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When I started building my stash 3 years ago, I didn’t know about Colour Pop. If I did, I would’ve bought all my shadows, blushes, lipsticks, lip pencils, highlighters from them first, would’ve saved me a fortune, and their formula performs the best on my skin type and oily lids, better than brands that cost 2-7x more. Then if CP didn’t have a particular product or color, I would look to other brands. I would also have bought more UD and MUFE Artist Shadows, and not wasted time on cheaper ones. And I didn’t discover Temptalia until 2.5 years ago either, and since then, the quality (and quantity) of my stash has grown exponentially. Oh well, better late than never !

Do more Internet research, look up reviews and not make as many impulse purchases!

I’m kinda jealous of makeup n00bs just now getting into collecting because drugstore stuff is leap and bounds ahead of what it was 10, even 5 years ago, imo. If I lost it all now some ::knock on wood:: I think I’d try to keep it a budget as my tastes will allow.

Oh man I would do everything differently. I wish I had discovered this site earlier for sure!
I would never buy “backups” for anything (even limited edition) because there’s always the next big thing.
I would do more saving up for things I actually want and less on trying out things I think will be “good enough” and then end up buying the thing I wanted in the first place.
I would be a lot more careful about holiday all-in-one palettes because initially I had no idea that a lot of them have lower quality items.
I would think harder about buying things just because they’re on sale. Sales come around all the time and there’s always next time.

Everything about this is what I would do too. I still spend money on “good enough” products instead of saving even though I know each time that it’s going to be a waste 🙁

Amy, you hit the nail on the head! Those are all lessons I learned quite some time ago, but they came to me over a period of years during which I wasted a lot of money.

Stop buying multiples of the same thing (nude palettes; MLBB lipsticks; pink glosses; shimmering finishing powders … I think one or maybe two Meteorites is plenty, so why do I have six?

LOL! You should see how many Météorites I have–but then I collect them. Don’t ask me why or how it got started. I guess I just can’t resist those pretty containers full of colorful little balls 🙂

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For starters, I would have chosen quality over quantity. Not throwing so much money down the drain on stuff that I only settled for because I didn’t think I could afford better.
Plus: With what I know now about obeying my undertones, especially with neutrals, I would have listened to my daughter and gotten the UD Naked 1 instead of the 2.
Thirdly: Impulse control would’ve saved me many headaches!!!

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If you mean if I could go back in time and do things differently: I wouldn’t. I liked the journey. I like my stash. I purge pretty regularly and throw out stuff that’s gone bad, and give away the good stuff that I don’t use.

If my house caught fire and all my makeup was destroyed, I would use my experience to my advantage. The last couple years I’ve spent a ton of time and money updating my makeup and skincare, after going nearly two decades without buying much. My skin changed after hitting 40. There are better primers and products out. I know better what brands and products work for me. There are some so-so items or items that I just didn’t use as much as I thought, and I would not repurchase those. Now that I just get the gel manicures at the salon, I wouldn’t buy as much nail polish.

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This was my first thought, that I wouldn’t change anything (if we’re talking about going back in time) because of everything I’ve learned along the way. It’s the accumulated knowledge that would allow me to easily start over in the (unthinkable!) event that I lost my entire stash. Also, I would return things more frequently if they didn’t perform well for me.

I agree with all your comments and I’d add not buying foundations without a big previous test and don’t let SA sell you darker foundations.

I’d just buy what I love and constantly reach for now and STOP THERE!! I have a gazillion choices now and I still keep reaching for the same things.

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Ignore the Limited Edition stuff. Seriously you end up loving a shade and can’t find it again later you end up not using it for fear of running out… Than what’s the point of getting it in the first place. lol

There is so many better options in the market now then when I started to really get into makeup back in 2005. Research has always been my friend when making a decision whether or not to buy into something. At the end of the day know one wants to buy a complete dude of a product, even if you

I agree on return things when they are a dud, in Canada you will get banned from shopping at stores if your a repeat offender of mostly returning stuff and that fear drives people to not return things up here in general. It a fine line between it does work for me verses it won’t work for anyone where I return things.

Funnily enough when I returned my Tarte Tarteist Lip Paint which has been the third thing even I’ve returned to Sephora ever. The sales clerk made me feel shitty about it saying, “This if fine, the formula is supposed to be like that, it a velvet finish.” I was thinking great but TARTE did say anything when it was launched what it was supposed to be like and it a mouse paste to me, when I got it. lol

I still was much happier getting a Buxom shadow palette, with the return and b-day gift card. lol
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Oh, jeez. I return so much to Sephora (in the US). I always feel guilty about it but the SAs never give me a problem. I just like to give products an honest try, and more often than not I end up determining I don’t “need” it. I don’t consider that return fraud.

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I’m in Canada and I had no idea that stores could ban you. I almost never return things but luckily the rare times that I have at Sephora, they didn’t seem to care. Sorry you were given attitude!

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Don’t try to experiment with colors when you’re buying makeup online is the biggest one for me haha. My makeup collection is full of bright colors that I’ll never wear because I didn’t know that I couldn’t pull off bright colors at the time! I’d also just generally do more research before buying things.
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I would have started a spreadsheet or something to keep track of what I have. I also would have figured out a better way to organize and allow foe growth. In the beginning, I made a lot of poor decisions on my purchases and many things went to waste. I’m not even sure if beauty blogs existed back when I first started. But, I guess less impulse buying would have been at least better.

Focus more on quality, not quantity. Buy only from cruelty-free companies. Prioritize skincare over color cosmetics. Spend more on workhorse products and save on the things I only use occasionally (false lashes, glitter, colorful shadow, etc.).

I agree with everything you said, Christine. Especially about returning things that didn’t work. Also, if I could do over I would request more samples of foundations and try them for at least a week before purchasing. I have so many bottles of foundation that I loved at first but then ended up hating later on for whatever reason.

I’d not have bought so many blushes. What I’ve found is they all end up blending into my yellow-based foundation and warming up anyway and looking fairly the same (with the exception of mood exposure) – MAC Warm Soul, Benefit Rockateur, Tarte Dollface, Nars Orgasm, Luminous Flush, Coralista….all end up looking not-that-different after applied.

yes! this happens to me too! A lot of blushes just blend and look kinda orangy on my skintone and now I have like 15 of the same shade.

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Definitely wait for reviews and make fewer impulse buys. Pay more attention to dupes. Return items that didn’t work for me more often. Hold myself accountable for my products used-to-products purchased ratio.

I would not have purchased so many things. It takes forever to use a blush or an eye shadow or lipstick. However, it took what it took for me to figure out what I like and what is flattering to me, specifically. Now that I know what works, I’ll stick with it.

Basically, I am all about Mac Quite Natural paint pot, black liner, nude blush, slight highlight and lip balm. And one YSL red glossy stain (number 10 I think) on occasion.

I don’t think I’ll need to purchase anything for the next five years.

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