyeshadow.

  62. Tawny

    dark, murky green with a slight sheen.

  63. reena

    gold or silver!

  64. Pale seafoam blue, with mint-green duochrome. Almost like Sugarpill’s Mochi, but with shimmer, and you better believe I’d be opaque in one swipe. ;)

  65. jo

    A light to medium brown shimmer

  66. Kara

    I would be a peachy gold color with a little shimmer :) because it is a fun easy going color. Think of music festival color. :) I would call it free spirited

  67. Leenie

    Olive green!

  68. Avatar of Kate Kate

    Chanel’s Beige Lame!

  69. Avatar of Erica Erica

    A dark smoldering dark burgundy/brown with subtle shimmery highlights. Totally pigmented.

  70. A rich dark chocolate brown with gold shimmer. Like the darkest shade in YSL’s Tawny Ombres 5 Lumiere.

  71. Avatar of Sally Sally

    So, Christine, you would basically be Jealousy Wakes :)?

    I’d be a duochrome of lavender and gray.

  72. Avatar of Christina Christina J.

    Too Faced Lap Dance! I think it flatters almost all skin tones, and it is versatile as it can be built up by itself to be playful or blended out to mute it down for a work look.

  73. Megs

    I’d be a more intense version of MAC Smut. A mix of gray, brown, and purple – but in veluxe pearl form. Easy going and adaptable when lightly applied, but can be layered to a really complex medium color. When used wet its a deep burnt steel.

  74. L

    I think I would be a sparkly copper. Like maybe.. ‘Chopper’ from Urban Decay mixed with ‘Lucky Penny’ from Sephora.

  75. aditi

    doesn;t that just mean what is your favourite eyeshadow color?

  76. Avatar of Xero Xero

    A medium-light pewter color, smack dab in between gold and silver, with a shimmery-metallic finish.

  77. Johanna

    I would be a deep dark black with silver glitter. Why? Because I love clubbing :-D

  78. Jaz

    Something duochromed. maybe a grey with a bunch of sparkles?

  79. ID

    Gold-orange, rosegold

  80. Carmen

    Satín baby pink with just a hint of glitter.

  81. Kinzie

    I would definitely be a champagey-rose gold color with a very metallic finishes and slight shimmer.